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Hi, I'm DJFluXion. I've been using the Hammer editor since 2010, and recently joined the VALVe Developer Community to share my expertise and improve the site's content. My interests include Source level design, sound mastering, computer hardware, wave physics, calculus, mechanical engineering, and computer science, amongst other things.

Feel free to talk to me on my discussion board, and use the recommended software, listed on the right hand side.


Hammer icon.png This user is an advanced Hammer user.
HL3IconTransparent.png This user is waiting for Half-Life 3.
92 This user has a Steam level of 92.
PDNLogo.png This user uses Paint.NET.
NP++Icon.png This user uses Notepad++.

Useful Software

Paint.NET - Far superior to GIMP and Photoshop; great for creating textures for source games. Download effect plugin packs here and file type plugins here. Eliminate the use of VTFEdit by downloading the PDN VTF plugin here. There is also a normal map plugin available here.

Audacity - A superior, free sound editor.

Wavosaur - Another sound editor. I use this to loop sounds for custom soundscapes. No installation option; just unrar and launch.

VIDE - Packs custom content into BSP files.

GCFScape - Extract assets (sounds, soundscapes, VMTs, textures, etc.) from Source games. Useful for map development.

Notepad++ - An enhanced version of Notepad. Useful for scripting.

WinRAR - Used to extract packed files. Download rarreg.key to disable the annoying popup telling you to buy the program. Drag it into the main program directory and confirm (or replace).