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45px-Padlock.svg.png Modding
Category:Modding – SubItem2
45px-Padlock.svg.png Level Design
Hammer Editor DocumentationYour First MapCategory:Level Design
45px-Padlock.svg.png Programming
Code SnippetsCategory:Programming
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Modding Creating, organizing and releasing your Source project.
Level Design Maps are the cornerstone of Source, where it all comes together. Learn about all aspects of producing them here.
Choreography Make Source's characters come to life with its uniquely powerful choreography technologies.
AI AI controls the behavior of all but the simplest of NPC actions and Source makes using or creating it easy.
Material System Textures and shaders are combined in Source to create materials.
Sound System Documentation on Source's software sound system.
Modeling Information about model creation for the Source Engine.
Particle System Documentation for using Source's particle editor and for adding particle effects to your mod.
VGUI Valve's proprietary GUI mimics Windows' and works both in-game and on the desktop. Used for HUDs, 3D cameras and more.
Programming The nuts and bolts of any MOD, programming is what makes things different.
Code Snippets Bits of code that are useful but aren't enough for a tutorial.
Tutorials Need help trying to use a particular Source feature? Check here.
Technical Miscellaneous technical aspects about the Source engine and Half-Life 2 programming.
Glossary Explanations of common terms.
Third Party Tools Non-Valve developer tools.