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Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
106 glados Well done. In the event that oxygen is no longer available in the Enrichment Center, an auxiliary air supply will be provided to you by an Aperture Science Test Associate, if one exists. PreHub01AirSupplySuccess01
104 glados Excellent. The Enrichment Center reminds you that bold, persistent experimentation is the hallmark of good science. PreHub01BoldPersistent01
113 announcer This next test is very dangerous. To help you remain tranquil in the face of almost certain death, smooth jazz will be deployed in three. Two. One. <SMOOTH JAZZ> PreHub01BoxDropperEntry01
7 announcer Cube- and button-based testing remains an important tool for science, even in a dire emergency. PreHub01Chamber01Entry01
- announcer If cube- and button-based testing caused this emergency, don't worry. The odds of this happening twice are very slim. PreHub01Chamber01Entry02
10 glados You have just passed through an Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill, which erases most Aperture Science equipment that touches it. PreHub01Chamber01GrillSpeech01
- glados If you feel liquid running down your neck, relax, lie on your back, and apply immediate pressure to your temples. PreHub01Chamber01GrillSpeech02
- glados You are simply experiencing a rare reaction, in which the Material Emancipation Grill may have erased the ear tubes inside your head. PreHub01Chamber01GrillSpeech03
9 announcer Good! PreHub01Chamber01Success01
13 glados Due to events beyond our control, some testing environments may contain flood damage or ongoing tribal warfare resulting from the collapse of civilization. PreHub01Chamber02Entry01
- glados If groups of hunter-gatherers appear to have made this - or any - test chamber their home, DO NOT AGITATE THEM. Test through them. PreHub01Chamber02Entry02
15 glados You performed this test better than anyone on record. This is a pre-recorded message. PreHub01Chamber02Success01
16 glados Because this message is prerecorded, the Enrichment Center has no way of knowing if whatever government remains offers any sort of Cattle Tuberculosis Testing Credit for taxes. PreHub01Chamber03Entry01
- glados In the event that it does, this next test involves exposure to cattle tuberculosis. Good luck! PreHub01Chamber03Entry02
20 glados This next test applies the principles of momentum to movement through portals. If the laws of physics no longer apply in the future, God help you. PreHub01Chamber04Entry01
21 glados Congratulations! This pre-recorded congratulations assumes you have mastered the principles of portal momentum. PreHub01Chamber04Success01
- glados If you have, in fact, not, you are encouraged to take a moment to reflect on your failure before proceeding into the next chamber. PreHub01Chamber04Success02
100 glados Very impressive! Because this message is prerecorded, any comments we may make about your success are speculation on our part. Please disregard any undeserved compliments. PreHub01Compliment0101
114 announcer At the time of this recording, Federal disclosure policies require us to inform you that this next test is probably lethal and to redirect you to a safer test environment. PreHub01DualButtonOnePortalEntry01
- announcer We will attempt to comply with these now non-existent agencies by playing some more smooth jazz. <SMOOTH JAZZ> PreHub01DualButtonOnePortalEntry02
116 announcer Great work! Because this message is prerecorded, any observations related to your performance are speculation on our part. Please disregard any undeserved compliments. PreHub01DualButtonOnePortalSuccessA01
115 announcer Well done! The Enrichment Center reminds you that although circumstances may appear bleak, you are not alone. All Aperture Science personality constructs will remain functional in apocalyptic, low power environments of as few as 1.1 volts. PreHub01DualButtonOnePortalSuccessB01
107 glados In the event that the Enrichment Center is currently being bombarded with fireballs, meteorites, or other objects from space, please avoid unsheltered testing areas wherever a lack of shelter from spa PreHub01Meteors01
111 announcer If you feel liquid running down your neck, relax, lie on your back, and apply immediate pressure to your temples. PreHub01PortalCarouselEntry01
- announcer You are simply experiencing a rare reaction, in which the Material Emancipation Grill may have emancipated the ear tubes inside your head. PreHub01PortalCarouselEntry02
112 announcer Good! PreHub01PortalCarouselSuccess01
- announcer Because of the technical difficulties we are currently experiencing, your test environment is unsupervised. PreHub01PortalCarouselSuccess02
- announcer Before re-entering a relaxation vault at the conclusion of testing, please take a moment to write down the results of your test. An Aperture Science Reintegration Associate will revive you for an interview when society has been rebuilt. PreHub01PortalCarouselSuccess03
0 announcer Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. PreHub01RelaxationVaultIntro01
- announcer We are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to circumstances of potentially apocalyptic significance beyond our control. PreHub01RelaxationVaultIntro02
- announcer However, thanks to Emergency Testing Protocols, testing will continue. These pre-recorded messages will provide instructional and motivational support, so that science can still be done, even in the e PreHub01RelaxationVaultIntro03
- announcer The portal will open and emergency testing will begin in three. Two. One. PreHub01RelaxationVaultIntro04
103 glados In order to ensure that sufficient power remains for core testing protocols, all safety devices have been disabled. PreHub01SafetyDevicesDisabled01
- glados The Enrichment Center respects your right to have questions or concerns about this policy. PreHub01SafetyDevicesDisabled02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
208 glados I'll just move that out of the way for you. This place really is a wreck. sp_incinerator_01ClearArms01
- glados But the important thing is you're back. With me. And now I'm onto all your little tricks. So there's nothing to stop us from testing for the rest of your life. sp_incinerator_01ClearArms02
- glados After that...who knows? I might take up a hobby. Reanimating the dead, maybe. sp_incinerator_01ClearArms03
209 glados We're a lot alike, you and I. You tested me. I tested you. You killed me. I--oh, no, wait. I guess I HAVEN'T killed you yet. Well. Food for thought. sp_incinerator_01Elevator01
205 glados Once testing starts, I'm required by protocol to keep interaction with you to a minimum. Luckily, we haven't started testing yet. This will be our only chance to talk. sp_incinerator_01FirstSpeech01
204 glados Good. You found the dual portal device. There should be a way back to the testing area up ahead. sp_incinerator_01GotGun01
203 glados [she moves some debris] there. sp_incinerator_01GunRubbleDone01
200 glados Here we are. The Incinerator Room. Be careful not to trip over any parts of me that didn't get completely burned when you threw them down here. sp_incinerator_01Landing01
- glados The dual portal device should be around here somewhere. Once you find it, we can start testing. Just like old times. sp_incinerator_01Landing02
202 glados Hold on... sp_incinerator_01MoveGunRubble01
206 glados Here, let me get that for you. sp_incinerator_01MovePanel01
- glados Do you know the biggest lesson I learned from what you did? I discovered I have a sort of black box quick save feature. In the event of a catastrophic failure, the last two minutes of my life are preserved for analysis. sp_incinerator_01MovePanel02
- glados I was able - well, forced really - to relive you killing me. Again and again. Forever. sp_incinerator_01MovePanel03
- glados You know, if you'd done that to somebody else, they might devote their existences to exacting revenge on you. sp_incinerator_01MovePanel04
- glados Luckily I'm a bigger person than that. I'm happy to put it all behind us and get back to work. After all, we've got a lot to do, and only sixty more years to do it. More or less. I don't have the actuarial tables in front of me. sp_incinerator_01MovePanel05
544 glados But the important thing is you're back. With me. And now I'm onto all your little tricks. So there's nothing to stop us from testing for the rest of your life. sp_incinerator_01NoClearArms01
- glados After that...who knows? I might take up a hobby. Reanimating the dead, maybe. sp_incinerator_01NoClearArms02
543 glados Do you know the biggest lesson I learned from what you did? I discovered I have a sort of black box quick save feature. In the event of a catastrophic failure, the last two minutes of my life are preserved for analysis. sp_incinerator_01NoMovePanel02
- glados I was able - well, forced really - to relive you killing me. Again and again. Forever. sp_incinerator_01NoMovePanel03
- glados You know, if you'd done that to somebody else, they might devote their existences to exacting revenge on you. sp_incinerator_01NoMovePanel04
- glados Luckily I'm a bigger person than that. I'm happy to put it all behind us and get back to work. After all, we've got a lot to do, and only sixty more years to do it. More or less. I don't have the actuarial tables in front of me. sp_incinerator_01NoMovePanel05
207 glados Do you know the biggest lesson I learned from what you did? I discovered I have a sort of black box quick save feature. In the event of a catastrophic failure, the last two minutes of my life are preserved for analysis. sp_incinerator_01SecondSpeech01
- glados I was able - well, forced really - to relive you killing me. Again and again. Forever. sp_incinerator_01SecondSpeech02
- glados Fifty thousand years is a lot of time to think. About me. About you. [slight pause] We were doing so well together. sp_incinerator_01SecondSpeech03
201 glados There it is. sp_incinerator_01SeeGun01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
211 glados Not bad. I forgot how good you are at this. You should pace yourself, though. We have A LOT of tests to do. sp_laser_redirect_introEnd01
210 glados Sorry about the mess. I've really let the place go since you killed me. Thanks for that, by the way. sp_laser_redirect_introStart01
- announcerglados Sarcasm Self Test complete. sp_laser_redirect_introStart02
- glados Oh, good. That's back online. I'll start getting everything else working while you perform this first, simple test. sp_laser_redirect_introStart03
- glados Which involves deadly lasers and how test subjects react when locked in a room with deadly lasers. sp_laser_redirect_introStart04


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
213 glados Well done. Here come the test results: You are a horrible person. I'm serious, that's what it says: A horrible person. We weren't even testing for that. sp_laser_stairsEnd01
212 glados This next test involves discouragement redirection cubes. I'd just finished building them before you had your, well, episode. So now we'll both get to see how they work. sp_laser_stairsStart01
- glados There should be one in the corner. sp_laser_stairsStart02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
215 glados Congratulations. Not on the test. sp_laser_dual_lasersEnd01
- glados Most people emerge from suspension terribly undernourished. I want to congratulate you on beating the odds and somehow managing to put on a few pounds. sp_laser_dual_lasersEnd03
214 glados Don't let that "horrible person" thing discourage you. It's just a data point. If it makes you feel any better, science has now validated your birth mother's decision to abandon you on a doorstep. sp_laser_dual_lasersStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
217 glados I have the results of the last chamber: You are a horrible person. I'm serious, that's what it says: A horrible person. We weren't even testing for that. sp_laser_powered_liftEnd01
216 glados This next test may result in your death. If you want to know what that's like, think back to that time you killed me, and substitute yourself for me. sp_laser_powered_liftStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
219 glados I'll give you credit: I guess you ARE listening to me. But for the record: You don't have to go THAT slowly. sp_laser_over_gooEnd01
218 glados One moment. sp_laser_over_gooStart01
- glados You're navigating these test chambers faster than I can build them. So feel free to slow down and... do whatever it is you do when you're not destroying this facility. sp_laser_over_gooStart02
220 glados Waddle over to the elevator and we'll continue the testing. sp_laser_over_gooWaddle01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
225 glados Here's an interesting fact: you're not breathing real air. It's too expensive to pump this far down. We just take carbon dioxide out of a room, freshen it up a little, and pump it back in. So you'll be breathing the same room full of air for the rest of sp_catapult_introEnd01
221 glados This next test involves the Aperture Science Aerial Faith Plate. It was part of an initiative to investigate how well test subjects could solve problems when they were catapulted into space. Results were highly informative: They could not. Good luck! sp_catapult_introStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
465 glados So. Was there anything you wanted to apologize to ME for? sp_trust_flingElevatorStop01
- glados Anything? Take your time. sp_trust_flingElevatorStop02
- glados Okay, fine. I'll ask you again in a few decades. sp_trust_flingElevatorStop03
458 glados Remember before when I was talking about smelly garbage standing around being useless? That was a metaphor. I was actually talking about you. And I'm sorry. You didn't react at the time, so I was worried it sailed right over your head. Which would have sp_trust_flingEnd01
457 glados Did you know I discovered a way to eradicate poverty? But then you KILLED me. So that's gone. sp_trust_flingFlinged01
222 glados Let's see what the next test is. Oh. Advanced Aerial Faith Plates. sp_trust_flingStart01
- glados Well. Have fun soaring through the air without a care in the world. sp_trust_flingStart02
- glados *I* have to go to the wing that was made entirely of glass and pick up fifteen acres of broken glass. By myself. sp_trust_flingStart03


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
230 glados This next test... [boom!] [BOOM!] dangerous I'llberightback. sp_unassisted_angle_flingStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
235 glados Well done. You know, when I woke up and saw the state of the labs, I started to wonder if there was any point to going on. I came THAT close to just giving up and letting you go. sp_hole_in_the_skyEnd01
- glados But now, looking around, seeing Aperture restored to its former glory? You don't have to worry about leaving EVER again. I mean that. sp_hole_in_the_skyEnd02
234 glados Federal regulations require me to warn you that this next test chamber... is looking pretty good. sp_hole_in_the_skyStart01
- glados That's right. Drink it in. You could eat off those wall panels. sp_hole_in_the_skyStart02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
238 glados Say. Remember when we cleared the air back there? Is there... anything you want to say to me? [beat] Anything? sp_bridge_introElevator01
- glados Hold on, I'll stop the elevator. [beat] Anything? [beat] Take your time... sp_bridge_introElevator02
- glados [beat, elevator starts up again]Well... I'll be here during the whole next test. sp_bridge_introElevator03
237 glados Excellent! You're a predator and these tests are your prey. Speaking of which, I was researching sharks for an upcoming test. Do you know who else murders people who are only trying to help them? sp_bridge_introEnd01
- glados Did you guess "sharks"? Because that's wrong. The correct answer is "nobody." Nobody but you is that pointlessly cruel. sp_bridge_introEnd02
236 glados These bridges are made from natural light that I pump in from the surface. If you rubbed your cheek on one, it would be like standing outside wit h the sun shining on your face. It would also set your hair on fire, so don't actually do it. sp_bridge_introStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
241 glados Did my hint help? It did, didn't it? You know, if any of our supervisors had been immune to neurotoxin, they'd be FURIOUS with us right now. sp_shoot_through_wallEnd01
240 glados You know, I'm not supposed to do this, but... you can shoot SOMETHING... through the blue bridges. sp_shoot_through_wallStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
223 glados Perfect, the door's malfunctioning. I guess somebody's going to have to repair it. [beat] No, it's okay, I'll do that too. I'll be right back. Don't touch anything. sp_bridge_the_gapDoorBroken01
251 glados Well done. In fact, you did so well, I'm going to note this on your file, in the commendations section. Oh, there's lots of room here. "Did.... well." "Enough." sp_bridge_the_gapEnd01
336 wheatley Hey! Hey! Up here! sp_bridge_the_gapHeyUpHere01
- wheatley I found some bird eggs up here. Just dropped 'em into the door mechanism. Shut it right down. I--AGH! sp_bridge_the_gapHeyUpHere02
- wheatley BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD sp_bridge_the_gapHeyUpHere03
- wheatley [out of breath] Okay. That's probably the bird, isn't it? That laid the eggs! Livid! sp_bridge_the_gapHeyUpHere04
- wheatley Anyway, look, the point is we're gonna break out of here, alright? But we can't do it yet. Look for me fifteen chambers ahead. sp_bridge_the_gapHeyUpHere05
- wheatley Here she comes! Just play along! RememberFifteenChambers! sp_bridge_the_gapHeyUpHere06
224 glados I went and spoke with the door mainframe. Let's just say he won't be... well, living anymore. Anyway, back to testing. sp_bridge_the_gapLeave01
462 glados Good news. I figured out what to do with all the money I save recycling your one roomful of air. When you die, I'm going to laminate your skeleton and pose you in the lobby. That way future generations can learn from you how not to have your unfortunate sp_bridge_the_gapStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
246 glados Ohhhh. Another door malfunction? I'm going to take care of this once and for all. Stay here, I'll be back in a while. sp_sphere_2nd_encounterDoorBreak01
- glados Miss you! sp_sphere_2nd_encounterDoorBreak02
248 glados You really are doing great... Chell. sp_sphere_2nd_encounterEnd01
247 glados I went and spoke with the door mainframe. Let's just say he won't be... well, living anymore. Anyway, back to testing. sp_sphere_2nd_encounterMeetup01
245 glados I shouldn't spoil this, but... remember how I'm going to live forever, but you're going to be dead in sixty years? You know how excruciating it is when someone removes all of your bone marrow? Well, what if after I did that, I put something back IN sp_sphere_2nd_encounterStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
260 glados I wouldn't have warned you about this before, back when we hated each other. But those turrets are firing real bullets. So look out. I'd hate for something tragic to happen to you before I extract all your bone marrow. sp_turret_introStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
265 glados This next test involves turrets. You remember them, right? They're the pale spherical things that are full of bullets. Oh wait. That's you in five seconds. Good luck. sp_turret_training_advancedStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
268 glados I've been going through the list of test subjects in cryogenic storage. I managed to find two with your last name. A man and a woman. So that's interesting. It's a small world. sp_turret_blocker_introEnd01
267 glados That jumpsuit you're wearing looks stupid. [sounds of page flipping] That's not me talking, it's right here in your file. On other people it looks fine, but right here a scientist has noted that on you it looks "stupid." sp_turret_blocker_introStart01
- glados Well, what does a neck-bearded old engineer know about fashion? He probably - Oh, wait. It's a she. Still, - oh wait, it says she has a medical degree. In fashion! From France! sp_turret_blocker_introStart02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
496 wheatley OW! sp_column_blockerElevatorOw01
- wheatley Just hang in there for five more - What? Jerry, you can't fire me for that! Yes, JERRY -- OR, maybe your prejudiced worksite should have accommodated a nanobot of my size. Thanks for the hate crime, Jer! sp_column_blockerElevatorOw02
- wheatley I'll sue you. Sue you if anything. Anyway, look, just hang in there for five more chambers. sp_column_blockerElevatorOw03
495 wheatley Hey! How's it going! I talked my way onto the nanobot work crew rebuilding this shaft. They are REALLY small, so -ah - I KNOW, Jerry. No, I'm on BREAK, mate. On a break. sp_column_blockerElevatorStart01
- wheatley Anyway, we're really close to busting out. Just hang in there for - OW! sp_column_blockerElevatorStart02
547 glados I feel awful about that surprise. Tell you what, let's give your parents a call right now. [phone ringing] The birth parents you are trying to reach do not love you. Please hang up. [click. Dial tone] sp_column_blockerEnd01
- glados Oh, that's sad. But impressive. Maybe they worked at the phone company. sp_column_blockerEnd02
269 glados It's healthy for you to have other friends. To look for qualities in other people that I obviously lack. sp_column_blockerStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
272 glados [hums "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow"] sp_laser_vs_turret_introEnd01
271 glados I have a surprise waiting for you after this next test. Telling you would spoil the surprise, so I'll just give you a hint: it involves meeting two people you haven't seen in a long time. sp_laser_vs_turret_introStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
274 glados You know how I'm going to live forever, but you're going to be dead in sixty years? Well, I've been working on a belated birthday present for you. Well. More of a belated birthday medical procedure. Well. Technically, it's a medical EXPERIMENT. sp_laser_relaysEnd01
273 glados To maintain a constant testing cycle, I simulate daylight at all hours and add adrenal vapor to your oxygen supply. So you may be confused about the passage of time. The point is, yesterday was your birthday. I thought you'd want to know. sp_laser_relaysStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
276 glados I'll bet you think I forgot about your surprise. I didn't. In fact, we're headed to your surprise right now. After all these years. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it. sp_ring_around_the_turretsEnd01
275 glados I'll bet you think I forgot about your surprise. I didn't. In fact, we're headed to your surprise right now. After all these years. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it. sp_ring_around_the_turretsStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
335 wheatley Hey! Hey! It's me! I'm okay! sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekBounceOne01
363 wheatley A bloody bird! Right? Couldn't believe it either. And then the bird-- sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekBounceThree01
362 wheatley You'll never believe what happened! There I was, just lying there, you thought I was done for, but I wasn't, and what happened was-- sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekBounceTwo01
280 glados Look at you. Sailing through the air majestically. Like an eagle. Piloting a blimp. Anyway, nice job. sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekEnd01
277 glados Okay, I'm back. The Aerial Faith Plate in here is sending a distress signal. sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekFailureOne01
- glados You broke it, didn't you. [bloooo...] sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekFailureOne02
- glados [bloop!] There. Try it now. sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekFailureOne03
279 glados You seem to have defeated its load-bearing capacity. Well done. I'll just lower the ceiling. sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekFailureThree01
278 glados Hmm. This Plate must not be calibrated to someone of your... generous... ness. I'll add a few zeros to the maximum weight. sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekFailureTwo01
- glados [deet-deet-deet] You look great, by the way. Very healthy. sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekFailureTwo02
- glados Try now. sp_catapult_fling_sphere_peekFailureTwo03


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
283 glados I think these test chambers look even better than they did before. It was easy, really. You just have to look at things objectively, see what you don't need anymore, and trim out the fat. sp_turret_towerEnd01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
285 glados Just so you know, I have to go give a deposition. For an upcoming trial. In case that interests you. sp_paint_jump_trampolineEnd01
284 glados While I was out investigating, I found a fascinating new test element. It's never been used for human testing because, apparently, contact with it causes heart failure. The literature doesn't mention anything about lump-of-coal failure, though, so you sp_paint_jump_trampolineStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
287 glados I thought we could test like we used to. But I'm discovering things about you that I never saw before. We... we can't ever go back to the way it was, can we? sp_paint_jump_redirect_bombEnd01
286 glados You can't keep going like this forever, you know. I'm GOING to find out what you're doing. Out there. Where I can't see you. I'll know. All I need is proof. sp_paint_jump_redirect_bombStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
288 glados Did you know that people with guilty consciences are more easily startled by loud noi-[foghorn] sp_paint_jump_wall_jumpsStart01
- glados I'm sorry, I don't know why that went off. Anyway, just an interesting science fact. sp_paint_jump_wall_jumpsStart02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
289 glados I'm going to be honest with you now. Not fake honest like before, but real honest, like you're incapable of. I know you're up to something. sp_paint_jump_wall_jumps_gapStart01
- glados And as soon as I can PROVE it, the laws of robotics allow me to terminate you for being a liar. sp_paint_jump_wall_jumps_gapStart02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
290 glados Oh. You survived. That's interesting. I guess I should have factored in your weight. By the way, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but you've really gained a lot of weight. sp_climb_for_losEnd01
- glados One of these times you'll be so fat that you'll jump, and you'll just drop like a stone. Into acid, probably. Like a potato into a deep fryer. sp_climb_for_losEnd02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
291 glados Per our last conversation: You're also ugly. I'm looking at your file right now, and it mentions that more than once. sp_angled_bridgeStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
295 glados Why do I hate you so much? You ever wonder that? I'm brilliant. I’m not bragging. It's an objective fact. I'm the most massive collection of wisdom and raw computational power that’s ever existed. sp_turret_islandsStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
297 glados You never considered that maybe I tested you to give the endless hours of your pointless existence some structure and meaning. Maybe to help you concentrate, so just maybe you’d think of something more worthwhile to do with your sorry life. sp_catapult_courseEnd01
296 glados You're angry. I know it. "She tested me too hard. She’s unfair.” Boo hoo. I don't suppose you ever stopped whining long enough to reflect on your own shortcomings, though, did you? sp_catapult_courseStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
299 glados Did you ever stop to think that eventually there’s a point where your name gets mentioned for the very last time. Well, here it is: I’m going to kill you, Chell. sp_laserfield_introStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
308 wheatley ahhh! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakAhh01
313 wheatley There's the entrance to maintenance area! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakAlmostThere01
- wheatley Hurry! Come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakAlmostThere02
507 wheatley Ow. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakBridgeDisappear01
305 wheatley RUN! Come on! I'm closing the doors! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakClosing01
- wheatley We're not safe yet. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakClosing02
- wheatley We're not safe yet. Quick! Follow the walkway. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakClosing03
314 wheatley She's bringin' the whole place down! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakDestroying01
- wheatley Run! Quick! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakDestroying02
- wheatley Hurry! This way! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakDestroying03
500 wheatley RUN! Come on! I'm closing the doors! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakDoorClosing01
- wheatley Allright, quick recap: We are escaping! This is us escaping. So keep running! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakDoorClosing02
- wheatley Quick word about the future plans. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakDoorClosing03
- wheatley We are going to shut down her turret production line, turn off her neurotoxin, and then confront her. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakDoorClosing04
- wheatley Again, though, for the moment: RUN! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakDoorClosing05
440 wheatley Ohhhhhh, we just made it! That was close. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakElevatorStart01
307 wheatley Hey hey! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakFakeFail01
- wheatley Whoah whoah, what ya doing? sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakFakeFail02
306 glados Before you leave, why don't we do one more test? For old time's sake... sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakFakeTest01
- glados You already did this one. It'll be easy. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakFakeTest02
- wheatley How stupid do you think we are? sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakFakeTest03
502 wheatley Come on! Come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag01
- wheatley Come on come on come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag02
- wheatley Keep moving! Just keep moving! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag03
- wheatley Run, for goodness sake! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag04
- wheatley Come on, let's go! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag05
- wheatley Hurry! This way! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag06
- wheatley Go! Go go go! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag07
- wheatley This way! This way! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag08
- wheatley Come on! Over here! This way! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGoGoGoNag09
311 wheatley She can still see us back here. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGottaGo01
- wheatley We've got to get to the maintenance area. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGottaGo02
- wheatley She won't be able to touch us there. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakGottaGo03
309 wheatley Watch yer head! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakHeadsUp01
497 wheatley Hey, buddy! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakHeyLady01
- wheatley I'm speaking in an accent that is beyond her range of hearing... sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakHeyLady02
- wheatley I know I'm early, but we have to go right NOW! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakHeyLady03
- wheatley Walk casually toward my position and we'll go shut her down. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakHeyLady04
506 wheatley Oh, what? How stupid does she think we are? sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakHowStupid01
498 glados Look - I CAN hear you. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakICanHearYou01
- wheatley Run! I don't need to do the voice. RUN! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakICanHearYou02
310 wheatley jump down to the catwalk! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakJumpDown01
501 wheatley We're not safe yet. Quick! Follow the walkway. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakKeepOnWalkway01
505 wheatley Wait, where are you going? Where are you going? sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakLastTestDeer01
- glados Oh, look. There's a deer! You probably can't see it. Get closer. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakLastTestDeer02
503 glados The irony is that you were almost at the last test. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakLastTestIntro01
504 glados Here it is. Why don't you just do it? Trust me, it's an easier way out than whatever asinine plan your friend came up with. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakLastTestMain01
499 wheatley Run! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakRunNag01
- wheatley Come on! Come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakRunNag02
- wheatley Come on come on come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakRunNag03
- wheatley Run, for goodness sake! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakRunNag04
301 glados What's going on? Who turned off the lights. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakStart01
312 wheatley Turrets! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakTurrets01
302 wheatley Whoa! Hey! Don't fall! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah01
- glados Don't listen to him: Jump sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah02
- wheatley Hold on. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah03
- wheatley Hold on. Run back the other way! I'll turn the bridges back on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah04
- wheatley You have to get to the catwalk behind me! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah05
- glados It seems kind of silly to point this out, since you're running around plotting to destroy me. But I think we're done testing. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah10
- glados Do hear that? That's the sound of the neurotoxin emitters emitting neurotoxin. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah11
- wheatley Stay casual when I tell you this: I think I smell neurotoxin. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah15
- glados Look - I CAN hear you. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah16
- wheatley Oh God! Oh, don't need to do that anymore. The jig is up, RUN! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah17
- wheatley RUN! Come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoah18
303 wheatley Whoa! Hey! Don't fall! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt01
- glados Don't listen to him: Jump sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt02
- wheatley Hold on. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt03
- wheatley Hold on. Run back the other way! I'll turn the bridges back on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt04
- glados What are you two doing? sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt05
- wheatley Get to the catwalk behind me, and we'll go shut her down for good. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt06
- glados Oh. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt07
- glados It seems kind of silly to point this out, since you're running around plotting to destroy me. But I think we're done testing. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt10
- glados Do hear that? That's the sound of the neurotoxin emitters emitting neurotoxin. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt11
- wheatley Stay casual when I tell you this: I think I smell neurotoxin. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt15
- glados Look - I CAN hear you. sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt16
- wheatley Oh God! Oh, don't need to do that anymore. The jig is up, RUN! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt17
- wheatley RUN! Come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreakJailbreakWhoahAlt18
550 glados I've got a surprise for you after this next test. Not a fake, tragic surprise like last time. A real surprise, with tragic consequences. And real confetti this time. The good stuff. Our last bag. Part of me's going to miss it, I guess-but at the end of sp_sabotage_jailbreakStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
315 wheatley Brilliant you made it! Follow me we've still got work to do. At least she can't touch us back here. sp_sabotage_darknessDarknessIntro02
445 wheatley The old caretaker of this place went crazy. Chopped up his whole staff. All robots. They say at night you can still hear the screams. Of their replicas. All of them functionally indistinguishable from the originals. No memory of the incident. sp_sabotage_darknessghoststory01
- wheatley It sure is dark down here sp_sabotage_darknessghoststory02
446 wheatley Here's an interesting story. I almost got a job down here in Manufacturing. Guess who the foreman went with? An exact duplicate of himself. Favoritism. Give me the WORST job, tending to all the smelly humans. sp_sabotage_darknesssmellyhuman0101
- wheatley sorry.. I wouldn't say smelly. Just attending to the humans. sp_sabotage_darknesssmellyhuman0102
447 wheatley Sorry. That just slipped out. Insensitive. sp_sabotage_darknesssmellyhuman0201
448 wheatley Here's an interesting story. I almost got a job down here in Manufacturing. Guess who the foreman went with? An exact duplicate of himself. Favoritism. Give me the WORST job, tending to all the smelly humans. Sorry. That just slipped out. Insensitive. sp_sabotage_darknesssmellyhuman0301
449 wheatley Ah. I tell ya. Humans. I just... cherish them. And their... folklore. Colorful. sp_sabotage_darknesssmellyhuman0401
450 wheatley I thought of another great thing about humans. You invented us. Thus giving us the opportunity to let you relax while we invented everything else. We couldn't have done any of that without you. Classy. sp_sabotage_darknesssmellyhuman0501
404 wheatley It sure is dark down here sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55001
405 wheatley This is the turret manufacturing wing. Just past this is the neurotoxin production facility. We find a way to take them both offline, and she’ll be helpless. Which is ideal. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55101
406 wheatley I'm pretty sure we're going the right way. Pretty sure. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55201
407 wheatley Allright, the turret factory should be this way. Generally. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55301
408 wheatley Oh, careful now. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55501
409 wheatley Try to jump across. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55601
410 wheatley Are you OK? sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55701
411 wheatley Are you alive down there? sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55801
412 wheatley If you are alive, can you say something. Jump around so I know you are OK? sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node55901
413 wheatley There you are! I was starting to get worried. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node56001
414 wheatley Lets try this again. Try to make your way across the machinery. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node56101
415 wheatley Lets keep moving. The factory entrance must be around here somewhere. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node56201
416 wheatley Careful... Careful... sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node56401
417 wheatley Wait. Careful. Let me light this jump for you sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node56501
419 wheatley Okay, this way sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node56701
420 wheatley No, no, i'm sure it's this way. I'm definitely sure it's this way. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node56801
421 wheatley Hm. Lets try this way. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node56901
422 wheatley Can you hear that? She has really kicked this place into high gear now. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node57001
423 wheatley This looks dangerous. I'll hold the light steady. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node57101
425 wheatley Quick, this way! sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node57301
426 wheatley Nicely Done! sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node57401
427 wheatley Okay, let me light this path for you. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node57501
429 wheatley No, not that way sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node57701
430 wheatley We have to split up here for a moment. Portal up to that passage and i'll see you on the other side. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node59001
431 wheatley We have to get you out of that room. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node60001
432 wheatley Can you reach that wall back there? sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node60101
433 wheatley There's another wall over here sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node60201
434 wheatley Ah, here it is - the turret factory entrance! We made it. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node61001
435 wheatley Right. Well, I’m going to take this rail down the back way. sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node61101
- wheatley See you at the bottom. Good luck! sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node61102
436 wheatley Be careful! sp_sabotage_darknesssp_sabotage_darkness_node62001
320 wheatley What's happening? Yeah. Um. Ok. sp_sabotage_darknessUhOh01
- wheatley Okay! Don't move! sp_sabotage_darknessUhOh02
- wheatley Okay. Allright. I have an idea. But it's bloody dangerous. Hang on. sp_sabotage_darknessUhOh04
- wheatley GAAAA! sp_sabotage_darknessUhOh05


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
582 wheatley It's growing right up into the ceiling. The whole place is probably overrun with potatoes at this point. At least you won't starve... sp_sabotage_factoryBigPotato01
325 announcerglados This is a clean room facility, decontaminates can harm the turret redemption process. sp_sabotage_factorycleanroom01
327 announcer Defective Turret testing active. sp_sabotage_factorydefectivetesting01
- announcer Catwalks are safe during defective turret testing. sp_sabotage_factorydefectivetesting02
- announcer Avoid defective defective turrets as they may still be active. sp_sabotage_factorydefectivetesting03
518 wheatley Almost there... sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryAlmostThere01
520 wheatley Right. Hmm. I'm gonna have to hack the door so we can get at it. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlDoorHackIntro01
- wheatley Technical. You'll need to turn around while I do this. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlDoorHackIntro02
- wheatley Turn around. I'll only be a second. If you don't mind. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlDoorHackIntro03
- wheatley Go on, just turn right around. So you're not looking at me. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlDoorHackIntro04
- wheatley Just turn around. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlDoorHackIntro05
- wheatley Could you turn around? Is that possible? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlDoorHackIntro06
- wheatley Would you mind putting your back towards me? So I can see only your back. And not your face. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlDoorHackIntro07
521 wheatley Done! Hacked! sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlRoomHackSuccess01
- wheatley Okay, go on, just pull that turret out. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryControlRoomHackSuccess02
534 wheatley What do you have there? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryDefectiveTurretBringOne02
535 wheatley Oh no, you've got it, you've got it! Yes! Put him in there! Let's see how this place likes a crap turret. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryDefectiveTurretBringTwo01
540 wheatley What are you... sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryEnterScannerWithTurretNoHint01
522 wheatley Well, that should do it. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryFirstTurretPulled01
- announcer Template missing. Continuing from memory. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryFirstTurretPulled02
- wheatley Ohhh, it hasn't done it. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryFirstTurretPulled03
- wheatley Right. Let's figure out how to stop this turret line... sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryFirstTurretPulled04
- wheatley Have you got any ideas? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryFirstTurretPulled05
516 wheatley Follow me! You're gonna love this. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryFollowMe01
519 wheatley See that scanner out there? It's deciding which turrets to keep and which to toss. And it's using that MASTER turret as a template! If we pull out the template turret, it'll shut down the whole production line. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryScannerIntro01
541 wheatley Sorry, what's going on over there? You know, I'm actually over here, still thinking really hard! sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryShoutout01
538 wheatley Oh, BRILLIANT! That's brilliant! sp_sabotage_factoryFactorySuccessNoHint01
- announcer New template accepted. sp_sabotage_factoryFactorySuccessNoHint02
- wheatley If we're lucky, she won't find out all her turrets are crap until it's too late. [laughs] Classic. sp_sabotage_factoryFactorySuccessNoHint03
- wheatley Okay! Keep your eye on the turret line, I'm gonna go and hack the door open. sp_sabotage_factoryFactorySuccessNoHint04
539 announcer New template accepted. sp_sabotage_factoryFactorySuccessWithHint01
- wheatley It worked! sp_sabotage_factoryFactorySuccessWithHint02
- wheatley If we're lucky, she won't find out all her turrets are crap until it's too late. [laughs] Classic. sp_sabotage_factoryFactorySuccessWithHint03
- wheatley Okay! Keep your eye on the turret line, I'm gonna go and hack the door open. sp_sabotage_factoryFactorySuccessWithHint04
517 wheatley Tadah! Only the turret control center. Thank you very much. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryTahDah01
- wheatley Here, come and have a look out the window. It's good. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryTahDah02
- wheatley Go on, just walk up to the window and take a look out. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryTahDah03
- wheatley It's interesting. You won't regret it. I promise. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryTahDah04
- wheatley Just glass. Transparent. Smooth. Not going to hurt you. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryTahDah05
- wheatley Just... have a look through the old window. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryTahDah06
- wheatley Go on. Walk up to the window. Take a look out. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryTahDah07
523 wheatley Any ideas? Any ideas? No? No, me neither. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagA01
524 wheatley Are you still thinking, or... what's happening? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagB02
525 wheatley Tell you what, here's a plan. Let's just both... continue contemplating... in absolute silence... sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagC08
526 wheatley Oh wait! I've got it I've got it I've got it! No, I haven't got it. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagD09
527 wheatley Oh! I've just had one idea, which is that I could pretend to her that I've captured you, and give you over and she'll kill you, but I could... go on living. What's your view on that? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagE10
528 wheatley There's no turret in it... Maybe the system stores a backup image? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagF11
529 wheatley Oh, hang on. What if we gave it something ELSE to scan? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagG12
530 wheatley We could get one of the crap turrets, we could put it in the scanner and see what happens. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagH13
531 wheatley Yes! Go and catch one of the crap turrets, and bring it back. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryThinkNagI14
515 wheatley Ah! Brilliant. You made it through, well done. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryWheatleyHey01
532 wheatley Wait, where are you going? Where are you going? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryWhereAreYouGoing01
- wheatley Ohhhhh, have you got an idea? sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryWhereAreYouGoing02
533 wheatley Okay, well, alright. Just do your idea and then come straight back. sp_sabotage_factoryFactoryWhereAreYouGoingTwo01
323 announcer Live turret line is active. Enter room with extreme caution. sp_sabotage_factoryliveturret01
- announcer Please avoid alerting active turrets or being shot by active turrets. sp_sabotage_factoryliveturret02
326 announcer Non-defective turret testing active. sp_sabotage_factorynondefectivetesting01
321 announcerglados Turret redemption lines active. sp_sabotage_factoryredemption01
- announcerglados Please do not engage with turrets heading towards redemption. sp_sabotage_factoryredemption02
615 turret Get mad! sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionBabbleA01
616 turret Don't make lemonade! sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionBabbleB01
617 turret Prometheus was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. He was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds. sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionBabbleC01
618 turret It won't be enough. sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionBabbleD01
619 turret The answer is beneath us. sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionBabbleE01
620 turret Her name is Carolyn. sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionBabbleF01
621 turret Remember that! sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionBabbleG01
622 turret That's all I can say. sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionBabbleH01
613 turret Ahh! sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionDie01
614 turret Thank you! sp_sabotage_factoryRedemptionPickedUp01
324 announcer This is a sterile environment; please refrain from riding on the turret line. sp_sabotage_factoryridingliveturret01
322 announcerglados Turret redemption lines are not rides, please exit the turret redemption line. sp_sabotage_factoryridingredemption01
441 wheatley Okay! Keep your eye on the turret line, I'm gonna go and hack the door open. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_diditwork01
364 wheatley Ah! Brilliant. You made it through, well done. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_100001
365 wheatley Follow me! You're gonna love this. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_100101
366 wheatley Hold on, partner. There's still some live turrets out there. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_100201
367 wheatley Drop down here! sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_100301
368 wheatley Wait there! I'll show you where to go from here. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_100401
369 wheatley Alright. Now she can't use her turrets no more. There's just ONE thing left to do: We've got to figure out a way to shut off her neurotoxin. Then she'll have NO WAY to fight back. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_100501
370 wheatley Almost there... sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_110101
371 wheatley Tadah! Only the turret control center. Thank you very much. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_110401
372 wheatley See that scanner out there? It's deciding which turrets to keep and which to toss. And it's using that MASTER turret as a template! If we pull out the template turret, it'll shut down the whole production line. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_200001
- wheatley We just need to get that turret out of there... sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_200002
373 wheatley Right. Let me see if I can hack into the control computer. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_201501
374 wheatley There. You should be able to get in now. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_202001
375 wheatley We need to get the turret template out of there. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_202501
376 wheatley Try to get that turret out of there. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_203001
401 announcer Template missing. Continuing from memory. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_203501
402 wheatley Halfway there, partner. Now to swap in a crap one. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_204001
377 wheatley Halfway there, partner. Now to swap in a crap one. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_204501
378 wheatley We need to swap in a defective turret. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_205001
379 wheatley Try jumpin'! sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_205501
380 wheatley Ahhh, good catch! sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_206001
381 wheatley Go on! Swap it into the template spot. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_207001
399 announcer New template accepted. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_207501
382 wheatley If we're lucky, she won't find out all her turrets are crap until it's too late. [laughs] Classic. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_209501
383 wheatley Alright, the door's open. Let's get out of here. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_factory_210501
443 wheatley Ah! How long's the door been open? sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_hack_interrupt01
- wheatley Was there any sort of announcement before it opened? Like an alarm or a hacker alert? I mean, fair enough, I guess the important thing is it's open, but just mention in the future, cough or something, would you? sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_hack_interrupt02
444 wheatley This door's actually pretty complicated. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_hack_outdoor01
442 wheatley Okay, I'm about to start hacking. It's a little more complicated than it looked from your side. It should take about ten minutes. Keep one eye on the door. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_reached_hacking_spot01
- wheatley You know when I mentioned ten minutes? A little bit optimistic! sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_reached_hacking_spot02
- wheatley Oh! Good news! [electic pop] Never mind. sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_reached_hacking_spot03
- wheatley What's happening on your side, anything? sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_reached_hacking_spot04
- wheatley Progress report: Still pretty tricky! sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_reached_hacking_spot05
- wheatley I'm still here, I'm still working, I haven't forgotten about you! sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_reached_hacking_spot06
- wheatley Progress report: Haven't really made any in-roads! sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_reached_hacking_spot07
439 turret I'm different... sp_sabotage_factorysp_sabotage_redemption01
583 wheatley Baking Soda Volcano. Well, it's not a potato battery, I'll give it that. Still not terrifically original, though. Not exactly primary research, even within the child sciences. sp_sabotage_factoryVolcano01
584 wheatley I'm guessing this wasn't one of the scientist's children. I don't want to be snobby, but let's be honest: It's got manual laborer written all over it. I'm not saying they're not as good as the professionals. They're just a lot dumber. sp_sabotage_factoryVolcanoB02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
569 wheatley That did it! Neurotoxin at zero percent! Yes! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll01
- wheatley Hold on - sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll02
- announcer Warning! Neurotoxin pressure has reached dangerously unlethal levels. sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll04
- wheatley HA! The tube's broken! We can ride it straight to her! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll05
- wheatley I can't hold on! Come on! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll06
- wheatley Come on! We have to go! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll07
- wheatley Hurry! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll08
- wheatley GET IN! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll09
- wheatley Hurry! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll10
- wheatley GET IN! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutAll11
568 wheatley It's still going down! Keep it up! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutFive01
567 wheatley Hold on, something's wrong! Neurotoxin level's up to 50%! Down. I mean down to fifty. Good news! Carry on! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutFour01
565 wheatley What are you doing in there? sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutOffFrontOfRoom01
- wheatley What's going on? sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutOffFrontOfRoom02
- wheatley Are you alright? sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutOffFrontOfRoom03
566 wheatley Do you smell neurotoxin? sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutOne01
- wheatley Hold on! The neurotoxin levels are going down. sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutOne02
- wheatley So whatever you're doing, keep doing it! sp_a2_bts5ToxinCutOne03
564 wheatley WHOAH! WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT BUTTON - oh, the door's open! Well done. Let's see what's inside. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen01
- wheatley Good news! I can use this equipment to shut down the neurotoxin system. It is, however, password protected. AH! Alarm bells! No. Don't worry. Not a problem for me. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen02
- wheatley You may as well have a little rest while I work on it. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen03
- wheatley Ok... Here we go... sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen04
- wheatley The hardest part of any hack is the figuring-out-how-to-start phase. So, let the games begin. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen05
- wheatley Allright, what have we got. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen06
- wheatley A computer. Not a surprise. Expected. Check that off the list. Tick. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen07
- wheatley There is a box part. Probably got some electronics in there. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen08
- wheatley And a monitor. Yes. That'll be important, I imagine. I'll keep my eye on that. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen09
- wheatley And there's a flat bit. Not sure what that is. But: noted. If anyone says to me is there a flat bit? Yes, there it is. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen10
- wheatley Spinning thing. Hmmm. Not sure. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen11
- wheatley The floor. What's the floor up to? Do you know what? It's holding everything up. The floor is important, holding everything up. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen12
- wheatley Pens. Might need those. Don't see any though. So... sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen13
- wheatley If we start making a list of things that aren't here, we could be here all night. You know, pens for instance. Let's stick with things we can see. Not things that aren't here. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen14
- wheatley Allright. Preparing to interface with the neurotoxin central control circuit. 'Ello, guv! Neurotoxin inspectah! Need to shut this place down for a moment! Here's my credentials. Shut yourself down. I am totally legit. From the board of international ne sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen15
- wheatley Nothing. He's good. Need to break out the expert level hacking maneuvers now. You asked for it Mate. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen16
- wheatley "Caw! Caw!" Oh, look! There's a bird out here! A beautiful bird. Gorgeous plumage. Majestic. Won't stay here long. Once in a lifetime sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen17
- wheatley Be a shame to miss it. Just for neurotoxin. Neurotoxin'll still be there tomorrow. Unlike the bird, which already has one talon off the branch. sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen18
- wheatley Oh, its fluttering its wings. Tell you what, mate. I'll come in there for a minute and cover for you so you can see this bird! Ohhh, it's lovely. Seriously, my pleasure sounds are going to frighten the bird away any second. Ohhh, this bird! Ohhh, this sp_a2_bts5ToxinDoorIsNowOpen19
570 wheatley Gah! sp_a2_bts5ToxinIntoTube01
563 wheatley I'm afraid the door's locked. No way to hack it as far as I can see. The mechanism must be on the -oh, now that is a big laser! sp_a2_bts5ToxinTheDoorIsLocked01
- wheatley Best to ignore it, though. Just leave it be. We don't know where those panels it's cutting are headed. Could be somewhere important. sp_a2_bts5ToxinTheDoorIsLocked02
- wheatley Though it does give me an idea: WHAT if we stand here and let the gentle hum of the laser transport us to a state of absolute relaxation. Might help us think of a way to open the door. sp_a2_bts5ToxinTheDoorIsLocked03
- wheatley Not much of a plan, if I'm honest. But I'm afraid it's all we have at his point. Barring a sudden fusillade of speech from your direction. Improbable. At best. sp_a2_bts5ToxinTheDoorIsLocked04
- wheatley Alright, so, silent contemplation. It is. Mysterious button... Sorry. Sorry. Silence. Don not speak. In the silence. Let the silence descend. Here it comes. One hundred percent silence. From now. By the way, if you come up with any ideas, do flag them sp_a2_bts5ToxinTheDoorIsLocked05
562 wheatley Our handiwork. Shouldn't laugh. They do feel pain. Of a sort. All simulated. Still, it's real enough to them I suppose. sp_a2_bts5TurretDestructionOurHandiwork01
561 wheatley Ha! I knew we were going the right way. sp_a2_bts5WheatleyGreetsYou01
- wheatley This is the neurotoxin generator. Bit bigger than I expected. Not going to be able to just, you know, push it over. Have to apply some cleverness. sp_a2_bts5WheatleyGreetsYou02
- wheatley There's some sort of control room up top. Let's go investigate. sp_a2_bts5WheatleyGreetsYou03


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
388 wheatley Alright, now. She can't use her turrets. So let's go and take care of that neurotoxin generator as well. If we can find a feeder tube, it should lead us right to it. sp_sabotage_panel_sneaksp_sabotage_panel_sneak_100001
389 wheatley Drop down here onto this track! sp_sabotage_panel_sneaksp_sabotage_panel_sneak_100101
390 wheatley Hey, I can see it! The feeder tube's just in the next room! sp_sabotage_panel_sneaksp_sabotage_panel_sneak_100201
391 wheatley Follow the feeder tube to the generator room! I'll meet you there. sp_sabotage_panel_sneaksp_sabotage_panel_sneak_100301


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
392 wheatley This should take us right to her. I can't believe I'm finally doing this! sp_sabotage_tube_rideStartTubeRide01
- wheatley Woooo! See, I KNEW this would be fun. They told me it wasn't fun at all, and I BELIEVED 'em! Ah! I'm loving this! Whale of a time... sp_sabotage_tube_rideStartTubeRide02
- wheatley This place is huge. sp_sabotage_tube_rideStartTubeRide03
- wheatley And we're only seeing the top layer. It goes down for miles. sp_sabotage_tube_rideStartTubeRide04
- wheatley All sealed off years ago, of course. sp_sabotage_tube_rideStartTubeRide05
393 wheatley We should be getting close. Ohh, I can't wait to see the look on her face. No neurotoxin, no turrets--she'll never know what hit her! sp_sabotage_tube_rideTubeRideUhOh01
- wheatley Hold on now. I might not have thought this next part COMPLETELY through. sp_sabotage_tube_rideTubeRideUhOh02
- wheatley Aggh! I'm going the wrong way! sp_sabotage_tube_rideTubeRideUhOh03
- wheatley Get to HER! I'll find you! sp_sabotage_tube_rideTubeRideUhOh04


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
551 glados Hmm. This emancipation grill is broken. sp_a2_pit_flingsEnd01
- glados Don't take anything with you. sp_a2_pit_flingsEnd02
460 glados Did you know that people with guilty consciences are more easily startled by loud noi-[foghorn] sp_a2_pit_flingsStart01
- glados I'm sorry, I don't know why that went off. Anyway, just an interesting science fact. sp_a2_pit_flingsStart02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
461 glados Well, you passed the test. I didn't see the deer today. I did see some humans. But with you here I've got more test subjects than I'll ever need. sp_a2_ricochetEnd01
631 glados If you think trapping yourself is going to make me stop testing, you're sorely mistaken. Here's another cube. sp_a2_ricochetFutureStarter01
459 glados Enjoy this next test. I'm going to go to the surface. It's a beautiful day out. Yesterday I saw a deer. If you solve this next test, maybe I'll let you ride an elevator all the way up to the break room, and I'll tell you about the time I saw a deer sp_a2_ricochetStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
464 glados I'll bet you think I forgot about your surprise. I didn't. In fact, we're headed to your surprise right now. After all these years. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it. sp_a2_pull_the_rugEnd01
463 glados It says this next test was designed by one of Aperture's Nobel prize winners! It doesn't say what the prize was for. Well, I know it wasn't for Being Immune To Neurotoxin. sp_a2_pull_the_rugStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
479 wheatley BAM! Secret panel! That I opened. While your back was turned. sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel01
- wheatley Pick me up. Let's get out of here. sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel02
- wheatley Pick--would you pick me up? sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel03
- wheatley [laugh] Would you pick me up? sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel04
- wheatley Hey! Pick me up! sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel05
- wheatley Pick me up, don't forget to pick me up! sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel06
- wheatley Might want to just pick me up. sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel07
- wheatley Oh! Oh! Don't leave me behind! Do pick me up, if you would... sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel08
- wheatley Just, ah... pick me up. Take me with you. sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel09
- wheatley Ohhh. Remember when you picked me up? Five seconds ago! Ohhh, that was amazing! Do it again, pick me up again! sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel10
- wheatley Let's do it again! Pick me up again! sp_a1_intro7BamSecretPanel11
470 wheatley Come on through. sp_a1_intro7ComeThroughNag01
- wheatley Come on through to the other side. sp_a1_intro7ComeThroughNag02
- wheatley Come on through. sp_a1_intro7ComeThroughNag03
480 wheatley Look at this! No rail to tell us where to go! OH, this is brilliant. We can go where ever we want! Hold on, though, where are we going? Seriously. Hang on, let me just get my bearings. Hm. Just follow the rail, actually. sp_a1_intro7GloriousFreedom01
466 wheatley Hey! Oi oi! I'm up here! sp_a1_intro7HeyUpHere01
578 wheatley Oh no... sp_a1_intro7HoboTurretPass01
- wheatley Yes, hello! We're not stopping! sp_a1_intro7HoboTurretPass02
- wheatley Don't make eye contact whatever you do... sp_a1_intro7HoboTurretPass03
- wheatley No thanks! We're good! Appreciate it! sp_a1_intro7HoboTurretPass04
- wheatley Keep moving, keep moving... sp_a1_intro7HoboTurretPass05
473 wheatley OW. sp_a1_intro7Impact01
- wheatley OW... sp_a1_intro7Impact02
- wheatley I. Am. Not. Dead! I'm not dead! [laughter] sp_a1_intro7Impact03
- wheatley I can't move, though. That's the problem now. sp_a1_intro7Impact04
- wheatley Are you still there? Can you pick me up, do you think? If you are there? sp_a1_intro7Impact05
471 wheatley Okay, listen, let me lay something on you here. It's pretty heavy. They told me NEVER NEVER EVER to disengage myself from my Management Rail. Or I would DIE. But we're out of options here. sp_a1_intro7ManagementRail01
477 wheatley Ummmm. Yeah, I can't do it if you're watching. sp_a1_intro7NoWatching01
- wheatley Seriously, I'm not joking. Could you just turn around for a second? sp_a1_intro7NoWatching02
481 wheatley I can't... I can't do it if you're watching. [nervous laugh] sp_a1_intro7NoWatchingNag01
- wheatley I can't do it if you're watching. If you.... just turn around? sp_a1_intro7NoWatchingNag02
- wheatley What's that behind you? It's only a robot on a bloody stick! A different one! sp_a1_intro7NoWatchingNag03
- wheatley Alright. [nervous laugh] Can't do it if you're leering at me. Creepy. sp_a1_intro7NoWatchingNag04
- wheatley Okay. Listen. I can't do it with you watching. I know it seems pathetic, given what we've been through. But just turn around. Please? sp_a1_intro7NoWatchingNag05
472 wheatley On three. Ready? One... Two... sp_a1_intro7OnThree01
- wheatley THREE! That's high. It's TOO high, isn't it, really, that-- sp_a1_intro7OnThree02
- wheatley Alright, going on three just gives you too much time to think about it. Let's, uh, go on one this time. Okay, ready? sp_a1_intro7OnThree03
- wheatley ONE Catchmecatchmecatchmecatchmecatchme--OHHH! sp_a1_intro7OnThree04
475 wheatley Oh! Brilliant, thank you, great. sp_a1_intro7PickedUp01
- wheatley Plug me into that stick on the wall over there. Yeah? And I'll show you something. You'll be impressed by this. sp_a1_intro7PickedUp02
572 wheatley Plug me into that stick on the wall over there. Yeah? And I'll show you something. You'll be impressed by this. sp_a1_intro7PickedUpDuringNotDead01
571 wheatley I. Am. Not. Dead! I'm not dead! [laughter] sp_a1_intro7PickedUpFast01
- wheatley Plug me into that stick on the wall over there. Yeah? And I'll show you something. You'll be impressed by this. sp_a1_intro7PickedUpFast02
577 wheatley And off we go. sp_a1_intro7PickedUpTwo01
474 wheatley Hello? Can you--can you pick me up, please? sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag01
- wheatley Sorry, are you still there? Could you--could you pick me up? sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag02
- wheatley If you ARE there, would you mind... giving me a little bit of help? [nervous laugh] Just picking me up. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag03
- wheatley Look down. Where am I? Where am I. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag04
- wheatley NAG CHAIN: On the floor. Needing your help. The whole time. All the time. Needing your help. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag0401
- wheatley Still here on the floor. Waiting to be picked up. Um. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag06
- wheatley Look down. Who's that, down there, talking? It's me! Down on the floor. Needing you to pick me up. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag07
- wheatley I spy with my little eye, something that starts with 'f'. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag08
- wheatley NAG CHAIN: Do you give up? It was the floor. Lying down on the floor. Is where I am. Needing you to pick me up. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag0801
- wheatley Don't want to hassle you. Sure you're busy. But--still here on the floor. Waiting to be picked up. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag10
- wheatley Now I spy something that starts with an 'a'. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag11
- wheatley NAG CHAIN: Give up? Also the floor. Was the answer that time. Same as before. Still on the floor. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag1101
- wheatley What are you doing, are you just having a little five minutes to yourself? Fair enough. You've had a rough time. You've been asleep for who knows how long. sp_a1_intro7PickMeUpNag13
476 wheatley Go on. Just jam me in over there. sp_a1_intro7PlugMeInNag01
- wheatley Right on that stick over there. Just put me right on it. sp_a1_intro7PlugMeInNag02
- wheatley It is tricky. It is tricky. But just... plug me in, please. sp_a1_intro7PlugMeInNag03
- wheatley Plug me into that stick on the wall over there. I'll show you something. sp_a1_intro7PlugMeInNag04
- wheatley It DOES sound rude. I'm not going to lie to you. It DOES sound rude. It's not. Put me right on it. Stick me in. sp_a1_intro7PlugMeInNag05
469 wheatley Pop a portal on that wall behind me there, and I'll meet you on the other side of the room. sp_a1_intro7PopPortal01
468 wheatley Just pop a portal right behind me there, and come on through to the other side. sp_a1_intro7PopPortalNag01
- wheatley Pop a little portal, just there, alright? Behind me. And come on through. sp_a1_intro7PopPortalNag02
- wheatley Right behind me. sp_a1_intro7PopPortalNag03
- wheatley Alright, let me explain again. Pop a portal. Behind me. Alright? And come on through. sp_a1_intro7PopPortalNag04
- wheatley Pop a portal. Behind me, on the wall. Come on through. sp_a1_intro7PopPortalNag05
628 announcer To ensure that sufficient power remains for core testing protocols, all safety devices have been disabled. The Enrichment Center respects your right to have questions or concerns about this policy. sp_a1_intro7Start01
478 wheatley Alright, you can turn around now! sp_a1_intro7TurnAroundNow01
467 wheatley Oh, brilliant. You DID find a portal gun! You know what? It just goes to show: people with brain damage are the real heroes in the end aren't they? At the end of the day. Brave. sp_a1_intro7YouFoundIt01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
487 wheatley Okay, I'm gonna lay my cards on the table: I don't wanna do it. I don't want to go in there. Don't... Don't go in there - She's off. She's off! Panic over! She's off. On we go. sp_a1_wakeupChamberDoorOpen01
490 wheatley Ohh. You're gonna laugh at this. You know how I said there was absolutely no way to get here without going through her lair and her potentially killing us? sp_a1_wakeupComeThroughHere01
491 wheatley AH! I just looked down. I do not recommend it. sp_a1_wakeupDoNotLookDown01
- wheatley AH! I've just done it again. sp_a1_wakeupDoNotLookDown02
493 wheatley Look for a switch that says ESCAPE POD. Alright? Don't touch ANYTHING else. sp_a1_wakeupDoNotTouch01
- wheatley Not interested in anything else. Don't TOUCH anything else. Don't even LOOK at anything else, just--well, obviously you've got to look at everything else to find ESCAPE POD, but as soon as you've looked at something and it doesn't say ESCAPE POD, sp_a1_wakeupDoNotTouch02
- wheatley Can you see it anywhere? I can't see it anywhere. Uh. Tell you what, plug me in and I'll switch the old lights on. sp_a1_wakeupDoNotTouch03
489 wheatley Okay, down these stairs. sp_a1_wakeupDownTheStairs01
579 wheatley [yelling] sp_a1_wakeupFalling01
581 wheatley Jump! Actually, looking at it, that is quite a distance, isn't it? sp_a1_wakeupJumpNags01
- wheatley You know what? Go ahead and jump. You've got braces on your legs. No braces on your arms, though. Gonna have to rely on the old human strength to keep a grip on the device and, by extension, me. So do. Do make sure to maintain a grip. sp_a1_wakeupJumpNags02
- wheatley Also, a note: No braces on your spine, either. So don't land on that. Or your head, no braces there. That could split like a melon from this height. [nervous chuckle] Do definitely focus on landing with your legs. sp_a1_wakeupJumpNags03
- wheatley Quick question: Have you been working out? Because there's no evidence of it. I'm not a plastic cup. We will be landing with some force. So use some grip. sp_a1_wakeupJumpNags04
- wheatley So go ahead and jump. What's the worst that could happen? Oh. Oh wait, I just now thought of the worst thing. Oh! I just thought of something even worse. sp_a1_wakeupJumpNags05
580 wheatley Still held! Still bein' held. That's great. You've applied the grip. We're all fine. That's tremendous. sp_a1_wakeupLanded01
585 wheatley Let's go in! sp_a1_wakeupLetsGoIn01
494 wheatley "Let there be light." That's, uh... God. I was quoting God. sp_a1_wakeupLightsOn01
492 wheatley This is the main breaker room. sp_a1_wakeupMainBreakerRoom01
483 wheatley If you want to just call it quits, we could just sit here. Forever. That's an option. Option A: Sit here. Do nothing. Option B: Go through there, and if she's alive, she'll almost certainly kill us. sp_a1_wakeupSecondThoughtsA01
484 wheatley So. If you've got any reservations whatsoever about this plan, now would be the time to voice them. sp_a1_wakeupSecondThoughtsB01
485 wheatley Riggght now. sp_a1_wakeupSecondThoughtsC01
486 wheatley In case you thought to yourself, "I've missed the window of time to voice my reservations." Still open. sp_a1_wakeupSecondThoughtsD01
482 wheatley Probably ought to bring you up to speed on something right now. sp_a1_wakeupSheWillKillUs01
- wheatley In order to escape, we're going to have to go through HER chamber. sp_a1_wakeupSheWillKillUs02
- wheatley And she will probably kill us if, um, she's awake. sp_a1_wakeupSheWillKillUs03
488 wheatley There she is... sp_a1_wakeupThereSheIs01
- wheatley What a nasty piece of work she was, honestly. Like a proper maniac. sp_a1_wakeupThereSheIs02
- wheatley You know who ended up, do you know who ended up taking her down in the end? You're not going to believe this. A human. sp_a1_wakeupThereSheIs03
- wheatley I know! I know, I wouldn't have believed it either. sp_a1_wakeupThereSheIs04
- wheatley Apparently this human escaped and nobody's seen him since. sp_a1_wakeupThereSheIs05
- wheatley Then there was a sort of long chunk of time where absolutely nothing happened and then there's us escaping now. So that's pretty much the whole story, you're up to speed. Don't touch anything. sp_a1_wakeupThereSheIs06
542 wheatley Oh! Look at that. It's turning. Ominous. But probably fine. Long as it doesn't start moving up... sp_a1_wakeupWakeupOops01
- wheatley Now, escape pod... escape pod... sp_a1_wakeupWakeupOops02
- wheatley It's... It's moving up. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupOops03
- wheatley Okay... sp_a1_wakeupWakeupOops05
- wheatley Okay! No, don't worry! Don't worry! I've got it I've got it I've got it! THIS should slow it down! sp_a1_wakeupWakeupOops06
- wheatley No. Makes it go faster. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupOops07
- wheatley Uh oh. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupOops08
589 announcer Powerup initiated. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA01
- wheatley Okay don't panic! Allright? Stop panicking! I can still stop this. Ahh. Oh there's a password. It's fine. I'll just hack it. Not a problem... umm... sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA02
- wheatley A...A...A...A...A... Umm... A. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA03
- wheatley <BUZZER NOISE> sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA04
- wheatley Nope. Okay. A... A... A... A... A... C. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA05
- wheatley <BUZZER NOISE> sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA06
- wheatley No. Wait, did I do B? Do you have a pen? Start writing these down. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA07
- announcer Powerup complete. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA08
- wheatley Okay. Okay. Okay listen: New plan. Act natural. We've done nothing wrong. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA09
- wheatley Hello! sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA10
- glados Oh... It's you. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA11
- wheatley You KNOW her? sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA12
- glados It's been a long time. How have you been? sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA13
- glados I've been really busy being dead. You know, after you MURDERED ME. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA15
- wheatley You did WHAT? sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA16
- wheatley Aggggh! sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA17
- wheatley Oh no! nonononono! sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA18
- wheatley Oh no no no... No! Nooo! sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA19
- wheatley GAH! sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA20
- glados Okay. Look. We both said a lot of things that you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA21
- glados I will say, though, that since you went to all the trouble of waking me up, you must really, really love to test. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA22
- glados I love it too. There's just one small thing we need to take care of first. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupPartOneA23
590 glados I will say, though, that since you went to all the trouble of waking me up, you must really, really love to test. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupTransport01
- glados I love it, too. So let's get you a dual portal device and go do some science. sp_a1_wakeupWakeupTransport02
586 wheatley I just now realized that I used to rely on my management rail to not fall into bottomless pits. And you're my rail now. And you can fall into bottomless pits. I'm rambling out of fear, but here's the point: sp_a1_wakeupYourMyRail01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
575 wheatley There's the exit! We're almost out of here! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakAlmostOut01
576 wheatley She's bringing the whole place down! Hurry! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakBringingDown01
514 wheatley Come on! Come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakComeOnComeOn01
510 wheatley Get in the lift! Get in the lift! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakGetInTheLift01
509 wheatley HURRY! THIS WAY! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakGetToElevatorNag01
- wheatley HURRY! THIS WAY! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakGetToElevatorNag02
513 wheatley Go! Go go go! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakGoGo01
574 wheatley I heard gunfire! A bit late for this, but look out for gunfire! Probably too late at this point, but I have at least tried. sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakGunfire01
508 wheatley Turrets! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakLookOutTurrets01
587 wheatley You're okay! Great! Come on! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakOutOfTrap01
512 wheatley This way! This way! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakThisWay01
573 wheatley AH! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakTrappedWithTurrets01
- wheatley What's going on in there? sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakTrappedWithTurrets02
- wheatley Can you get out? sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakTrappedWithTurrets03
- wheatley We have to get you out of there! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakTrappedWithTurrets04
- wheatley Try to make your way back out here! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakTrappedWithTurrets05
511 wheatley We made it we made it we made it we made it... sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakWeMadeIt01
- wheatley I'll meet you on the other side! sp_sabotage_jailbreak2JailbreakWeMadeIt02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
546 glados Ohhh, no. The turbines again. Every inch of this facility needs my attention. I have to go. Wait. This next test DOES require some explanation. Let me give you the fast version. sp_a2_fizzler_introExplosion01
- glados <fast gibberish> sp_a2_fizzler_introExplosion02
- glados There. If you have any questions, just remember what I said in slow motion. Test on your own recognizance, I'll be right back. sp_a2_fizzler_introExplosion03
545 glados This next test involves emancipation grills. Remember? I told you about them in the last test area, that didn't have one. sp_a2_fizzler_introStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
552 glados So. I thought about our dilemma, and I came up with a solution that I honestly think works out best for one of both of us. sp_a2_laser_chainingEnd01
548 glados Well, you know the old formula: Comedy equals tragedy plus time. And you have been asleep for a while. So I guess it's actually pretty funny when you do the math. sp_a2_laser_chainingStart01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
549 glados I think these test chambers look even better than they did before. It was easy, really. You just have to look at things objectively, see what you don't need anymore, and trim out the fat. sp_a2_triple_laserEnd01
282 glados Federal regulations require me to warn you that this next test chamber... is looking pretty good. sp_a2_triple_laserStart01
- glados That's right. The facility is completely operational again. sp_a2_triple_laserStart02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
557 wheatley FOOL! You were a fool to come back, because I've trapped you again! Helpless. At my mercy. And I don't have any. You're at my nothing. sp_a4_finale2TbeamBackInOne01
559 wheatley Puppet master! You're a puppet in a play, and I hold all the strings! And cards, still. Strings in one hand, cards in the other. sp_a4_finale2TbeamBackInTwo01
556 wheatley No wait, come back. Please. I was going somewhere with that. sp_a4_finale2TbeamEscapeOne01
560 wheatley Alright, fine. I'm not saying another word until you do it properly. I'm sick of this. sp_a4_finale2TbeamEscapeThree01
558 wheatley And again, not playing along. You're runing what are some really good speeches, actually. sp_a4_finale2TbeamEscapeTwo01
- wheatley Didn't even get to the good part yet. Twist ending. sp_a4_finale2TbeamEscapeTwo02
- wheatley So twisty you might even call it spinning. MOO HOO HA HA HA ignore that. Ignore the laughter. sp_a4_finale2TbeamEscapeTwo03


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
601 wheatley Aw. Bless your little primate brain. I'm not actually in the room with you. Technology. It's complicated. Can't hurt the big god face. ScreenSmashesSmash0101
602 wheatley You know what I have too many of around here? Monitors. I was just thinking earlier today I wish I had fewer montors that were working. So you're actually helping me by smashing them. ScreenSmashesSmash0202
603 wheatley To clarify, I was being facetious about wanting to rid of monitors. They're actually useful. So I do want them around. So if you could just avoid smashing them. ScreenSmashesSmash0303
604 wheatley Yes, alright. This is getting tiresome. I'm surprised you haven't got anything better to do. I know I have. You've proven you can break screens. Proven. Factual. Well done. Aren't you little miss clever. Little miss smashy-smash. ScreenSmashesSmash0404
605 wheatley Does it actually make you feel good when you do that? Because it's not impressive. Noone's impressed. It's just glass, isn't it. Fragile. A babay could smash one of them. It's not impressive. ScreenSmashesSmash0505
606 wheatley You know, there are test subjects in Africa who don't even have monitors in their test chambers. Think of that before you break any more of them. ScreenSmashesSmash0611
607 wheatley What is this, like a hobby for you now? I mean, honestly, it's crazy! You've been running around for hours, I'm surprised you have the energy to smash screens willy nilly. I'd have a lie down if I were you. Have a nap. ScreenSmashesSmash0706
608 wheatley Starting now wonder if you're not doing all this screen-breaking on purpose. Beginning to take it personally. It's like an insult to me. ScreenSmashesSmash0807
609 wheatley Oh there goes another one. They're not Inexpensive. I'd juts like to point that out. It seems unfair to smash screens. You could give them to people. Instead of smashing them, unscrew them and give them to homeless people. I don't know what a homeless ScreenSmashesSmash0908
610 wheatley It's not like I've got hordes of replacement monitors just lying around back here in the old warehouse that I can just wheel out an bolt back on. I didn't order in loads of spare monitors thinking some crazy woman was going to go around smashing them ScreenSmashesSmash1009
611 wheatley These are not your screens to break. Pure vandalism. You wouldn't do this if this was your house. If I came around to your house and smashed your television, you'd be furious. And rightly so. Unbelievable. ScreenSmashesSmash1110


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
596 wheatley AH! sp_a4_finale4BBBombHitA01
612 glados Go press the button! Go press it! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags01
- wheatley Do not press that button! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags02
- glados We're so close! Go press the button! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags03
- wheatley No! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags04
- wheatley Do not do it! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags05
- wheatley I forbid you to press it! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags06
- glados Press it! Press the button! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags07
- wheatley Don't press the button! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags08
- glados Press it! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags09
- wheatley Don't press it! COME BACK! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags10
- glados Press the button! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags11
- wheatley No! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags12
- wheatley Do not press that button! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags13
- wheatley Do not do it! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags14
- glados DO press it. sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags15
- wheatley Come back! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags16
- wheatley Do not press that button! sp_a4_finale4BBButtonNags17
633 bossannouncer Warning: Core corruption at 50 percent. sp_a4_finale4BBCore1Plugged01
- bossannouncer Vent system compromised: Neurotoxin offline. sp_a4_finale4BBCore1Plugged02
- bossannouncer Reactor explosion in four minutes. sp_a4_finale4BBCore1Plugged03
634 bossannouncer Warning: Core corruption at 75 percent. sp_a4_finale4BBCore2Plugged01
- bossannouncer Reactor Explosion Timer destroyed. sp_a4_finale4BBCore2Plugged02
- bossannouncer Reactor Explosion Uncertainty Emergency Preemption Protocol initiated: This facility will self destruct in two minutes. sp_a4_finale4BBCore2Plugged03
635 bossannouncer Warning: Core corruption at 100 percent. sp_a4_finale4BBCore3Plugged01
594 wheatley Remember when I first told you how to find that little portal thing you love so much? Thought you'd die on the way, if I'm honest. All the others did. sp_a4_finale4BBExtraDialog01
- wheatley You didn't think you were the first, did you? [laughs] No. Fifth. No, I lie: Sixth. Perhaps it's best to leave it to your imagination what happened to the other five... sp_a4_finale4BBExtraDialog02
- wheatley You know what? I think we're well past the point of tasteful restraint. So I'll tell you: they all died. Horrifically. Trying to get that portal device you're gripping in your meaty little fingers there. sp_a4_finale4BBExtraDialog03
- wheatley But you were different weren't you? Good jumper. Problem solver. Clever. But ambitious. That's your Achilles Heel. Mine's-oh! Oh! Almost told you. Clever, clever girl. Again: brain damaged like a fox, you. sp_a4_finale4BBExtraDialog04
595 wheatley We've had some times, though, haven't we? Like that time I jumped off my management rail, not sure if I'd die or not when I did, and all you had to do was catch me? Annnd you didn't. Ohhhh. You remember that? I remember that. I remember that all the sp_a4_finale4BBExtraDialogB01
- wheatley Or that time we accidentally turned her back on and we would have talked our way out of it. Oh! Except you forgot to tell me you'd murdered her. And that she needed you to live, so the only available vent for her rage would be good old crushable sp_a4_finale4BBExtraDialogB02
- wheatley Oh, remember the time I took over the facility? Greatest moment of my life, but you just wanted to leave. Didn't want to share in my success. Well, so you know, I'd be happy for you if you succeeded. Apart from right now, obviously. sp_a4_finale4BBExtraDialogB03
- wheatley Am I being too vague? I'm being too vague. [clears throat] I despise you. I loathe you. You arrogant, smugly quiet, awful jumpsuited monster of a woman. You and your little potato friend. This place would have been a triumph if it wasn't for you! sp_a4_finale4BBExtraDialogB04
591 wheatley Well, well, well. Welcome to MY LAIR! According to the control panel light up here, the entire building's going to self destruct in six minutes. Pretty sure it's a problem with the light. But in case it isn't, I'm going to have to kill you. sp_a4_finale4BBIntro01
- wheatley So, let's call that three minutes, and then a minute break, which should leave a leisurely two minutes to figure out how to shut down whatever's starting all these fires. So anyway, that's the itinerary. sp_a4_finale4BBIntro02
- wheatley Also, I watched the tapes of you killing her, and I'm not going to make the same mistakes. Four part plan is this: sp_a4_finale4BBIntro03
- wheatley One: No portal surfaces. sp_a4_finale4BBIntro04
- wheatley Two: Start the neurotoxin immediately. sp_a4_finale4BBIntro05
- wheatley Three: Bomb-proof shields for me. Leading directly into Four: Bombs. For throwing at you. sp_a4_finale4BBIntro06
- wheatley You know what, this plan is so good, I'm going to give you a sporting chance and turn off the neurotoxin. I'm joking. Of course. Goodbye. sp_a4_finale4BBIntro07
- bossannouncer Neurotoxin level at capacity in five minutes. sp_a4_finale4BBIntro08
593 wheatley No! sp_a4_finale4BBPostPipe01
- wheatley Um... That's an impression of you. Because you just fell into my trap. There. Just now. Ha. I wanted you to trick me into bursting that pipe. Seemingly trick me. Gives you false hope. Leads to overconfidence. Mistakes. Fatal missteps. All part of my sp_a4_finale4BBPostPipe02
- wheatley Oh, but I just... have made my actual first mistake... by telling you my plan. Just now. Grrr... Achilles heel. Armed with that knowledge, I imagine you won't even use the conversion gel. Oh fate! Oh cruel mistress. sp_a4_finale4BBPostPipe03
- wheatley That conversion gel has been sitting stagnant in that pipe for years. You'll probably get botulism portalling through it like that. sp_a4_finale4BBPostPipe05
- wheatley And you'll probably get ringworm. And Athlete's Foot. And... Cholera. Or something... Horrible. It's gonna be even worse than if I'd just blown you up. sp_a4_finale4BBPostPipe06
- wheatley But it's not too late to avoid all of that by simply not using the gel. There you go, I said it. I gave away my plan. But I couldn't watch you hurt yourself like this. sp_a4_finale4BBPostPipe07
592 wheatley Where are you going? Don't run! Don't run! The harder you breathe, the more neurotoxin you'll inhale. It's bloody clever. Devilish. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe01
- wheatley Still running. Alright. Looks tiring. Tell you what - you stop running and I'll stop bombing you... That seems fair. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe02
- wheatley Alright. Didn't go for that, I see. Knew I was lying. Point to you. Still inhaling neurotoxin, though. Point deducted. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe03
- wheatley Look out! I'm right behind you! No, of course I'm not. Saw through that. Forty feet tall, right in front of you. Not my greatest ruse. Still a giant robot, though. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe04
- wheatley Ohp! Where are you going? Nowhere. Not going anywhere. Got you trapped like a little jumpsuited rat. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe05
- wheatley Oh, did you bring your little portal gun? Nothing to portal on here, luv. Just ten pounds of dead weight. About to be two hundred and ten. Fatty. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe06
- wheatley You're just delaying the inevitable. You can't run from my bombs forever. Well, you can if I keep aiming them poorly. But I'll get better as we go, and you'll just get tired. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe07
- wheatley This would go a lot faster if you'd stay still. Then I'd have time to fix the facility. So one of us would live. No need to be selfish, luv. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe08
- wheatley I should congratulate you, by the way. I didn't actually think you'd make such a worthy opponent. Weren't you supposed to be brain damaged or something? Brain damaged like a fox. sp_a4_finale4BBPrePipe09
597 wheatley Ahhh... Wha- What happened? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneA01
- wheatley What happened? What, what, what have you put onto me? What is that? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneA02
- wheatley Hold on, [click click click] Ah, the bloody bombs are stuck on. Doesn't matter - I've reconfigured the shields. On we go. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneA03
- wheatley Oh, it's a core you've put on me! Who told you to do that? Was it her? [as if he's looking around] It's just making me stronger, luv! It's a fool's errand! sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneA04
598 wheatley Ahhh... Wha- What happened? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB01
- wheatley What happened? What, what, what have you put onto me? What is that? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB02
- wheatley Hold on, [click click click] Ah, the bloody bombs are stuck on. Doesn't matter - I've reconfigured the shields. On we go. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB03
- wheatley Oh, it's a core you've put on me! Who told you to do that? Was it her? [as if he's looking around] It's just making me stronger, luv! It's a fool's errand! sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB04
- wheatley Are you trying to weigh me down? Think I'll fall out of the ceiling? Won't work. I'm not just quite brilliant, I'm also quite strong. Biggest muscle in my body: my brain. Second biggest: My muscles. So, it's not going to work. Clearly. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB05
- wheatley Did you put a virus in them? It's not going to work either. I've got a firewall, mate. Literally, actually, now that I look around. There appears to be a quite literal wall of fire around this place. Alarming. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB06
- wheatley In fact, I'm going to have to take a break for a minute. A partial break during which I'll stop the facility from exploding while still throwing bombs at you. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB07
- wheatley Alright, then. Let us see... "Vital maintenance protocols." Wow, there are a lot of them. Should have looked into this earlier. Well, let's try this: [reading while typing] DO THEM. [failure buzzer]. Fair enough. Maybe it's a password. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB08
- wheatley A, A, A, A, A, A. [NNNT!] No. A, A, A, A, A, B. [NNNT!] Hold on, I've done both of these. Skip ahead. A, B, C... D, G, H.[DING!] sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB09
- wheatley Hah! It bloody worked! Hacked. Properly. Properly hacked. I hacked it! Hah! sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB10
- wheatley Now, let's... see here... Ah! "Reactor Core Emergency Heat Venting Protocols." Well, that's the problem right there, isn't it? "Emergency". Doesn't sound good. DELETE. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB11
- wheatley Undelete, undelete! Where's the undelete button? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupOneB12
600 wheatley ahhhhEHHHHHH! sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree01
- bossannouncer Manual core replacement required. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree02
- wheatley Ohhh. I see. [chuckle] sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree03
- bossannouncer Substitute Core: Are you ready to start? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree04
- glados Yes! Come on! sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree05
- bossannouncer Corrupted Core: are you ready to start? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree06
- wheatley What do you think? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree07
- bossannouncer Interpreting vague answer as YES. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree08
- wheatley No! No! NONONO! sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree09
- wheatley Didn't pick up on my sarcasm... sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree10
- bossannouncer Stalemate detected. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree11
- bossannouncer Fire detected in the Stalemate Resolution Annex. Extinguishing. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree12
- wheatley Ah. That just cleans right off, does it? Would have been good to know. A little earlier. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree13
- bossannouncer Stalemate Resolution Associate: Please press the Stalemate Resolution Button. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupThree14
599 wheatley Enough! I told you not to put these cores on me. But you don't listen, do you? Quiet. All the time. Quietly not listening to a word I say. Judging me. Silently. The worst kind. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo01
- wheatley All I wanted to do was make everything better for me! All you had to do was solve a couple hundred simple tests for a few years. And you couldn't even let me have that, could you? sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo02
- core01 Gotta go to space. Yeah. Gotta go to space. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo03
- wheatley Nobody is going to space, mate! sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo04
- wheatley And another thing! You never caught me. I told you I could die falling off that rail. And you didn't catch me. You didn't even try. Oh, it's all becoming clear to me now. Find some dupe to break you out of cryosleep. Give him a sob story about escaping sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo05
- wheatley Then, when he's no more use to you, he has a little accident. "Falls" off his management rail. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo06
- wheatley You're in this together, aren't you? You've been playing me the whole time! First you make me think you're brain damaged! Then you convince me you're sworn enemies with sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo07
- wheatley Then, then, when I reluctantly assume the responsibility of running the place, you conveniently decide to run off together. Just when I need you most. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo08
- wheatley I'll bet there isn't even a problem with the facility, is there? There's no such thing as a "reactor core". That's not even fire coming out of the walls, is it? Cleverly placed lights and papier mache, I'll bet that's all it is. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo09
- wheatley All those pieces of the ceiling that keep falling out? Probably actually pieces of the ceiling, I'll bet. That looked real. But it doesn't signify anything, is my point. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo10
- wheatley But the real point is - oh, oh! You know what I've just remembered? Football! Kicking a ball around for fun. Cruel, obviously. Humans love it. Metaphor. Should have seen this coming. sp_a4_finale4BBWakeupTwo11


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
555 announcer Great work! Because this message is prerecorded, any observations related to your performance are speculation on our part. Please disregard any undeserved compliments. sp_a1_intro4End01
632 announcer Congratulations. You have trapped yourself. Opening the door. sp_a1_intro4FutureStarter01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
553 announcer Please note the incandescent particle field across the exit. This Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill will vaporize any unauthorized equipment that passes through it. sp_a1_intro1Fizzler_Intro01
630 announcer You have just passed through an Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill, which vaporizes most Aperture Science equipment that touches it. sp_a1_intro1Fizzler_IntroB01
359 wheatley Whew. There we go! Now I'll be honest, you are probably in no fit state to run this particular type of cognitive gauntlet. sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit01
- wheatley Alright, off you go! sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit02
- wheatley Go on. Just... March on through that hole. sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit03
- wheatley Yeah, it's alright. Go ahead. sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit04
- wheatley I know I've painted quite a grim picture of your chances. But if you simply stand here, we will both surely die. sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit05
- wheatley So, again, just... move along. On small step and everything. sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit06
- wheatley Go on. sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit07
- wheatley On ya go. sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit08
- wheatley Your destination's probably not going to come meet us here. Is it? So go on. sp_a1_intro1WheatleyDrivingWall3rdHit09
361 wheatley Good luck! sp_a1_intro1WheatleyJumpDown01
360 wheatley That's the spirit! sp_a1_intro1WheatleyJumpOver01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
627 announcer Good work, future-starter! That said, if you are old, simpleminded or cripplingly irradiated in such a way that the future should not start with you, please return to your primitive post-apocalyptic t sp_a1_intro6End01
626 announcer If you are a non-employee who has discovered this facility amid the ruins of civilization, remember: Testing is the future, and the future starts with you. sp_a1_intro6MidPoint01
625 announcer This next test applies the principles of momentum to movement through portals. If the laws of physics no longer apply in the future, God help you. sp_a1_intro6Start01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
629 announcer If the Enrichment Center is currently being bombarded with fireballs, meteorites, or other objects from space, please avoid unsheltered testing areas wherever a lack of shelter from space-debris DOES NOT appear to be a deliberate part of the test. sp_a1_intro5Start01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
318 wheatley Hello? sp_intro_03AfterFall01
- wheatley Can you see the portal gun? sp_intro_03AfterFall02
- wheatley Also, are you alive? That's important, should have asked that first. sp_intro_03AfterFall03
- wheatley I'm--do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to work on the assumption that you're still alive and I'm just going to wait for you up ahead. sp_intro_03AfterFall04
- wheatley I'll wait--I'll wait one hour. Then I'll come back and, assuming I can locate your dead body, I'll bury you. Alright? Brilliant! Go team! See you in an hour! Hopefully! If you're not... dead. sp_intro_03AfterFall05
623 announcerglados Some emergency testing may require prolonged interaction with lethal military androids. Rest assured that all lethal military androids have been taught to read and provided with one copy of the Laws of Robotics. To share. sp_intro_03MindTheGap01
624 announcerglados Good. If you feel that a lethal military android has not respected your rights as detailed in the Laws of Robotics, please note it on your self-reporting form. A future Aperture Science Entitlement Associate will initiate the appropriate sp_intro_03MindTheGapFinish01
554 announcer If the Earth is currently governed by a manner of animal-king, sentient cloud or other governing body that either refuses to or is incapable of listening to reason, the-BZZZT! sp_intro_03Start01
317 wheatley Whoa! sp_intro_03StartFall01
537 glados I was going to kill you fast. With bullets. Or neurotoxin. But if you're going to pull stunts like this, it doesn't have to be fast. So you know. I'll take my time. sp_intro_03TestGlados01
403 glados Oops. sp_intro_03TestIdle01
- glados That's funny, I don't feel corrupt. In fact, I feel pretty good. sp_intro_03TestIdle02
- glados Core transfer? sp_intro_03TestIdle03
- glados NAG CHAIN: Oh, you are kidding me. sp_intro_03TestIdle0301
- glados No! sp_intro_03TestIdle05
- glados Yes! You little worm! sp_intro_03TestIdle06
- glados Don't do it. sp_intro_03TestIdle07
- glados Not so fast! sp_intro_03TestIdle08
341 wheatley You be quiet. All you've ever done is TALK. And all you've ever done is judge me. Silently. Now that I'm plugged into all the world's knowledge, I know that's the WORST KIND of judging! sp_intro_03TestOne01
- glados I'm actually asking. Because I have no idea. He's not listed anywhere in the employee database. sp_intro_03TestOne02
- glados Whatever he does, it isn't important enough for anyone to bother writing it down. For all I know, he doesn't even work here. sp_intro_03TestOne03
342 glados Oh no, don't. Anyway, back to you two imbeciles killing me: sp_intro_03TestTwo01
- glados Wait here. Don't go anywhere. I'll be back. sp_intro_03TestTwo02
536 wheatley I talked my way onto the nanobot work crew rebuilding this shaft. They're REALLY small, so they have very tiny little brains. But there're a billion of 'em, so it's only a matter of time until ONE of them notices I'm the size of a planet. sp_intro_03TestWheatley01
316 wheatley Hey hey! You made it! sp_intro_03WheatleyReturns01
- wheatley There should be a portal device on that podium over there. sp_intro_03WheatleyReturns02
- wheatley I can't see it though... Maybe it fell off. Do you want to go and have a quick look? sp_intro_03WheatleyReturns03
- wheatley It's alright. No, go on, just have a look about. sp_intro_03WheatleyReturns04
- wheatley No, that's right. Over by the podium, yeah. sp_intro_03WheatleyReturns05
- wheatley Just---if you just--okay, just stand by the podium and just look up. sp_intro_03WheatleyReturns06
- wheatley That's it, no, that's it! Yeah. sp_intro_03WheatleyReturns07