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Current News

28 / 04 / 07 - PC Fixed and school over so feel free to ask me for help or advice on anything. I'll just be toiling away in obscurity now thanks.


Don't Carve!

I'm 21 and I've been editing games aslong as I've had them. I can Map, Model, Skin, Texture, Animate, Code, and to a limited extent play with sound.

I'm that lovable little woodland rodent that'll help anyone who needs it aslong as I can find time. David "(Very) Angry Beaver" Gillen.

I started off back in the day with Civ 2. I soon figured out I could make maps I began doing so instead of playing. I then moved to Canada from England, bye bye everything electrical. After 3 months PC less came Starcraft, as a late comer everything had already been done and it sucked, nothing felt original. Inspired by Duke Nukem 3D's level editor I did one of the most intelligent thing I've ever done. I bought the HL Platinum pack and UT, both mostly responsible for my lack of social life. Between the two games I wasted years learning and bouncing between communities. Nothing really changed untill the release of HL2 though. A brand new engine and a top of the line PC. Ever since I've been teaching, learning, and having fun trying to finish things that I started, and coming up with too many ideas to do so.


"To repeat what others have said and done, requires education; to challenge it, requires brains; to improve it requires skill and luck."

Projects & Prefabs

  • Black Mesa
  • Collaborate
  • A working physics based garage door HERE.
  • A four digit time counter for use in single player games HERE.
  • A game of Tic Tac Toe (Naughts and Crosses) out of HL2 entities HERE.
  • A fully drivable scanner that can take pictures and small obstacle course HERE.
  • A moon themed 3D skybox with a new 2D skybox and displacement terrain HERE.
  • My contributions