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User:404 User Not Found/Header Hello there! I'm 404: User Not Found, and you're viewing my userpage! I'm a regular editor over at the official Team Fortress 2 Wiki, and I also currently run a group on Steam called 404Gaming. I currently run one TF2 server (soon to be two!), and one of my members runs a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server under the 404Gaming name!
I'm quite skilled with Hammer, and I'll mainly be creating how-to articles for the TF2 Level Creation section. User:404 User Not Found/Footer

User:404 User Not Found/Header 404Gaming is a little thing I'm running on the side. We've got 1 Team Fortress 2 server at the moment, with a 2nd in the works, and one of our members just hooked us up with our own Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server!

Our official website is under reconstruction at the moment!
404Gaming's Official Steam Group
404Gaming's Official Forums
TF2 Server #1:
TF2 Server #2: Not available yet, sorry.
Minecraft SMP Server:

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