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Template:Wrongtitle UTIL_VarArgs is a UTIL provided to build a C-String similar to printf. This is only available on the server. It is useful for quickly building a composite string.


// Purpose: Prints a message to console
// Input  : format - See examples
// Output : a char-array that is easily used in Msg, etc.
char *UTIL_VarArgs( char *format, ... )
	va_list		argptr;
	static char		string[1024];
	va_start (argptr, format);
	Q_vsnprintf(string, sizeof(string), format,argptr);
	va_end (argptr);

	return string;	


int iCreepers = 3;

char * pFortress = "My Awesome Fort.";
char * pOutput = UTIL_VarArgs( "There are %i creepers outside of your %s.", iCreepers, pFortress );

Msg("%s", pOutput );

//Prints: There are 3 creepers outside of your My Awesome Fortress.
//This example uses a UTIL_VarArgs to prefix a string, and then execute a console command.
void CPointDevShotCamera::DevShotThink_TakeShot( void )
	// Take the screenshot
	CBasePlayer *pPlayer = UTIL_GetLocalPlayerOrListenServerHost();
	if ( !pPlayer )

	engine->ClientCommand( pPlayer->edict(), UTIL_VarArgs( "devshots_screenshot \"%s\"", STRING(m_iszCameraName) ) );

	// Now take the shot next frame
	SetThink( &CPointDevShotCamera::DevShotThink_PostShot );
	SetNextThink( gpGlobals->curtime + (DEVSHOT_INTERVAL - 1) );
//This example gets the current map name, and appends it onto the end of a prefix string
//It's used to find per-map files, such as custom soundscapes.
const char *mapname = STRING( gpGlobals->mapname );
const char *mapSoundscapeFilename = NULL;
if ( mapname && *mapname )
	mapSoundscapeFilename = UTIL_VarArgs( "scripts/soundscapes_%s.txt", mapname );