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Template:Wrongname UTIL_SetModel is a UTIL function provided in the Source engine to set the model of an entity.

Appears to be largely obsolete and replaced by SetModel, which sets the model for the entity it is called on, and not another entity.


// Purpose: Change another entity's model
// Input  : *pEntity - Entity to set the model on
// Input  : *pModelName - model name as string
// Output : 
void UTIL_SetModel( CBaseEntity *pEntity, const char *pModelName )


UTIL_SetModel( this, STRING( GetModelName() ) );
CEnvQuadraticBeam *CreateQuadraticBeam( const char *pSpriteName, const Vector &start, const Vector &control, const Vector &end, float width, CBaseEntity *pOwner )
	CEnvQuadraticBeam *pBeam = (CEnvQuadraticBeam *)CBaseEntity::Create( "env_quadraticbeam", start, vec3_angle, pOwner );
	UTIL_SetModel( pBeam, pSpriteName );
	pBeam->SetSpline( control, end );
	pBeam->SetScrollRate( 0.0 );
	return pBeam;