UTIL SayTextAll

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A UTIL wrapper function for UTIL_SayTextFilter that sends a message to all players.


void UTIL_SayTextAll(const char *pText, CBasePlayer *pPlayer, bool bChat)


Tells everyone in chat that the server will restart in sv_restart_server_delay (not defined for concisement reasons) seconds.

char* NotifyRestartText = "";
V_snprintf(NotifyRestartText, sizeof(NotifyRestartText), "This server will restart in %f seconds.", sv_restart_server_delay.GetFloat());
UTIL_SayTextAll(NotifyRestartText, UTIL_GetCommandClientIndex(), true);

A message that emits to all players' console output.

UTIL_SayTextAll("I'm a console message that is sent to everyone!", UTIL_GetCommandClient(), false);