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UTIL_MuzzleFlash is a UTIL provided in the Source code for muzzle flashes. However it is only called once in the code by CNPC_Assassin. Since the npc_assasin was never included in Half-Life 2, this function may be outdated.

Note.png Note: Due to the questionable usage of this function, see UTIL_Tracer, or UTIL_ParticleTracer instead.


// Purpose: Make a muzzle flash appear
// Input  : &origin - position of the muzzle flash
//			&angles - angles of the fire direction
//			scale - scale of the muzzle flash
//			type - type of muzzle flash
void UTIL_MuzzleFlash( const Vector &origin, const QAngle &angles, int scale, int type )
	CPASFilter filter( origin );

	te->MuzzleFlash( filter, 0.0f, origin, angles, scale, type );


Vector	muzzlePos;
QAngle	muzzleAngle;
GetAttachment( handName, muzzlePos, muzzleAngle );

UTIL_MuzzleFlash( muzzlePos, muzzleAngle, 0.5f, 1 );