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(Current Known Issues in the Steam Beta UI)
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==Current Known Issues in the Steam Beta UI==
* Internet games tab in serverbrowser is slow with more than 1000 servers in the list.
* Add a scrollbar in backup wizard when backing up more games than can fit on one page
* Sometimes clickable menu items always appearing checked
* Text wrapping issue on labels, some text still appears to be cut off by a pixel or two (purchase case)
* Pausing preload of RDKF didn't appear to work, still kept downloading (as shown in pre-load status dialog)
* Some machines show squares when drawing empty columns
* Add delete app in context menu
* Pre-order now button on preload dialog should minimize the preload dialog, currently hides store
* Support button changes to minigameslist, after going to mini-games list once
* Purchase summary dialog has list going off the bottom of the page
* Purchase summary dialog has "Steam Account" and the account name wrapping when they shouldn't
* 'purchasing...' progress dialog doesn't have much room on the bottom
* no progress moving when installing games( 'creating cache files' )
* first-time install says 'updating', not 'dowloading'
* If you have an out of date video card driver and try to connect to a server via the serverbrowser the command line is incorrect
* All HL1-engine third-party mods are missing the last character from their name; Source Engine mods are not affected
* Pause update from context menu, then launch game, context menu then says "Pause update" rather than "Resume update"
* Starting up the SDK says "Prepairing to play Source SDK..." Saying "play" with a tool is.... weird.
* Have a tab to the news page on the main screen instead of it opening a browser window?
* If on the main window you move it so most of it hangs off the screen and then you click View > Switch to mini games list, when it does so, the mini games list appears off the screen. You need to restart Steam to get it back.
* SDK has old style UI
* Double-clicking the edge of a column in the Servers window resizes the column to the minimum width needed for the header to display fully, not for the longest cell in that column to display fully
* Double-clicking the edge of a column in the My Games window tries to resize the column to the minimum width needed for the longest cell—but it's always about ten pixels (or two characters) too short

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