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Team Fortress 2 trigger_add_or_remove_tf_player_attributes is a brush entity available in Team Fortress 2. It adds or removes an attribute to a player which enters its volume.

Entity description

Adds/Removes attributes to/from players.

List of attributes

A list of attributes can be found here: Team Fortress 2 Wiki: List of item attributes



Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Entity Scripts (vscripts) <scriptlist> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2)
Space delimited list of VScript files (without file extension) that are executed after all entities have spawned. The scripts are all executed in the same script scope, later ones overwriting any identical variables and functions.
Script think function (thinkfunction) <string> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2)
Name of a function in this entity's script which will be called automatically every 100 milliseconds (ten times a second) for the duration of the script. It can be used to create timers or to simulate autonomous behavior. The return value (if present) will set the time until the next call.
Note.png Note: Try to avoid expensive operations in this function, as it may cause performance problems.


Origin (X Y Z) (origin) <origin>
The position of this entity's center in the world. Rotating entities typically rotate around their origin.
Add or Remove <boolean>
Sets whether this entity should add or remove attributes from a player.
Confirm:Removing attributes is not supported yet.
Attribute <choices>
The attribute to add or remove.
Duration <integer>
How long the chosen condition lasts. -1 makes it last until it's cleared by other means.



  •  [1] : Clients
  •  [2] : NPCs
  •  [4] : Pushables
  •  [8] : Physics Objects
  •  [16] : Only player ally NPCs
  •  [32] : Only clients in vehicles
  •  [64] : Everything (not including physics debris)
  •  [512] : Only clients *not* in vehicles
  •  [1024] : Physics debris
  •  [2048] : Only NPCs in vehicles (respects player ally flag)
  •  [4096] : Disallow Bots
  •  [4096] : Correctly account for object mass (trigger_push used to assume 100Kg) and multiple component physics objects (car, blob...) (in all games since Alien Swarm)
Note.png Note: In Garry's Mod, flag 4096 is "Correctly account for object mass" for trigger_push only.[confirm]



Removes this entity from the world.
Removes this entity and its children from the world.
Note.png Note: Entities already remove orphaned children upon being removed, but this input removes all children on the same frame, being marginally faster than Kill.
AddOutput <string>
Adds a keyvalue/output to this entity. It can be potentially very dangerous, use with care.
KV Format: <key> <value>
I/O Format: <output name> <targetname>:<inputname>:<parameter>:<delay>:<max times to fire, -1 means infinite>
FireUser1 to FireUser4
Fire the OnUser outputs; see User Inputs and Outputs.
Use  !FGD
Same as a player invoking +use; may not do anything depending on the entity. Can also be invoked by firing an output that does not specify an input.
RunScriptFile <script> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2)
Execute a VScript file from disk, without file extension. The script contents are merged with the script scope of the receiving entity.
RunScriptCode <string> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2)
Execute a string of VScript source code in the scope of the entity receiving the input. String quotation may be needed when fired via console.
Bug.png Bug: In Left 4 Dead 2, the code is executed in the script scope of the entity that fires the output, not the one receiving the input.
Warning.png Warning: Never try to pass string parameters to a script function with this input. It will corrupt the VMF structure because of the nested quotation marks, which then must be removed manually with a text editor.
CallScriptFunction <string> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2) !FGD
Execute a VScript function in the scope of the receiving entity.
SetLocalOrigin <coordinates> (in all games since Alien Swarm) !FGD
Send this entity to a spot in the map. If the entity is parented to something, it will be offset from the parent by this amount.
SetLocalAngles <angles> (in all games since Alien Swarm) !FGD
Set this entity's angles.


Enable/disable this entity from performing its task. It might also disappear from view.


Toggle the enabled/disabled status of this entity.



Fired when an entity stops touching this trigger. Only entities that passed this trigger's filters will cause this output to fire. (activator is the exiting entity)
Warning.png Warning: This includes entities which are deleted while inside the trigger. In this case activator will be invalid.
Fires when the last entity in the entity's area exits this trigger or when this entity is disabled. Only entities that passed this trigger's filters are considered. (activator is the last exiting entity)
OnTouching  (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode TwoHalf-Life 2: Episode Two)
OnNotTouching  (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode TwoHalf-Life 2: Episode Two)
Fired when the TouchTest input is called.


Fired when an entity starts touching this trigger. The touching entity must pass this trigger's filters to cause this output to fire. (activator is the toucher)
Fired repeatedly with a delay when an entity is in this trigger's volume. Delay is defined by Delay Before Reset key.


OnUser1 to OnUser4
These outputs each fire in response to the firing of the like-numbered FireUser1 to FireUser4 Input; see User Inputs and Outputs.
OnKilled  (only in Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2)
This output fires when the entity is killed and removed from the game.

FGD Code

@SolidClass base(Parentname,Targetname,EnableDisable,Trigger) = trigger_add_or_remove_tf_player_attributes :
	"Adds or removes attributes on players."
	add_or_remove(choices) : "Add or Remove" : 0 : "Sets whether this entity should add or remove attributes on a player." =
		0 : "Add"
		1 : "Remove"
	attribute_name(choices) : "Attribute" : : "The attribute to add or remove." =
		"damage penalty" : "%s1% damage penalty"
		"damage bonus" : "+%s1% damage bonus"
		"clip size penalty" : "%s1% clip size"
		"clip size bonus" : "+%s1% clip size"
		"fire rate penalty" : "%s1% slower firing speed"
		"fire rate bonus" : "+%s1% faster firing speed"
		"heal rate penalty" : "%s1% heal rate"
		"heal rate bonus" : "+%s1% heal rate"
		"ubercharge rate penalty" : "%s1% UberCharge rate"
		"ubercharge rate bonus" : "+%s1% UberCharge rate"
		"overheal bonus" : "+%s1% max overheal"
		"overheal decay penalty" : "%s1% shorter overheal time"
		"overheal decay bonus" : "+%s1% longer overheal time"
		"overheal decay disabled" : "Overheal bonus doesn't decay"
		"crit mod disabled" : "No random critical hits"
		"heal on hit for rapidfire" : "On Hit: +%s1 health"
		"add uber charge on hit" : "On Hit: %s1% UberCharge added"
		"medigun charge is crit boost" : "UberCharge grants 100% critical chance"
		"tmp dmgbuff on hit" : "On Hit: +%s1% damage bonus"
		"crit vs burning players" : "100% critical hit vs burning players"
		"dmg penalty vs nonburning" : "%s1% damage vs non-burning players"
		"no crit vs nonburning" : "No critical hits vs non-burning players"
		"mod flamethrower push" : "No compression blast"
		"mod flamethrower back crit" : "100% critical hits from behind"
		"hidden secondary max ammo penalty" : "No Description"
		"max health additive bonus" : "+%s1 max health on wearer"
		"alt-fire disabled" : "Attrib_AltFire_Disabled"
		"crit mod disabled hidden" : "No random critical hits"
		"alt-fire is vampire" : "Attrib_AltFire_Is_Vampire"
		"fists have radial buff" : "On Kill: +50 health on nearby teammates"
		"critboost on kill" : "On Kill: %s1 seconds of 100% critical chance"
		"slow enemy on hit" : "On Hit: %s1% chance to slow target"
		"set cloak is feign death" : "Cloak Type: Feign Death"
		"mult cloak meter consume rate" : "+%s1% cloak drain rate"
		"mult cloak meter regen rate" : "+%s1% cloak regen rate"
		"spread penalty" : "%s1% less accurate"
		"hidden primary max ammo bonus" : "No Description"
		"mod bat launches balls" : "Alt-Fire: Launches a ball that stuns opponents"
		"dmg penalty vs nonstunned" : "%s1% damage vs non-stunned players"
		"zoom speed mod disabled" : "No move speed penalty from zoom"
		"sniper charge per sec" : "+%s1% charge rate"
		"sniper no headshots" : "No headshots"
		"scattergun no reload single" : "No Description"
		"scattergun has knockback" : "Knockback on the target and shooter"
		"bullets per shot bonus" : "+%s1% bullets per shot"
		"sniper zoom penalty" : "%s1% zoom reduction"
		"sniper no charge" : "No zoom or damage charge"
		"set cloak is movement based" : "Cloak Type: Motion Sensitive"
		"no double jump" : "Disables double jump"
		"absorb damage while cloaked" : "Absorbs %s1% damage while cloaked"
		"revolver use hit locations" : "Crits on headshot"
		"backstab shield" : "Blocks a single backstab attempt"
		"fire retardant" : "Wearer cannot ignite"
		"move speed penalty" : "%s1% slower move speed on wearer"
		"obsolete ammo penalty" : "No Description"
		"jarate description" : "Coated enemies take mini-crits"
		"health regen" : "+%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer"
		"self dmg push force increased" : "+%s1% self damage force"
		"self dmg push force decreased" : "%s1% self damage force"
		"dmg taken from fire reduced" : "+%s1% fire damage resistance on wearer"
		"dmg taken from fire increased" : "%s1% fire damage vulnerability on wearer"
		"dmg taken from crit reduced" : "+%s1% critical hit damage resistance on wearer"
		"dmg taken from crit increased" : "%s1% critical hit damage vulnerability on wearer"
		"dmg taken from blast reduced" : "+%s1% explosive damage resistance on wearer"
		"dmg taken from blast increased" : "%s1% explosive damage vulnerability on wearer"
		"dmg taken from bullets reduced" : "+%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer"
		"dmg taken from bullets increased" : "%s1% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer"
		"increase player capture value" : "+%s1 capture rate on wearer"
		"health from healers reduced" : "%s1% health from healers on wearer"
		"health from healers increased" : "+%s1% health from healers on wearer"
		"weapon burn dmg increased" : "+%s1% afterburn damage bonus"
		"weapon burn dmg reduced" : "%s1% afterburn damage penalty"
		"weapon burn time increased" : "+%s1% afterburn duration"
		"weapon burn time reduced" : "%s1% afterburn duration"
		"aiming movespeed increased" : "+%s1% faster move speed while deployed"
		"maxammo primary increased" : "+%s1% max primary ammo on wearer"
		"maxammo primary reduced" : "%s1% max primary ammo on wearer"
		"maxammo secondary increased" : "+%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer"
		"maxammo secondary reduced" : "%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer"
		"maxammo metal increased" : "+%s1% max metal on wearer"
		"maxammo metal reduced" : "%s1% max metal on wearer"
		"cloak consume rate increased" : "-%s1% cloak duration"
		"cloak consume rate decreased" : "+%s1% cloak duration"
		"cloak regen rate increased" : "+%s1% cloak regeneration rate"
		"cloak regen rate decreased" : "%s1% cloak regeneration rate"
		"minigun spinup time increased" : "%s1% slower spin up time"
		"minigun spinup time decreased" : "%s1% faster spin up time"
		"max pipebombs increased" : "+%s1 max pipebombs out"
		"max pipebombs decreased" : "%s1 max pipebombs out"
		"SRifle Charge rate increased" : "%s1% faster power charge"
		"SRifle Charge rate decreased" : "%s1% slower power charge"
		"Construction rate increased" : "%s1% faster construction rate"
		"Construction rate decreased" : "%s1% slower construction rate"
		"Repair rate increased" : "%s1% faster repair rate"
		"Repair rate decreased" : "%s1% slower repair rate"
		"Reload time increased" : "%s1% slower reload time"
		"Reload time decreased" : "%s1% faster reload time"
		"selfdmg on hit for rapidfire" : "On Hit: %s1 health"
		"Blast radius increased" : "+%s1% explosion radius"
		"Blast radius decreased" : "%s1% explosion radius"
		"Projectile range increased" : "+%s1% projectile range"
		"Projectile range decreased" : "%s1% projectile range"
		"Projectile speed increased" : "+%s1% projectile speed"
		"Projectile speed decreased" : "%s1% projectile speed"
		"overheal penalty" : "%s1% max overheal"
		"weapon spread bonus" : "%s1% more accurate"
		"move speed bonus" : "+%s1% faster move speed on wearer"
		"health from packs increased" : "+%s1% health from packs on wearer"
		"health from packs decreased" : "%s1% health from packs on wearer"
		"heal on hit for slowfire" : "On Hit: +%s1 health"
		"selfdmg on hit for slowfire" : "On Hit: %s1 health"
		"ammo regen" : "+%s1% ammo regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer"
		"metal regen" : "+%s1 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer"
		"mod mini-crit airborne" : "Mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions"
		"mod shovel damage boost" : "Damage increases as the user becomes injured"
		"mod soldier buff type" : "No Description"
		"dmg falloff increased" : "Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Increased"
		"dmg falloff decreased" : "%s1% splash damage fall off"
		"sticky detonate mode" : "Detonates stickybombs near the crosshair and directly under your feet"
		"sticky arm time penalty" : "%s1 sec slower bomb arm time"
		"stickies detonate stickies" : "Able to destroy enemy stickybombs"
		"mod demo buff type" : "No Description"
		"speed boost when active" : "%s1% speed boost while active weapon"
		"mod wrench builds minisentry" : "Replaces the Sentry with a fast building Mini-Sentry"
		"max health additive penalty" : "%s1 max health on wearer"
		"sticky arm time bonus" : "%s1 sec faster bomb arm time"
		"sticky air burst mode" : "Launched bombs shatter on surfaces"
		"provide on active" : "When weapon is active:"
		"health drain" : "%s1 health drained per second on wearer"
		"medic regen bonus" : "+%s1% natural regen rate"
		"medic regen penalty" : "-%s1% natural regen rate"
		"community description" : "Given to valuable Community Contributors"
		"soldier model index" : "Medal no. %s1"
		"attach particle effect" : "Effect: %s1"
		"rocket jump damage reduction" : "%s1% blast damage from rocket jumps"
		"mod sentry killed revenge" : "When your sentry is destroyed you"
		"dmg bonus vs buildings" : "%s1% damage vs buildings"
		"dmg penalty vs players" : "%s1% damage vs players"
		"lunchbox adds maxhealth bonus" : "Adds +50 max health for 30 seconds"
		"hidden maxhealth non buffed" : "+%s1 max health on wearer"
		"selfmade description" : "I made this!"
		"set item tint RGB" : "Item tint color code: %s1"
		"custom employee number" : "Hire Date: %s1"
		"lunchbox adds minicrits" : "Sets weapon mode #%s1"
		"taunt is highfive" : "No Description"
		"damage applies to sappers" : "Damage removes Sappers"
		"Wrench index" : "Wrench no. %s1"
		"building cost reduction" : "%s1 metal reduction in building cost"
		"bleeding duration" : "On Hit: Bleed for %s1 seconds"
		"turn to gold" : "Imbued with an ancient power"
		"DEPRECATED socketed item definition id DEPRECATED" : "Attrib_Socket"
		"custom texture lo" : "No Description"
		"cannot trade" : "Not Tradable"
		"disguise on backstab" : "Upon a successful backstab against a human target, you rapidly disguise as your victim"
		"cannot disguise" : "Wearer cannot disguise"
		"silent killer" : "Silent Killer: No attack noise from backstabs"
		"disguise speed penalty" : "%s1 sec slower disguise speed"
		"add cloak on kill" : "+%s1 cloak on kill"
		"cloak blink time penalty" : "%s1 sec longer cloak blink time"
		"quiet unstealth" : "Reduced decloak sound volume"
		"flame size penalty" : "%s1% less flame spread area"
		"flame size bonus" : "+%s1% more flame spread area"
		"flame life penalty" : "%s1% less flame distance"
		"flame life bonus" : "+%s1% more flame distance"
		"charged airblast" : "Airblast can now be charged, which will push enemies further"
		"add cloak on hit" : "+%s1 cloak on hit"
		"disguise damage reduction" : "Attrib_DisguiseDamageReduction"
		"disguise no burn" : "Immune to fire damage while disguised"
		"dmg from sentry reduced" : "+%s1% sentry damage resistance on wearer"
		"airblast cost increased" : "+%s1% airblast cost"
		"airblast cost decreased" : "%s1% airblast cost"
		"purchased" : "Purchased: Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting"
		"flame ammopersec increased" : "+%s1% flamethrower ammo consumed per second"
		"flame ammopersec decreased" : "%s1% flamethrower ammo consumed per second"
		"jarate duration" : "On Hit: Jarate applied to target for %s1 seconds"
		"no death from headshots" : "The wearer cannot be killed by headshots"
		"deploy time increased" : "%s1% longer weapon switch"
		"deploy time decreased" : "%s1% faster weapon switch"
		"minicrits become crits" : "Crits whenever it would normally mini-crit"
		"heal on kill" : "+%s1 health restored on kill"
		"no self blast dmg" : "No self inflicted blast damage taken"
		"slow enemy on hit major" : "On Hit: Slow target movement by 40% for %s1s"
		"aiming movespeed decreased" : "%s1% slower move speed while deployed"
		"duel loser account id" : "Attrib_DuelLoserAccountID"
		"event date" : "Date Received: %s1"
		"gifter account id" : "Gift from: %s1"
		"set supply crate series" : "Crate Series #%s1"
		"preserve ubercharge" : "On death up to %s1% of your stored"
		"elevate quality" : "No Description"
		"active health regen" : "+%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer"
		"active health degen" : "%s1 health drained per second on wearer"
		"referenced item id low" : "No Description"
		"referenced item id high" : "No Description"
		"referenced item def" : "Contains: %s1"
		"always tradable" : "Always Tradable"
		"noise maker" : "Noise Maker"
		"halloween item" : "This is a special Halloween %s1 item"
		"collection bits" : "No Description"
		"fires healing bolts" : "Fires special bolts that heal teammates and deal damage based on distance traveled"
		"enables aoe heal" : "On Taunt: Applies a healing effect to all nearby teammates"
		"gesture speed increase" : "+%s1% faster taunt speed on wearer"
		"charge time increased" : "%s1 sec increase in charge duration"
		"drop health pack on kill" : "On Kill: A small health pack is dropped"
		"hit self on miss" : "On Miss: Hit yourself. Idiot."
		"dmg from ranged reduced" : "%s1% damage from ranged sources while active"
		"dmg from melee increased" : "+%s1% damage from melee sources while active"
		"blast dmg to self increased" : "+%s1% damage to self"
		"Set DamageType Ignite" : "On Hit: target is engulfed in flames"
		"minicrit vs burning player" : "100% minicrits vs burning players"
		"paint effect" : "No Description"
		"tradable after date" : "Tradable After: %s1"
		"force level display" : "No Description"
		"random level curve replacement" : "No Description"
		"kill eater" : "No Description"
		"apply z velocity on damage" : "No Description"
		"apply look velocity on damage" : "No Description"
		"sanguisuge" : "On Backstab: Absorbs the health from your victim."
		"mark for death" : "On Hit: One target at a time is marked for death, causing all damage taken to be mini-crits"
		"decapitate type" : "No Description"
		"restore health on kill" : "On Kill: Restores you to %s1% health"
		"mult decloak rate" : "Attrib_DecloakRate"
		"mult sniper charge after bodyshot" : "On Scoped Bodyshot: Rifle charge rate increased by %s1%"
		"mult sniper charge after miss" : "On Scoped Miss: Rifle charge rate decreased by %s1%"
		"dmg bonus while half dead" : "%s1% increase in damage when health <50% of max"
		"dmg penalty while half alive" : "%s1% decrease in damage when health >50% of max"
		"honorbound" : "Honorbound: Once drawn cannot be sheathed until it kills."
		"custom texture hi" : "No Description"
		"makers mark id" : "Crafted by %s1"
		"unique craft index" : "No Description"
		"mod medic killed revenge" : "When the medic healing you is killed you"
		"medigun charge is megaheal" : "UberCharge increases healing by 300% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects"
		"mod medic killed minicrit boost" : "When the medic healing you is killed"
		"mod medic healed damage bonus" : "While a medic is healing you,"
		"mod medic healed deploy time penalty" : "While not being healed by a medic,"
		"mod shovel speed boost" : "Move speed increases as the user becomes injured"
		"mod weapon blocks healing" : "Blocks healing while in use"
		"mult sniper charge after headshot" : "On Scoped Headshot: Rifle charge rate increased by %s1%"
		"minigun no spin sounds" : "Silent Killer: No barrel spin sound"
		"ubercharge rate bonus for healer" : "+%s1% UberCharge rate for the medic healing you"
		"reload time decreased while healed" : "%s1% faster reload time while being healed"
		"reload time increased hidden" : "%s1% slower reload time"
		"mod medic killed marked for death" : "When the medic healing you is killed"
		"mod rage on hit penalty" : "%s1% rage lost on hit"
		"mod rage on hit bonus" : "%s1% rage gained on hit"
		"mod rage damage boost" : "Gains a damage bonus as rage increases, up to %s1%"
		"mult charge turn control" : "+%s1% increase in turning control while charging"
		"no charge impact range" : "Can deal charge impact damage at any range"
		"charge impact damage increased" : "+%s1% increase in charge impact damage"
		"charge recharge rate increased" : "+%s1% increase in charge recharge rate"
		"air dash count" : "Grants Triple Jump: The third jump deals 10 damage when used"
		"speed buff ally" : "On Hit Ally: Boosts both players' speed for several seconds"
		"damage force reduction" : "%s1% reduction in push force taken from damage"
		"mult cloak rate" : "%s1 sec increase in time to cloak"
		"airblast functionality flags" : "No Description"
		"airblast pushback scale" : "+%s1% airblast push force"
		"mult airblast refire time" : "No Description"
		"airblast vertical pushback scale" : "No Description"
		"ammo becomes health" : "All ammo collected becomes health"
		"boots falling stomp" : "Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on"
		"deflection size multiplier" : "Attrib_DeflectionSizeMultiplier"
		"set item tint RGB 2" : "Item tint color code: %s1"
		"saxxy award category" : "Winner: %s1 %s2"
		"melee bounds multiplier" : "No Description"
		"melee range multiplier" : "No Description"
		"mod mini-crit airborne deploy" : "Mini-crits airborne targets for %s1 seconds after being deployed"
		"projectile penetration" : "Projectiles penetrate enemy players"
		"mod crit while airborne" : "Deals crits while the wielder is rocket jumping"
		"mult sniper charge penalty DISPLAY ONLY" : "Base charge rate decreased by %s1%"
		"mod see enemy health" : "Allows you to see enemy health"
		"powerup max charges" : "Holds a maximum of %s1 charges"
		"powerup charges" : "Currently holds %s1 charges"
		"powerup duration" : "Each charge lasts %s1 seconds"
		"critboost" : "Consumable: Become Crit Boosted for 5 seconds"
		"ubercharge" : "Consumable: Become Ubercharged for 5 seconds"
		"cancel falling damage" : "Wearer never takes falling damage"
		"bidirectional teleport" : "Teleporters can be used in both directions"
		"multiple sentries" : "Attrib_MultipleSentries"
		"effect bar recharge rate increased" : "+%s1% increase in recharge rate"
		"maxammo grenades1 increased" : "+%s1% max misc ammo on wearer"
		"override projectile type" : "No Description"
		"energy weapon no ammo" : "Does not require ammo"
		"energy weapon charged shot" : "Alt-Fire: A charged shot that mini-crits"
		"energy weapon penetration" : "Projectile penetrates enemy targets"
		"energy weapon no hurt building" : "Deals only 20% damage to buildings"
		"energy weapon no deflect" : "Projectile cannot be deflected"
		"engy building health bonus" : "+%s1% max building health"
		"engy sentry damage bonus" : "+%s1% Sentry Gun damage bonus"
		"no crit boost" : "Cannot be crit boosted"
		"centerfire projectile" : "No Description"
		"kill eater score type" : "No Description"
		"kill eater score type 2" : "No Description"
		"kill eater 2" : "No Description"
		"has pipboy build interface" : "No Description"
		"sapper kills collect crits" : "Gives one guaranteed critical hit for each"
		"sniper only fire zoomed" : "Cannot fire unless zoomed"
		"mod ammo per shot" : "Per Shot: -%s1 ammo"
		"add onhit addammo" : "On Hit: damage dealt is returned as ammo"
		"electrical airblast DISPLAY ONLY" : "On Fire: Generates an electrical field that destroys"
		"mod use metal ammo type" : "Uses metal for ammo"
		"expiration date" : "This item will expire on %s1."
		"mod max primary clip override" : "No Description"
		"sniper full charge damage bonus" : "On Full Charge: +%s1% damage per shot"
		"sniper fires tracer DISPLAY ONLY" : "Fires tracer rounds"
		"sniper no headshot without full charge" : "No headshots when not fully charged"
		"mod no reload DISPLAY ONLY" : "No reload necessary"
		"sniper penetrate players when charged" : "On Full Charge: Projectiles penetrate players"
		"crit kill will gib" : "Killing an enemy with a critical hit will dismember your victim. Painfully."
		"recall" : "Consumable: Instantly teleport to spawn"
		"unlimited quantity" : "Unlimited use"
		"disable weapon hiding for animations" : "No Description"
		"applies snare effect" : "%s1% movement speed on targets"
		"uber duration bonus" : "Uber duration increased %s1 seconds"
		"refill_ammo" : "Consumable: Instantly refill all weapon clips and ammo"
		"store sort override DEPRECATED" : "No Description"
		"faster reload rate" : "+%s1% faster reload time"
		"increase buff duration" : "+%s1% buff duration"
		"robo sapper" : "Increased robot Sapper radius and duration"
		"build rate bonus" : "+%s1% faster build speed"
		"taunt is press and hold" : "No Description"
		"attack projectiles" : "Bullets destroy rockets and grenades in-flight"
		"accuracy scales damage" : "Accuracy scales damage"
		"currency bonus" : "+%s1% bonus currency from packs"
		"increased jump height" : "+%s1% greater jump height"
		"building instant upgrade" : "Consumable: Instantly upgrade all buildings to max level"
		"disable fancy class select anim" : "No Description"
		"airblast vulnerability multiplier" : "Attrib_AirBlastVulnerabilityMultipier"
		"override footstep sound set" : "No Description"
		"spawn with physics toy" : "No Description"
		"fish damage override" : "No Description"
		"special dsp" : "No Description"
		"bombinomicon effect on death" : "Explode spectacularly on death"
		"clip size bonus upgrade" : "+%s1% clip size"
		"hide enemy health" : "Unable to see enemy health"
		"subtract victim medigun charge on hit" : "On Hit: Victim loses %s1% Medigun charge"
		"subtract victim cloak on hit" : "On Hit: Victim loses %s1% cloak"
		"reveal cloaked victim on hit" : "On Hit Spy: Reveal cloaked Spy"
		"reveal disguised victim on hit" : "On Hit Spy: Reveal disguised Spy"
		"jarate backstabber" : "When backstabbed: Jarate attacker"
		"engy sentry fire rate increased" : "+%s1% sentry firing speed"
		"engy sentry radius increased" : "+%s1% sentry range"
		"engy dispenser radius increased" : "+%s1% dispenser range"
		"mod bat launches ornaments" : "Alt-Fire: Launches a festive ornament that shatters causing bleed"
		"freeze backstab victim" : "Backstab turns victim to ice"
		"fire rate penalty HIDDEN" : "No Description"
		"energy weapon no drain" : "No Description"
		"ragdolls become ash" : "No Description"
		"engy disposable sentries" : "Build +%s1 additional disposable-sentry"
		"alt fire teleport to spawn" : "On Alt-Fire: Teleport to spawn"
		"cannot pick up buildings" : "Cannot carry buildings"
		"stun enemies wielding same weapon" : "Stuns enemies who are also wielding this weapon"
		"airblast disabled" : "No airblast"
		"increase buff duration HIDDEN" : "No Description"
		"crit forces victim to laugh" : "Critical hit forces victim to laugh"
		"melts in fire" : "Melts in fire, regenerates after %s1 seconds"
		"damage all connected" : "All players connected via Medigun beams are hit"
		"become fireproof on hit by fire" : "On Hit by Fire: Become fireproof for %s1 seconds"
		"crit from behind" : "Always critical hit from behind"
		"crit does no damage" : "Critical hits do no damage"
		"add jingle to footsteps" : "Jingle all the way"
		"set icicle knife mode" : "No Description"
		"mod stun waist high airborne" : "On Hit: If enemy's belt is at or above eye level,"
		"extinguish earns revenge crits" : "Alt-Fire: Extinguish teammates to gain guaranteed critical hits"
		"burn damage earns rage" : "All fire damage charges 'Mmmph', activate to refill health and crit for several seconds"
		"tickle enemies wielding same weapon" : "On Hit: Force enemies to laugh who are also wearing this item"
		"attach particle effect static" : "Effect: %s1"
		"taunt success sound" : "Attrib_TauntSoundSuccess"
		"accepted wedding ring account id 1" : "A perpetual bond of commitment between %s1"
		"accepted wedding ring account id 2" : "and %s1, forever and ever and ever. XoXoX"
		"tool escrow until date" : "Usable After: %s1"
		"generate rage on damage" : "+%s1 rage on damage"
		"aiming no flinch" : "No flinching when aiming"
		"aiming knockback resistance" : "Knockback reduced by %s1% when aiming"
		"sniper aiming movespeed decreased" : "%s1% slower move speed when aiming"
		"kill eater user 1" : "No Description"
		"kill eater user score type 1" : "No Description"
		"kill eater user 2" : "No Description"
		"kill eater user score type 2" : "No Description"
		"kill eater user 3" : "No Description"
		"kill eater user score type 3" : "No Description"
		"strange part new counter ID" : "No Description"
		"mvm completed challenges bitmask" : "No Description"
		"rage on kill" : "Gain Focus on kills and assists"
		"kill eater kill type" : "No Description"
		"shot penetrate all players" : "Shots go through multiple enemies"
		"headshot damage increase" : "Headshots deal an extra +%s1% damage"
		"mystery solving time decrease" : "Reduces mystery solving time by up to %s1%"
		"damage penalty on bodyshot" : "%s1% damage on body shot"
		"sniper rage DISPLAY ONLY" : "Focus activates on Fire when Focus meter is full"
		"fire rate bonus HIDDEN" : "No Description"
		"explosive sniper shot" : "Increased headshot explosion radius and damage to nearby enemies"
		"melee attack rate bonus" : "+%s1% faster melee attack speed"
		"projectile penetration heavy" : "Bullets penetrate +%s1 enemies"
		"rage on assists" : "Attrib_RageGainOnAssists"
		"armor piercing" : "Allow backstabs against Giant Robots at %s1% damage"
		"cannot pick up intelligence" : "Wearer cannot carry the intelligence briefcase"
		"chance of hunger decrease" : "Reduces chance of hunger by up to %s1%"
		"cannot be backstabbed" : "Cannot be backstabbed"
		"squad surplus claimer id DEPRECATED" : "Squad surplus claimed by: %s1"
		"share consumable with patient" : "Using your Power Up Canteen will apply the same bonus effect to your heal target"
		"airblast vertical vulnerability multiplier" : "Attrib_AirBlastVerticalVulnerabilityMultipier"
		"vision opt in flags" : "No Description"
		"crit vs disguised players" : "100% critical hit vs disguised players"
		"crit vs non burning players" : "100% critical hit vs non-burning players"
		"kill forces attacker to laugh" : "On Kill: Burst into joyous laughter"
		"damage bonus while undisguised" : "+%s1% damage bonus while undisguised"
		"projectile spread angle penalty" : "+%s1 degrees random projectile deviation"
		"dmg taken increased" : "%s1% damage vulnerability on wearer"
		"auto fires full clip" : "Hold Fire to load up to three rockets"
		"self mark for death" : "You are marked for death while active, and for short period after switching weapons"
		"counts as assister is some kind of pet this update is going to be awesome" : "No Description"
		"mod flaregun fires pellets with knockback" : "Flare knocks back target on hit"
		"can overload" : "Overloading the chamber will cause a misfire"
		"hype on damage" : "On Hit: Builds Boost"
		"hype resets on jump" : "Boost resets on jump"
		"pyro year number" : "Witnessed the %s1 inferno"
		"no primary ammo from dispensers" : "Cannot collect ammo from dispensers"
		"pyrovision only DISPLAY ONLY" : "Only visible in Pyroland"
		"clip size penalty HIDDEN" : "No Description"
		"sapper damage bonus" : "+%s1% sapper damage bonus"
		"sapper damage penalty" : "%s1% sapper damage penalty"
		"sapper damage leaches health" : "+%s1 health regenerated per second for each active sapper"
		"sapper health bonus" : "%s1% sapper health bonus"
		"sapper health penalty" : "%s1% sapper health penalty"
		"ring of fire while aiming" : "Sustains a ring of flames while deployed"
		"uses ammo while aiming" : "%s1 ammo consumed per second while deployed"
		"sapper degenerates buildings" : "Reverses enemy building construction"
		"sapper damage penalty hidden" : "No Description"
		"cleaver description" : "Throw at your enemies to make them bleed!"
		"ragdolls plasma effect" : "No Description"
		"crit vs stunned players" : "100% critical hit vs stunned players"
		"crit vs wet players" : "100% critical hit vs wet players"
		"override item level desc string" : "No Description"
		"clip size upgrade atomic" : "+%s1 clip size"
		"major move speed bonus" : "No Description"
		"major increased jump height" : "No Description"
		"head scale" : "Disables double jump"
		"pyrovision opt in DISPLAY ONLY" : "On Equip: Visit Pyroland"
		"halloweenvision opt in DISPLAY ONLY" : "No Description"
		"halloweenvision filter DISPLAY ONLY" : "No Description"
		"player skin override" : "No Description"
		"never craftable" : "No Description"
		"zombiezombiezombiezombie" : "No Description"
		"merasmus hat level display ONLY" : "Killed Merasmus at level %s1"
		"CARD: damage bonus" : "+%s1% damage bonus"
		"CARD: dmg taken from bullets reduced" : "+%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer"
		"CARD: move speed bonus" : "+%s1% faster move speed on wearer"
		"CARD: health regen" : "+%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer"
		"SPELL: set item tint RGB" : "%s1"
		"SPELL: set Halloween footstep type" : "%s1"
		"SPELL: Halloween voice modulation" : "Voices From Below"
		"SPELL: Halloween pumpkin explosions" : "Pumpkin Bombs"
		"SPELL: Halloween green flames" : "Halloween Fire"
		"SPELL: Halloween death ghosts" : "Exorcism"
	value(float) : "Value (%s1)" : : "The value to set for the chosen attribute."
	duration(float) : "Duration" : : "The duration of the attribute in seconds. Unused if attribute is being removed. Values of 0 or less add the attribute only while the player is touching the trigger."