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This SP mod for Portal 2 is currently in alpha development.

Transferal is a Portal 2 modification inspired by Fringe TV series and developing by Twin Paradox. Release date: TBA


So the mod itself is a combination of solving puzzles and shooting enemies. But the storyline and gameplay are above everything. You’ll be able to play as a special agent of top-secret government agency that investigates unexplained and mysterious accidents on behalf of Warren Sterling. His primary mission is to find Dr. Philip Clayton — the scientist who disappeared a couple of weeks ago. Warren and his companions will go to the last place where Dr. Clayton could be. But instead of him, they’ll find something that will change their lives forever…


  • Strong and deep storyline
  • Interesting combination of gameplay (something like HL2+Portal but not at all)
  • Thinking with portals (hell yeah!)
  • Original soundtrack
  • Full audio support of English and Russian languages
  • 9 huge chapters of pure awesomeness
  • And more to come…


Coming soon…


Team Twin Paradox:

  • Alex “trezz_” Mirskov — Level Design/Modeling/Materials
  • Alex “subject_delta” Muslaev — Level Design/Programming
  • Dinara Yakubova — Lead Designer/Art Director
  • George “Komendor” Zhigarev — Level Design
  • Ivan “Ivan_[kom]” Shchegolev —Choreography
  • Sergey “warranti” Naumov — Designer

SDV Studio — Sounds