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(Removed known assert bug. This issue was fixed in a Steam update.)
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* [http://students.guildhall.smu.edu/c5/toyboxheros/TBH_Trailer.zip Trailer]
* [http://students.guildhall.smu.edu/c5/toyboxheros/TBH_Trailer.zip Trailer]
== Known bugs ==
When starting up the mod, an "assert" error message may appear. Choose "ignore", and the game will run.
== Other info ==
== Other info ==

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Toybox Heroes is a console-style physics-based fighting game for two to four players. Players select one of four action figures, each available in four colors, and duke it out in a variety of household environments. Weapons range from crayons to cherry bombs to Rubik's Cubes. As players receive and inflict damage, their rage meters build; once full, each character may unleash a unique special move. Toybox Heroes is a Half-Life 2 multiplayer mod developed in five months by students of The Guildhall at SMU.


  • Four unique action figures, each available in four colors!!
  • Four levels in which to dismember your opponents!!
  • Physics-based combat -- everything is a weapon!!
  • Devastating special moves!!
  • Third person view, fixed camera.


Other info

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