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The tools textures can easily be found in Hammer by running "tools" as a filter word in the texture browser. These textures have extra attributes that most textures do not.

Note:WiseClipped - tutorial on using many of the Source Tool textures shown below
Image Name Special attributes
Toolsareaportal.gif Areaportal Use with areaportals (func_areaportals and func_areaportalwindows).
Toolsblack.gif Black Black texture, unaffected by light.
Toolsblocklos.gif Block LOS Blocks the line-of-sight of NPCs and bots. Also casts shadows, so may need to be used in conjunction with func_brushes to avoid cosmetic glitches.
Toolsblockbullets.gif Block bullets Solid to bullets but not light or other objects. This does not automatically stop bullets, it's a regular wall only solid to bullets. Also creates visleafs like a normal brush.
Toolsblocklight.gif Block light Invisible; casts shadow like standard materials, Does not only block light, also blocks NPC LOS and cuts world brushes. It is better to use a Simple brush covered in nodraw, then set to a Func_brush and told to cast lightmap shadows.
Toolsclip.gif Clip Solid to all objects. Is not rendered. Bug in HL2:deathmatch where it only acts as a player clip (solid only to players). Does not block physically simulated projectiles.
Toolsplayercont.gif Player clip control Purpose is unknown. (See "player clip" below for the tool texture that restricts player movement.)
Toolsdotted.png Dotted The toolsdotted texture has very few applications. As with a normal texture, a brush textured with toolsdotted cuts up world geometry and VIS leaves. However, the toolsdotted texture is rendered over all brush geometry as long as the player is standing in a leaf that can see the toolsdotted face. Furthermore, a brush with toolsdotted on any face will not block visibility nor cull any face that it touches, meaning that any area enclosed in a toolsdotted-textured brush will not be removed from the map in any way.
Toolsfog.gif Fog Does not seem to work. (You can use this for func_smokevolume instead of the trigger texture but NOT for func_dustcloud.)
Toolshint.gif Hint Divides visleafs.
Toolsinvisible.gif Invisible Solid to all objects, invisible and does not cast shadows
Toolsladder.gif Ladder Invisible; Use in Counter-Strike: Source with func_ladder.
Toolsnodraw.gif No Draw Solid; Invisible; seals leaks; blocks visibility if used on all surfaces of the same brush. Casts shadows.
Toolsnodraw.gif No Draw Roof Counter-Strike: Source specific. Identical to No Draw, the only difference being a separate texture name to differentiate them.
Toolsnpcclip.gif NPC clip Solid to NPCs but not players or other objects, is not rendered.
Toolsoccluder.gif Occluder Use with func_occluders
Toolsorigin.gif Origin Use to set the rotation origin of rotating entities; deprecated for use in Source maps (Basic idea of an origin brush was used in Goldsource mapping)
Toolsplayerclip.gif Player clip Solid to players but not NPCs or other objects, is not rendered.
Toolsskip.gif Skip Invisible; has no effect on anything. Useful in combination with HINT. SKIP faces are removed during compile, so a brush textured with skip won't prevent leaks. Also useful as a tool in Hammer for grouping, moving, place-holding objects.
Toolsskybox.gif Skybox Use to make 2D skyboxes. Casts light if there is a light_environment entity in the map. Cannot be used in the same PVS as toolsskybox2d.
Toolsskybox2d.gif 2D Skybox Available only in The Orange Box engine and later. Use to make 2D skyboxes without displaying the 3D Skybox. Casts light if there is a light_environment entity in the map. Cannot be used in the same PVS as toolsskybox.
Toolsskyfog.gif SkyFog To do toolsskyfog.vmt does not contain any properties.
Toolstrigger.gif Trigger Use on Trigger entities and Buyzones in Counter-Strike: Source. Also don't forget to move the selected trigger brush(es) ToEntity so you can change the properties.