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| [[Image:Toolsorigin.gif]]
| [[Image:Toolsorigin.gif]]
| Origin
| Origin
| Use to set the rotation origin of rotating [[entities|entity]]; obsolete in [[Source]]
| Use to set the rotation origin of rotating [[entity|entities]]; obsolete in [[Source]]
| [[Image:Toolsplayerclip.gif]]
| [[Image:Toolsplayerclip.gif]]

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The tools textures can easily be found in Hammer by running "tools" as a filter word in the texture browser. These textures have extra attributes that most textures do not.

Note: Here's a tutorial on using many of the Source Tool textures shown below [1]

Image Name Special attributes
Toolsareaportal.gif Area portal Use with func_areaportals and func_areaportalwindows
Toolsblack.gif Black
Toolsblocklos.gif Block LOS Blocks the line-of-sight of NPCs and bots
Toolsblockbullets.gif Block bullets
Toolsblocklight.gif Block light Invisible; casts shadow like standard materials
Toolsclip.gif Clip
Toolsplayercont.gif Player clip control
Toolsfog.gif Fog
Toolshint.gif Hint Breaks up visleafs
Toolsinvisible.gif Invisible Solid to all objects, invisible and does not cast shadows
Toolsladder.gif Ladder
Toolsnodraw.gif No Draw Solid; Invisible; seals leaks; blocks visibility if used on all surfaces of the same brush
Toolsnpcclip.gif NPC clip Solid to NPCs but not players or other objects
Toolsoccluder.gif Occluder Use with func_occluders
Toolsorigin.gif Origin Use to set the rotation origin of rotating entities; obsolete in Source
Toolsplayerclip.gif Player clip Solid to players but not NPCs or other objects
Toolsskip.gif Skip Invisible; has no effect on anything
Toolsskybox.gif Skybox Use to make skyboxes
Toolsskyfog.gif SkyFog
Toolstrigger.gif Trigger