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This is a sorted list of third party tools with brief descriptions. See also: Category:Third Party Tools.

BSP related


Level editing


Texture/Image tools

See also: Image Manipulation Programs

  • 360g - Convert BMP or TGA into VTF, generate VMTs and normal maps
  • Fixvtf - convert Episode 2 format materials to Episode 1 format
  • HL2Tex - convert TGA into VTF, and create VMTs
  • TGAtoDUDV - convert TGAs to DUDVs without needing Steam to be running
  • VectorLib - library to draw vector images directly to memory
  • VTF Creator - convert batches of images to textures
  • VTF Explorer - viewing, converting, extracting VTFs and VMTs
  • VTF Shell Extensions - extend Windows shell to support VTFs
  • VTFCmd - convert images to textures and VTFs to TGAs
  • VTFEdit frontend for VTFLib
  • VTFLib - open-source programming library for opening and saving VTFs
  • VTFTool - outdated, replaced by VTFEdit


  • AVIKit - Windows library for accessing raw video and sound from AVI
  • VirtualDub - free video capture/processing program


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