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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Theroses is a new SCI-FI mod built on the EP2 engine.

SHORT SUMMARY The story starts out aboard the USS MotherEarth IV, you take the role as Col.Peters, but due to events before the game, he has been demoted to Sgt. until he recovers from his injury, and his secret surgery, in which he was wiped of certain memories.

after getting to know the ship he is sent to the hanger to await departure to the planet Theroses, to put down an uprising led by his brother. who he has forgotten due to the surgery. after being knocked out on impact, you trade roles and play as Steven Peters, the new leader of the Theroses Planetary Militia.


  • new skins
  • 2 main characters from 2 different views
  • more info soon!


BrendanMint - developer, lead mapper, lead skinner

External links

Progress Screenshots

here is a progress for the menus background Bgrd0000.jpg thats V1/\ here is V2\/ Bgrd0001.jpg

V3 is turning out really well, and so is the first level, just a matter of time before more shots, ill upload them to the website when its up and the Mod-DB page when i have it up