The last days of earth

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This SP mod for Half-Life 2 is no longer being developed.


Your name is Alex Johnson. You are a test subject for the Combine. But the Combine that have enslaved you are not part of the rest. They are rogue Combines enslaving and destroying earth as they please. But they made a mistake and something bad is about to happen.


  • An easy-to-install .exe file.

Note About Beta (in general)

The voices of the refuge that helps you WILL be changed.

Note About Beta 2.2

  • Blood shows through walls.
  • Shaved 50mb off install.
  • Shaved 20mb off download.
  • Fixed the door texture that produced an error if you didn't have hl2 lost coast.
  • The TV tower still has some bugs.

To do

  • Add actual lights not just place entities to the map.
  • Fix a few textures
  • Fix the TV tower
  • Fix blood showing of through Walls


The first level is finally done (Hammer severely messed up the map twice) now all that's left to do is to replace voices.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

  • That tower in the middle will have TV screens that warns the Combine that you've escaped.
  • Still slightly messed up. :(

[7] [8]



This is my teams first mod, and hopefully a great one.


We are 135lb Productions. *Don't ask about the name, it was chosen at random.*

  • Darkangel_ = original creator
  • MSG = grahix design
  • rootsofdetiny = Voiceovers for a few people

Help Needed

  • A weapon creator
  • A person who can work Face posers lip sync tools
  • More people for voices
  • Idea on how to make the map better

External links

  • We're working on the official site - stay tuned.