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Coming soon - the Steam Community Beta!

Soon, Steam will introduce The Steam Community - a suite of new features designed to make it easier to play games with friends. For now, this functionality is in beta. The beta is open to all users. Below are instructions on how to take part.

If you find bugs in the beta, please use bug reports page.

How to take part in the beta (LATER, WHEN IT IS MADE AVAILABLE)

To take part in the Steam Community beta, you must first install Steam and create an account.

Launch Steam and open the Settings window. Note the "Beta Participation" section, and click the [Change] button. In the Beta Participation dialog, click on the list of available betas, and choose the one called "The Steam Community".

You will then be prompted to restart Steam. When Steam restarts, the client will download the beta to you automatically, and the next time you sign in to steam you'll be experiencing The Steam Community.

We're glad you've chosen to get an early peek at these features. Please understand that by participating in the beta you've elected to use new functionality that is still being developed, and probably not everything will work exactly as it should. We hope that you'll want to help us iron out problems, and that you'll also want to contribute feedback and tell us what you think of the new features.


Beta News

Thursday August 2

Well, we thought we would launch the beta today, but due to complications, we are postponing the beta until next week. Stay tuned for more info then.