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This mod for Goldsource has been released! Download it now.

<Half-Life> The Ship is a unique Half-Life mod developed by Outerlight. Because The Ship is so unusual, this mod was developed to see peoples' feedback to make sure The Ship would not only be groundbreaking but also popular. The current version of The Ship is v0052. The first public release was v0041.

The Ship is mutliplayer only. In the game, the player is a passenger on a ship and is forced to partake in a hunting game to please Mr X. The objective is to earn a certain amount of money (set by server operator). The player can only earn money by killing their quarry. Killing their own hunter without will results in no penalty or reward, but killing an innocent will result in a fine. While each valid kill earns money, more money can be earned by killing with an uncommon/unpopular weapon. The winner is the first to reach the money limit.

Related issues

  • Server browser opens up The Ship's store page when trying to connect to a The Ship (Goldsource) server.

See also

  • The Ship (commercial version on the Source engine)

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