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{{seealso|[[The Ship (Mod)]], the prototype of this game.}}
{{seealso|[[The Ship (Mod)]], the prototype of this game.}}
{{game release|appid=2400}}
{{game release|appid=2400}}

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See also: The Ship (Mod), the prototype of this game.

<Half-Life 2> Welcome to The Ship, and congratulations! You've just won a free ticket to a dream cruise onboard a spectacular, replica 1920's cruise ship! You might find a few things to concern you while you're enjoying the luxurious surroundings, like the fact that you have the name of another passenger...

The Ship is a unique multiplayer PC game developed by Outerlight, created using Valve's Source engine. Set on a series of luxury, art deco cruise ships built by Mr X, this devilish game challenges you to kill or be killed. Once you're on board you're given the name of another passenger whom you must find and secretly murder.Watch out for security unless you want to do some time in jail, take care of yourself and keep looking over your shoulder because somewhere out there is another hunter looking for you!

As well as some old favorites, such as blunderbuss; crowbar; syringe; satchel; umbrella; and revolver, the game includes 36 new weapons. It also has 8 maps with many soundscapes and sounds. It also includes 5 game modes.


The Ship is available for purchase on Steam for only $14.95 (USD).


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