The Fiona Project

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Game Concept

From the Game Design Document:

Game Focus

The Fiona Project is a two-player, third-person action modification for Half-Life 2 with heavy focus on fast-paced gun and melee combat, cooperative action, intriguing storyline, and stylized visuals. The story takes place around the end of the Cold War. Players will take on a role of two secret agents on a mission to uncover and stop the Soviet's secret weapon of mass-destruction. To complete the mission players must work together to complete puzzles that would be impossible by one self.

Visual Style

The visuals are highly stylized. The Fiona Project uses high contrasting black and white visuals. A few extremely important objects throughout the game are in color to add dramatic emphasis. Inspirational themes include the movies Sin City and Renaissance, as well as the comic Nightwolf.

[image] Sin City character in the rain


[image] Damian and Kat

Damian (Player 1)

Cold blooded and violently reckless, Damian quickly gained the unofficial title of The United States' most deadly agent. Damian has a long track record for letting bullets do his negotiating. Although a trained killer he strives to stay honorable by protecting the innocent and only fighting armed and trained military personnel. He has a quiet and reserved personality, and always seems to be fiercely focused on whatever task is at hand.

Damian has a preference for combat which is up close and personal. He duel wields pistols with skilled accuracy, and carries a shotgun for stickier situations.

Kat (Player 2)

Kat is an MI-6 undercover agent. Her family was killed when she was eight years old by a crime syndicate. A Senior MI-6 agent, who preferred to train her in assassination techniques rather than parent, adopted her. He brought her along on countless missions to aide him in his work. By the time she was old enough to officially enter British Military service she already had years of field experience.

Kat has a very attractive personality just like her mentor. She's funny, playful, and flirty, but takes her missions very seriously. She's always prepared for her missions and does not like surprises.

Although proficient in a variety of weapons, Kat has chosen to bring a M4 machine gun with an M-203 under-barrel grenade launcher attachment on this mission.


The 19 year old girl being used as a carrier to incubate a biological weapon for the Soviets. She was captured by the Soviets because of her special biological attributes required to keep the weapon alive and contained within her body.

Dr. Anton Ackerman

The American scientist being forced to do viral research for the Russians. He thinks of Fiona as his own daughter.

General Ephanov

A high-ranked military officer in charge of project “F.” He will stop at nothing to complete the viral weapon.

Story and Game Progression


The story of The Fiona Project begins in Russia shortly after the Cold War. The Russians recently started production of a deadly virus codenamed Fiona that has the power to wipe out an entire nation. Two spies, one secret agent from the USA and a MI-6 agent from England, have been dispatched to stop the threat. Intelligence recently pinpointed the virus to a Russian royal palace containing a secret biological research facility. The Fiona Project begins with the two spies, Damian and Kat, breaking into the facility.

After breaking into the facility, Damian and Kat find the scientist who created the Fiona virus, but not before the scientist is infected with the disease and shot in the stomach. With his last dying breath, the scientist tells the spies to find a young girl named Fiona and protect her. Before the scientist can finish talking, he passes away in Damian's arms along with any valuable information he could have given them. After his death the spies each receive a new objective. Damian's new objective is to find the virus, contain it, and bring it back for further study. Kat's new objective is to find and destroy the virus to stop it from further threatening humanity.

The two spies search through the mansion and encounter many traps along the way but they finally find the general hidden in the secret laboratory below the mansion. The spies walk in the laboratory to see the general standing behind protective bulletproof glass and Fiona cowering in a corner. As the spies move towards Fiona, the general pulls a lever that activates a vent causing poisonous gas to seep into the room. The spies move towards Fiona, but gun turrets jump up from the ground stopping the players. As the turrets plague the spies and the gas seeps closer to them, the general watches and controls the turrets laughing at their unfortunate situation. With great effort and teamwork, the spies are able to destroy the turrets and stop the gas. The general cowardly flees from the spies.

As both players walk towards Fiona, Kat raises her gun to kill the girl. Damian quickly points his gun towards Kat telling her that he cannot allow her to kill the girl. The two spies have no other choice than to fight each other to fulfill their respective objectives.

Ending 1: If Damian kills Kat

Damian fires the final shot that drops Kat to the ground and walks over to Fiona who is still cowering in a corner. He looks down at her, extends his hand, and then tells her that everything is going to be all right. As Fiona gets up, she drops a small book that she has been holding the entire time and it falls open to the floor. Damian picks up the book and begins to read it. The book reveals that the scientist was a good man and did not want to infect Fiona with the virus. Instead of infecting the girl, he actually stored the cure in her and infected himself. He also misled the Russians by telling them that the girl's biological makeup was ideal to incubate the virus when her body was actually ideal to incubate the cure.

Ending 2: If Kat kills Damian

Kat raises her rifle, delivering the killing blow to Damian, and watches her ally fall to the ground. She slowly walks towards Fiona, raises her rifle, and with an ice-cold expression shoots the young girl in the head. As she walks away, a book lays open on the floor that explains the scientists' true intentions. The book reveals that the scientist was a good person and did not want to infect Fiona with the virus. Instead of infecting the girl, he actually stored the cure in her and infected himself. He also misleads the Russians by telling them that the girls' biological makeup was ideal to incubate the virus when her body was actually ideal to incubate the cure. Kat doesn't see this however, and walks away with the deadly virus coursing through her veins.

Game Progression

  1. Begin in the Courtyard Area.
    1. Use the courtyard area to learn the controls.
  2. Find the Scientist.
    1. Find the room that holds the scientist.
    2. Find explosives to destroy the door to the scientists' room.
    3. Destroy the door with the explosives.
  3. Find the Girl.
    1. Fight the guards guarding the scientist (boss fight).
    2. Learn from the scientist that a small girl is the vessel for the virus.
    3. Follow the guards into the secret guardroom.
    4. Find a skeleton key to gain access to other rooms.
    5. Find out the secret code to get into laboratory is somewhere in the gallery.
    6. Find the access code behind a painting in the gallery.
    7. The players are ambushed in the ballroom.
    8. Use codes to enter the library.
    9. Find the secret door to the lab in the library.
  4. Final Fight
    1. Destroy the generals' turrets before the players are killed by poisonous gas.
    2. After the destroyed are destroyed, both players realize they have conflicting missions.
    3. Players fight each other.
  5. Ending A – Damian Wins
    1. Damian kills Kat.
    2. While Damian is walking towards the girl, she drops a book that contains the scientists' notes.
    3. The notes reveal that the girl is the cure.
  6. Ending B- Kat Wins.
    1. Kat kills Damian
    2. Kat kills the girl
    3. After Kat kills the girl, Kat noticed the notebook she was carrying.
    4. The notes reveal that the girl was the cure.