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In Source a Texture is a part of a Material that is mapped onto the surface of a 2D or 3D Mesh to give it color or additional visual detail. A Texture is only one layer in the Material System:

  • A Source Texture is a raster image file which defines the pixels of a colormap, bumpmap, specularmap, opacitymap, and/or luminositymap (see Valve Texture Format).
  • A Source Material specifies a stack of Textures and the Shader Parameters to use when rendering them. It also specifies which sounds and decal effects to use for collision events (see Valve Material Type).
  • A Source Texture map specifies a Material and maps the pixels (from all of its texture layers) onto the surfaces of a particular object (see UV map).

Texture types

The Material System uses texture VTFs for:


Useful References