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This page lists everyone who is interested in testing upcoming mods and maps. If you want to volunteer, please add yourself to the bottom of this list. Please use the same style as the others.

The list

Name Email Areas of interest
Lpmikeboy [email protected] Any Orange Box or Gmod level or Singleplayer Mods NO MULTIPLAYER MODS
JAG [email protected] Map testing for CS:S.
Aleksandr Suhard [email protected] Any modifications, maps, everything anyhow connected with Portal.
Ross "Oz" Mills [email protected] Single-player modifications or maps.
Mathew Kercher [email protected] Single-player mods or maps.
Cheyenne DeLoach [email protected] Single-player mods especially, but will also do multiplayer.
Ciaran Daly [email protected] Anything.
Morton Atkins [email protected] Anything cool, Halo, Metal Gear Solid (remakes of old games, or cool new stuff).
Leland Booher [email protected] Absolutely anything.
Muffinssi [email protected] Single/Multiplayer mods or maps etc.
James Wilson [email protected] My particular areas of interest are FPS and Racing, however I enjoy well made games of any genre. I will be available to accurately and concisely report back and evaluate any tested material. Look forward to working with you!
Laura Davidson [email protected] Anything and everything. Any single-player mods & new maps for any game.
Chad Whiting [email protected] Single- and multiplayer mods.
Andrew Rowsevear [email protected] Anything cool, Halo, Metal Gear Solid (remakes of old games, or cool new stuff).
Robbie Groenewoudt [email protected] Multiplayer mods.
Matvei Stefarov [email protected] Any single-player mods & new maps for CS/HLDM/HL2DM.
Daniel Baldwin [email protected] Single-player mods & new multiplayer maps for Half-Life 2 Deathmatch.
Ryan Langevin [email protected] Maps for DOD:Source & CS:Source.
Fredrik Jonsson [email protected] Everything from Source-based games, mods and maps to Dedicated Server scripts and applications.
Thijs Krijger [email protected] Single player mods for Half-Life & Half-Life2.
Beau Severson [email protected] Mainly team-based combat mods but also single-player story driven mods and "odd" mods (Gmod, exite, etc).
Artem Herasymchuk [email protected] Anything, including mods (for Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2), maps, etc.
Nic Haghighatian [email protected] Multiplayer mods for Half-Life 2.
Grayson Deitering [email protected] Multiplayer mods for Half-Life 2.
Jamie Lea [email protected] Anything! Not just FPS, love outside the box stuff. Love to playtest, will spend ridiculous time on it. I prefer single player, will do multiplayer though of course. I'm a level designer.
Chandrashekhar Kamthe [email protected] Interested in playtesting both single- and multiplayer,a noob 3D modeler.
Stephen Swires [email protected] MP or SP. With MP I love to see something fresh. I'm a programmer (and skinner to a certain extent) and I also have basic knowledge of modeling and mapping.
Brad 'Sρεсτяυм' Carr [email protected] SP/MP mods. Has basic understanding of mapping and level design. References available upon request. Currently testing for two Source mods, Hostile Intent: Phoenix Rising and Warcry.
namrog84 [email protected] MP or SP. Interested in most everything. I'll give everything a fair chance. I have a little experience in programming and 3d modeling.
Brandon Jones [email protected] MP or SP.
Robert Obermeier ob[email protected] MP or SP, mods and anything else.
dre west [email protected] single-player and something kinda different but FPS is fine... need ideas for my mod. squad-based would be good.
killergarcia [email protected] Single-player and multiplayer mods, I have intermediate mapping skills.
Matt Pigram [email protected] Single- or multiplayer mod for any Source game. I also have a basic understanding of modeling and mapping and skinning to a certain extent.
neomosh [email protected] Any mods, single- or multiplayer.
Steven Tolnai [email protected] Mods, maps, and basic programming. I am a beginner, but determined to learn and expand on what I already know.
John Kerr [email protected] Anything anyone wants, I'll help out on if I can.
Morton Atkins [email protected] Anything cool, Halo, Metal Gear Solid (remakes of old games, or cool new stuff).
Andrew Rosevear [email protected] I mainly play multiplayer FPS, and single-player anything, from Puzzle Quest to TimeSplitters.
Roozbeh Madanipour [email protected] I am a game designer, also working on a single-player mod of Half-Life 2, if you need game testing, or willing to play test I'm up for it.
Coert Chambers [email protected] I'm interested in anything you have to toss over. I'm VAR for Business and Consumer IT. Consumer based clients, are for majority, gamers.
Gaspar Quaresma [email protected] SDK user and CS: Source abuser. Please please please! Let me test anything. While I play games (and in real life), I am always attentive to details so I think I would be a good tester.
Mike Burke [email protected] Everything from Source based games, mods and maps to Dedicated Server scripts and applications.
Kurt Smith [email protected] All.
Eric Hull [email protected] All.
Marine [email protected] All. Very good at thinking outside the box in terms of bugs.
Mikuláš Ditě [email protected] Single-player mods, maps for any Source-engine game/mod.
Michael Brandon [email protected] Both single-player and multiplayer mods, full games, maps, any new concepts for mods etc. I have a knack for finding unthinkable bugs... don't know much about SDK, but have experimented with the source engine enough to know what it should and shouldn't do.
Trevor Slocum [email protected] Mainly multiplayer mods using the source engine are my particular interest, however I am willing to also test single player mods. I am currently working on a mod of my own, and therefore have some knowledge of the source SDK.
Akos Toth [email protected] Definitely yes for multiplayer mods, but if you can come up with something unique (see: Portal), then I'll be glad to test your SP mod.
Daniel Spruce [email protected] Any hl/hl2 mods or maps, i can test on 3 computers running different hardware so you can find any machine specific bugs.
Greg Moroney [email protected] All.
Josh Linares [email protected] Willing to test anything that the source engine runs. No experience in anyting (includes spelling) but willing to learn anything (excludes spelling). Particular interest in Level and game design.
Thomas Scrace [email protected] Most experience with single player mods. I'm probably not the best person for multiplayer stuff.
Jonathan Hall [email protected] Any (read: ToS Legal) modification for the Source engine, be it Multiplayer, Single Player, mapping, textures, sound, etc. I'm familiar with mapping with the Source engine, and have been playing games & mods on it for 3 years. I also produce and engineer music, and have been for 5 years.
Daniel Jones [email protected] I have completed a DODS map and am working on a few more. Willing to learn. Can playtest a lot and will get into it I am mostly multiplayer.
Nathan Fast [email protected] Anything portals related would be fun to test.
Jason Hornbeck [email protected] Testing any single or multiplayer maps or mods.
Christian Chiasson [email protected] Available to test any single or multiplayer mods as well as CS:S maps.
Aviv Modai [email protected] Anything single-player; just make sure it isn't heavy on a PC that runs HL2 on medium.
Ryan McNeil [email protected] Anything single-player and not too graphics intensive; within the capacity of a GeForce 5200FX 128 MB card.
Petr Drab [email protected] Will test anything {sp/mp games, linux ds too}
David Garner [email protected] Willing to test anything halflife 2 deathmatch also server available for use
Pedro Moreira [email protected] Will test any single or multiplayer maps or mods, tools and apps.
Alun Davey [email protected] Willing to test anything and everything.
William Brittendall [email protected] Anything and everything, especially Team Fortress 2 related.
Dale Watson [email protected] Anything
Evan Ketchum [email protected] Anything, but I loved Portal, and enjoy quirky and innovative games.
Guy Montag [email protected] Counter-Strike: Source maps, TF2 maps, Portal maps, and any other multi / single player mod.
Kevin Liu [email protected] Love to play anything new and exciting, single or multi-player.
Sten André Knutsen [email protected] Will playtest Half-Life 2 singleplayer mods.
Nathan Carns [email protected] I have almost every game by valve and would like to help with the future projects.
Shameem Ahmed [email protected] any singleplayer mod (like for HL2, EP1, EP2, EP3:-), Portal etc.)
codos [email protected] I would love to play test any game and are making a game myself. Mapping freak <3. oh and i have allmost EVERY SOURCE GAME, css,hl:s,hl:s deathmatch,hl2, hl2 deathmatch, ep1,ep2,gmod,tf2,portal.... everything.. thats good <3
Turokzelda [email protected] i will play/test any mod, map, model, prop, tool, swep,or any thing u can think of for any Orange Box game, Garry's Mod,CS:S doesnt matter how good it is =)
Quinn FCT [email protected] Any and all, my friend. Any and all.
Robin Bogaards [email protected] I will test anything cool for the games that i have (The orange box + Gmod)
tOuche [email protected] Portal; mods or maps, I'm pretty good at finding bugs, e-eggs, ninja solutions, etc.
isellion [email protected] I'd love to help test anything that you are working. I've got the Orange Box, and Gmod at the moment.
Renegade [email protected] I will test any TF2 multiplayer and racing maps/mods/whatever.
Jhero [email protected] I will test anything you ask.
Thebeanie [email protected] Any source mod or map. I have the Orange Box, HL2:DM, CS:S, GMod, and many, many SP and MP mods.
Thix [email protected] Anything.
gyarfi [email protected] Portal mods/maps, HL2/EP1/EP2 mods.
djai [email protected] Anything

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