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This page lists everyone who is interested in testing upcoming mods and maps.

If you want to volunteer, please add yourself to the bottom of this list. Please use the same style as the others.

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The list

  • Name: Jerry Chimera
  • Email: chewy@cecomet.net
  • Areas of interest: mainly single player mods but will do multi player and counter strike, some half life 2 death match

  • Name: Beau Severson
  • Email: wingedbeaux@gmail.com
  • Areas of interest: Mainly team based combat mods but also single player story driven mods and "odd" mods (gmod, exite, etc).

  • Name: Jamie Lea
  • Email: lea.jamie@gmail.com
  • Areas of interest: Anything! Not just FPS, love outside the box stuff. Love to playtest, will spend rediculous time on it. I prefer single player, will do multiplayer though of course. I'm a level designer.