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This page lists everyone who is interested in testing upcoming mods and maps. If you want to volunteer, please add yourself to the bottom of this list by using the same formatting style as the others, shown below.

| {{user|USERNAME}} or [[User:USERNAME|Real Name]]
User Email Information
eFive rhawes8570@mysvc.skagit.edu Competitive and experienced Gamer across the board when it comes to genre. I have played almost every big name that is worthy to be called a competitive game competitively at a high level including Dota. Vast beta testing experience and contribution, especially towards the League of Legends. The success of this game means a lot to me and I would like to be a part of its development. Experience working with sound files and mods relating to them.
Mariotravel209 MarioT209@Gmail.com Hi, I'm Adrian and i would love to test out your Half-life 2 Mods! I've been playing Valve games for more than 5 years and I'm very descriptive when it comes to me describing my experiences. I'm interested in any half-life 2 mod you make! don't be scared! Email me and i'll play your mod/game right away! :D
Purplhaze Purplhaze12@gmail.com Tested Dota before Allstars came out. High end player in private leagues for Dota / HoN. Also a casual LoL player. Very familiar with the "Action-RTS" playstyle, finding bugs, sharing feedback frequently. Computer Science Major. I have the ability to play at nearly any time needed. I am also an active player on Steam since its release.
Couz couzleouf@gmail.com MOBA player since it's creation; I played dota, lol, hon, and i would like to be beta tester for dota 2.
Tarano cmuller87@hotmail.com Tested DotA frequently when IceFrog first took over. Available at nearly any time. Know the mechanics of the game pretty much inside out.
Chancy Matthew456@gmail.com Played and beta tested Dota since it was in WCIII:RoC. Avid tester with Icefrog. Open to test once we hit open. Availability: Any time. Very familiar with Dota game mechanics, finding bugs, typos, & false spell calculations. Thanks IceFrog!! :P]
Taintedlove k3lly.wang@gmail.com Hi, I was a very big Half-life fan, and want to be involved in Valve game development.I played Dota since the ROC maps also loved a lot of the warIII custom games. Always wanted to give feedbacks regarding my experienced playing the game. I have experience as a tester for system testing & gui interface very familiar with the software development lifecycle, especially in the testing phase. Speak/write Chinese as well. I would love to help make this game better.
Good.stuff Jscoolio14@gmail.com Im a pretty picky at games, and i would have great ideas on how to make games better. My steam username is Jscoolio14. I test anything, really, and my favorite game of all time is TF2]
faster3200 faster3200@gmail.com I am willing to test anything. I reside in the Seattle area. Link to my steam profile: faster3200 steam profile
Geniemaster eugeneharng@gmail.com Speak Chinese (simplified & Traditional), Cantonese, Japanese and English (duh). Did a year of game testing, so I can test games and identify defects to gameplay, visual quality, sound, challenge level and overall functionality. Interested in game testing, localization and community development. Reside in Seattle.
StephKingz apolloruler@yahoo.com Willing to test any game, i`m a game tester by profession and would love to take part in future valve projects. I own a steam account, with serveral valve games so i`m familiar with valve work.
NunamedDragon nunameddragon@live.com.au Will test any game, mod I am currently making a mod,(so I know what to look for in maps) I have skill in hammers editor sadly no knowledge of scripting, I own all the Half-Life 2 games along with portal and counterstrike.
Mspacapan matevz.spacapan@gmail.com I like Valve games and playing them is soo cool!
BiOzZ onebiozz@gmail.com i test any game, mod, map and script as thoroughly as possible testing everything including finding ways to get to places you would not expect i have past experience in this i also own every single source game and my own mods and would gladly instal any of your mods and test My Steam Id is johndearboy and will display as BiOzZ and my email is onebiozz@gmail.com where you can contact me 24/7.
MaxxAndrew maxxandrewrkl@live.com My steam ID is ConspiraG. I am very picky about games. I know what is considered a bug. I generally know some possible solutions regarding bugs within source. I own all of the Valve SOURCE games except DoD:S.
Saurus animalspinners@gmail.com Will test anything but would prefer horror-based games (specialty in zombies), thorough in gameplay and review. I also own all source games.
Jarred Lach Banshee33@gmail.com Willing to test any mod single player or multiplayer,plays maps thoroughly as possibal.
Charles Thomas charles-thomas@live.fr Can help to test or making any Valve game and mod.
Josh Clary clary.joshua@gmail.com Hardcore gamer, vast vocabulary, interested in First Person Shooters, doesn't mind helping out or making a map or two.
Sid Rosen rosen.sid@gmail.com Experienced playtester, very articulate, good handwriting. Willing to help with any product, Valve or otherwise.
Ryan Kerst ryaelproductions@gmail.com Professional Game Tester/Review Writer. Willing to help with any Valve game mod.
Yam Nad danm95@hotmail.co.uk All Single Player Mods.
robinnbastar robinnbastar@gmail.com HL2 tester can meet deadline if needed
JWR Wax818@aol.com CS:S/CS 1.6/DOD:S/HL2MP Map/Mod Tester
Daniel Bennifer DanielBennifer@Hotmail.co.uk Game, Mod, Map QA/Game Testing [Has Previous Experience]
Lpmikeboy Lpmikeboy@Gmail.com Any Orange Box or Gmod level or Singleplayer Mods NO MULTIPLAYER MODS
JAG rcrus2@hotmail.com Map testing for CS:S.
Aleksandr Suhard soswow@gmail.com Any modifications, maps, everything anyhow connected with Portal. Not a SDK programmer.
Ross "Oz" Mills little_oz_@hotmail.com Single-player modifications or maps.
Mathew Kercher matmangk@yahoo.com Single-player mods or maps for Half Life 2 and both episodes as well as Portal.
Cheyenne DeLoach cheyenne@deloach.com Single-player mods especially, but will also do multiplayer.
Ciaran Daly genoc1de@gamerarmy.com Anything.
Morton Atkins morton_john_atkins@msn.com Anything cool, Halo, Metal Gear Solid (remakes of old games, or cool new stuff).
Leland Booher lelandb@insightbb.com Absolutely anything.
Muffinssi joni.meu@gmail.com Single/Multiplayer mods or maps etc.
James Wilson jlwilson@mediator88.aquiss.com My particular areas of interest are FPS and Racing, however I enjoy well made games of any genre. I will be available to accurately and concisely report back and evaluate any tested material. Look forward to working with you!
Laura Davidson laura_davidson_52@hotmail.com Anything and everything. Any single-player mods & new maps for any game.
Chad Whiting captainmillar@hotmail.co.uk Single- and multiplayer mods.
Andrew Rowsevear andrewrosevear@gmail.com Anything cool, Halo, Metal Gear Solid (remakes of old games, or cool new stuff).
Matvei Stefarov fragmer@gmail.com Any single-player mods & new maps for CS/HLDM/HL2DM.
Daniel Baldwin locotwistedbastard@hotmail.co.uk Single-player mods & new multiplayer maps for Half-Life 2 Deathmatch.
Ryan Langevin junks@mappersnation.com Maps for DOD:Source & CS:Source.
Fredrik Jonsson fredrik.jonsson@asci.se Everything from Source-based games, mods and maps to Dedicated Server scripts and applications.
Thijs Krijger vonihi@gmail.com Single player mods for Half-Life & Half-Life2.
Beau Severson wingedbeaux@gmail.com Mainly team-based combat mods but also single-player story driven mods and "odd" mods (Gmod, exite, etc).
Artem Herasymchuk artemh@gmail.com Anything, including mods (for Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2), maps, etc.
Nic Haghighatian mpnk3y@gmail.com Multiplayer mods for Half-Life 2.
Grayson Deitering grayjamn@gmail.com Multiplayer mods for Half-Life 2.
Jamie Lea lea.jamie@gmail.com Anything! Not just FPS, love outside the box stuff. Love to playtest, will spend ridiculous time on it. I prefer single player, will do multiplayer though of course. I'm a level designer.
Stephen Swires stephen.swires@gmail.com MP or SP. With MP I love to see something fresh. I'm a programmer (and skinner to a certain extent) and I also have basic knowledge of modeling and mapping.
Brad 'S?e?t???' Carr spectrum7331@gmail.com SP/MP mods. Has basic understanding of mapping and level design. References available upon request. Currently testing for two Source mods, Hostile Intent: Phoenix Rising and Warcry.
namrog84 namrog187@gmail.com MP or SP. Interested in most everything. I'll give everything a fair chance. I have a little experience in programming and 3d modeling.
Brandon Jones reacher@geekfestival.com MP or SP.
dre west cp_fir3fly711@hotmail.com single-player and something kinda different but FPS is fine... need ideas for my mod. squad-based would be good.
killergarcia freedomfightergarcia@gmail.com Single-player and multiplayer mods, I have intermediate mapping skills.
Matt Pigram camper_joe@hotmail.com Single- or multiplayer mod for any Source game. I also have a basic understanding of modeling and mapping and skinning to a certain extent.
neomosh cs_selo@yahoo.com Any mods, single- or multiplayer.
Steven Tolnai stork66@gmail.com Mods, maps, and basic programming. I am a beginner, but determined to learn and expand on what I already know.
John Kerr kerr.cares@gmail.com Anything anyone wants, I'll help out on if I can.
Morton Atkins morton_john_atkins@msn.com Anything cool, Halo, Metal Gear Solid (remakes of old games, or cool new stuff).
Andrew Rosevear andrewrosevar@googlemail.com I mainly play multiplayer FPS, and single-player anything, from Puzzle Quest to TimeSplitters.
Roozbeh Madanipour roozbeh7@hotmail.com I am a game designer, also working on a single-player mod of Half-Life 2, if you need game testing, or willing to play test I'm up for it.
Coert Chambers coertchambers@openvalvetech.net I'm interested in anything you have to toss over. I'm VAR for Business and Consumer IT. Consumer based clients, are for majority, gamers.
Adam Aitoumeziane smadmead1@gmail.com Can test GMod, TF2, CS:S, DOS:S, and HL2DM
Gaspar Quaresma gasparnq@hotmail.com SDK user and CS: Source abuser. Please please please! Let me test anything. While I play games (and in real life), I am always attentive to details so I think I would be a good tester.
Mike Burke mikeburke14_74@hotmail.com Everything from Source based games, mods and maps to Dedicated Server scripts and applications.
Kurt Smith ultitaria@aol.com All.
Eric Hull ehull82@yahoo.com All.
Marine tomrleighton@ygmail.com All. Very good at thinking outside the box in terms of bugs.
Mikuláš Dite rullaf@gmail.com I can provide testing of any mod which is using Source-engine game. I am experienced Source map developer so I usually look for bugs like unattached displacements corners on maps and so on.
Michael Brandon williumbobcole@hotmail.co.uk Both single-player and multiplayer mods, full games, maps, any new concepts for mods etc. I have a knack for finding unthinkable bugs... don't know much about SDK, but have experimented with the source engine enough to know what it should and shouldn't do.
Trevor Slocum tslocum@gmail.com Mainly multiplayer mods using the source engine are my particular interest, however I am willing to also test single player mods. I am currently working on a mod of my own, and therefore have some knowledge of the source SDK.
Akos Toth dxmiamme@gmail.com Definitely yes for multiplayer mods, but if you can come up with something unique (see: Portal), then I'll be glad to test your SP mod.
Daniel Spruce therkid@hotmail.com Any hl/hl2 mods, i can test on 3 computers running different hardware to help find any machine specific bugs.
Greg Moroney sierraoscar@bmail.ie All.
Josh Linares fittiyen@yahoo.com Willing to test anything that the source engine runs. No experience in anyting (includes spelling) but willing to learn anything (excludes spelling). Particular interest in Level and game design.
Thomas Scrace t.scrace@gmail.com Most experience with single player mods. I'm probably not the best person for multiplayer stuff.
Jonathan Hall eyelessgrae@gmail.com Any (read: ToS Legal) modification for the Source engine, be it Multiplayer, Single Player, mapping, textures, sound, etc. I'm familiar with mapping for the Source engine, and have been playing games & mods on it for 4+ years. I also produce and engineer music, and have been for 6+ years.
Daniel Jones cthlyte@gmail.com I have completed a DODS map and am working on a few more. Willing to learn. Can playtest a lot and will get into it I am mostly multiplayer.
Nathan Fast xolamee@gmail.com Anything portals related would be fun to test.
Jason Hornbeck pin960@gmail.com Testing any single or multiplayer maps or mods.
Christian Chiasson amarettobartender@hotmail.com Available to test any single or multiplayer mods as well as CS:S maps.
Aviv Modai salmon7@walla.com Anything single-player; just make sure it isn't heavy on a PC that runs HL2 on medium.
Ryan McNeil raan@tampabay.rr.com Anything single-player and not too graphics intensive; within the capacity of a GeForce 5200FX 128 MB card.
Petr Drab pedro.czech@gmail.com Will test anything {sp/mp games, linux ds too}
David Garner solnet.hl2@gmail.com Willing to test anything halflife 2 deathmatch also server available for use
Pedro Moreira luma.bugreport@gmail.com Will test any single or multiplayer maps or mods, tools and apps.
William Brittendall fmsmoothie@gmail.com Anything and everything, especially Team Fortress 2 related.
Dale Watson dwatson27@hotmail.com Anything
Evan Ketchum evan8sk@gmail.com Anything, but I loved Portal, and enjoy quirky and innovative games.
Guy Montag sir.montag@gmail.com L4D maps, TF2 maps, Source-related mapping questions.
Kevin Liu kevink2046@hotmail.com Love to play anything new and exciting, single or multi-player.
Sten André Knutsen darkeye92@gmail.com Will playtest Half-Life 2 singleplayer mods.
Nathan Carns nathancarns@yahoo.com I have almost every game by valve and would like to help with the future projects.
Shameem Ahmed shameem66@hotmail.com any singleplayer mod (like for HL2, EP1, EP2, EP3:-), Portal etc.)
codos codos_001@hotmail.com I would love to play test any game and are making a game myself. Mapping freak <3. oh and i have allmost EVERY SOURCE GAME, css,hl:s,hl:s deathmatch,hl2, hl2 deathmatch, ep1,ep2,gmod,tf2,portal.... everything.. thats good <3
Turokzelda turokzelda@yahoo.com i will play/test any mod, map, model, prop, tool, swep,or any thing u can think of for any Orange Box game, Garry's Mod,CS:S doesnt matter how good it is =)
Quinn FCT rizchan77@gmail.com Any and all, my friend. Any and all.
Robin Bogaards Robincb@gmail.com I will test anything cool for the games that i have (The orange box + Gmod)
tOuche weirdone4evr@gmail.com Portal; mods or maps, I'm pretty good at finding bugs, e-eggs, ninja solutions, etc.
isellion isellion@gmail.com I'd love to help test anything that you are working. I've got the Orange Box, and Gmod at the moment.
Renegade cgh0187@gmail.com I will test any TF2 multiplayer and racing maps/mods/whatever.
Jhero mrcarrot@gmail.com I will test anything you ask.
Thebeanie linus@fixedstars.com.au Any source mod or map. I have the Orange Box, HL2:DM, CS:S, GMod, and many, many SP and MP mods.
Thix Inteikke@hotmail.com Anything.
gyarfi gyarfi@gmail.com Portal mods/maps, HL2/EP1/EP2 mods.
djai ki-baddog@hotmail.com Anything
Justin Salvador arohephelle@hotmail.com Both SP and MP first-person shooter related would be great.
zatchzeno erik_reinhart@hotmail.com Anything
Bris brisingre@gmail.com I'm game for anything. I have HL2, TF2, and Portal. I'm always looking for new mods, and would really like to playtest yours.
Matthew Wake mynameisnotmattlol@hotmail.com Singleplayer or multiplayer mods as long as there is a server provided.
Martin Munk Hansen martinmunkhansen2@hotmail.com Mods for anything included in the Valve Complete Pack and especially maps for CS / CS:S / HL2DM
Brent Gutierrez lolpilipino@gmail.com Open to test for anything, preferably anything using the Source Engine.
Josh Griffith jshgriffith@gmail.com ANYTHING! CSS, CS1.6, MOD, HL2. Im always here, I have experience in MODs and mapping.
Ian ODowd icodowd@aol.com Anything.
PM3553 NYJets8313@aol.com The Orange Box games, Half LIfe 2: Deathmatch. Also will help with thoughts for level design.
Adam Robson adamrobson92@hotmail.co.uk Been playing games for years! I'm in college learning Game Development. Any games I'm willing to test
Amber Beheler ajbeheler@gmail.com Anything - my favorites are TF2 and CS:S, I would love to QA test upcoming games too like L4D.
Michael K mk@fruit-salad.org Primarily single and multiplayer source mods, but I can also lend a hand in maps for existing games such as cs:s, dod:s, team fortress 2 and portal.
Pieter888 pufje2@hotmail.com Portal - I'll try giving the most detailed feedback ever :)
Christoffer Lisbjerg lisbjerg03@hotmail.com I will be willing to try out new TF2 maps or updates, but not mods.
niyazi93 niyazi.aker@btinternet.com I'll test anything :)
bigbiker05 BigBiker05@yahoo.com I can test anything, I have beta experiences in retail games.
subject15837 HoboBob456@gmail.com I would like to test portal mods or maps.
Domonic Prince Domonic.Prince@gmail.com Anything. Worked as QA Tester and Project Lead for Vivendi Games as well as Activision. Currently QA Analyst.
Filip Bodylski defenderpl@gmail.com CS 1.6, HL2, TF2, mods and maps.
Daniel Wightkin danimal53@msn.com HL2, CSS, CS, Portal, and mainly TF2
Daniel G. Wales danielwales06@hotmail.com I am willing to test anything. I have actively beta tested many HL mods and played all valve games.
Conrad Wentzel bioject@gmail.com Any Half Life game (especially episode 3) as well as Portal, Team Fortress 2, or future Valve product.
Kyle J. Wolsten kwvortax114@hotmail.com Anything VALVe is good enough for me. I love the whole Half-Life franchise and would love to be apart of it. I'm also looking for some game making/testing experience for future jobs. I usually test maps for my friends and some mods, I always look for bugs in games. Infact I have found some minor bugs with the Half-Life games.
David Vargas davidjvargas@hotmail.com Have been playing Valve software for over 7 years now! Cannot get enough portals!. Anything developed by Valve is more than worth playing, will test anything!
Michael Yamamoto yams2007@gmail.com Will happily test anything!
User:Philip filp_10@hotmail.com i have a vast experience i a lot of fps, tps, action games, racing games and i will also test anything
Corbin Fancher|Karasu blargiefarg@gmail.com If Valve makes it I'll test it! I look at multiple aspects of the game.
Keyonte0 keyonte0@yahoo.com Amateur mapper with average gaming skills. more info on profile.
Joshua Shine joshua.shine@hotmail.co.uk Will happily test everthing and anything =}
-BN-brendanmint brendanmint@gmail.com i look for bugs and details, am a mapper, will test anything at all
Mike Notarnicola xgiveintothenightx@verizon.net Willing to help with any Valve game mod.
Daniel Hemmings danhemmings@comcast.net Some decent experience with custom maps for Valve games. Willing and able to help with any and all mods/custom maps.
Matias Moran matiascx@msn.com Interested in all games and playtesting both single and multiplayer. Experience testing software and games.
Mark Rybczynski mr37373@yahoo.com Will test anything mods/custom games/custom maps/games in beta. Will play multi, and single player games.
Kostya Melekhin kostya2752@rambler.ru or kostya57@yahoo.com I a skilled tester of games. I have found in Episode two more than 10 bugs, the cores which were defects of developers, script writers and mappers.
Chris Williams chris.williams18@yahoo.com I can help test any game or mod of any genre. Have made ragdolls for Gmod, and have the ability to locate bugs in the models ragdolls and also in the game itself
koolaid nickleback_roxx@hotmail.com I will help test any games, mods, or custom maps. I will play multi, or single player games of any genre. My Steam Id is bartjr30.
Andy agon_dragon@hotmail.com I am looking to earn industry experience, getting involved in game testing. Will be willing to work on any projects.
Ian Neal racerdude09@gmail.com I have experience in game testing, design, programming, and troubleshooting, and am willing to work on anything. My steam ID is racerdude09, and my profile can be found in the Steam Community.
Adam autonomical@gmail.com My time is invariably spent on Valve software; this seems to be the logical next step. I have extensive knowledge of the L4D series, with a focus on competitive team versus. More than happy to help with anything else. Steam User Profile.
Karol Pycz karolpycz@gmail.com A lot of multiplayer expierience counted in years - Quake 3, Counter-Strike, HL2DM, Painkiller, Unreal Tournament (2k3, 2k4), TF2, L4D, Quake Live.

When it comes to singleplayer I play almost everything - racing games, platformers, rts. Will test almost anything. Steam profile.

jerb jerb.home@gmail.com I would like to help test your games. I was on the Steam Beta test group, plus I live right down the street from you. my steam profile is Steam Profile
Jason Alinen jasonalinen@gmail.com Game tester with Microsoft for over 10 years. Very avid game tester who plays all games on all systems and PC. Steam User Profile.
Alex Jones alex.lemony@gmail.com I would be happy to test any mod/game on the PC, preferably something in the orange box area like Portal or Half Life 2 Episodes. Have past experience of mod making so know the required focus to fully test mods. Single player genres that I play include first person shooters, real time strategy, role playing games and puzzle games, and multi player genres are nearly all first person shooters like counter strike, I like playing Quake 3 engine mods too. [1].
john beasley solidsteel77@live.com I have been a gamer since I was 10 years old. my steam ID is alein_eliminator and it will come up as solidsteel. I am mostly a PC | gamer mostly because that's how I started out on gaming I rarely touch the consoles but if I have to then I will.
Ben Gill evil_little_bro@hotmail.co.uk Will test anything valve :)
Brandon Frerichs webmaster640@gmail.com I am interested in testing Portal and TF2 content. I have some experience with mapping. My Steam ID is btf064.
Nathaniel Lee natcool95@hotmail.com I am interested in testing any game and finding any glitches. I have some experience with modding.
redsnapper22 christiancahill22@gmail.com I'm a dedicated man with a high interest in game testing. Have a good base for communicating via computer/text language or proper English. I prefer to test first person or rpg, though I'm willing to put hours into any type of genre. My steam ID is redsnapper22; my nick name is {ѮK} Notorious. Steam profile
Joe Midgett josephchrismidgett@msn.com I am an experienced tester, and have done various work product testing the curriculum at Giant Campus, a computer summer camp in Washington. I'd be willing to look for bugs, errors, and give helpful feedback. I'm open for testing Singleplayer and/or Mulitplayer products. My steam account name is catman221. Thanks!
Talking Waterfall jeppecarl@bits-roleplay.com My name is Jeppe Carlsen. I am a dedicated player of most games on Steam. I have a community, Bits Gaming, which I am sure are willing to help playtest as well. I have a small understanding of what happens serverside, because I am hosting multiple Source game servers. I have also been a member of the Team Fortress 2 community PwnShop, from where I have learned something about how the Source engine works. When I start on something, I am dedicated to doing it until I reach perfection. When it comes to games, I settle for nothing and I don't compromise. I have taken part in closed betas for Battlefield Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online (This may not be listed because I recieved the key through Fileplanet.com) and Age of Conan.

My SteamID is jeppecarlsen My Steam community page

Mehiller mehiller@yandex.ru Any games, mods, maps on Source Engine (L4D, L4D2, Orange Box) and games on other Engines. Visual testing textures, "black holes" and other. Testing maps on playable. Steam Page
Lambda lambdamapper@hotmail.com I will test any Source engine mod. Please contact with E-Mail.
Kraeloc kraeloc@speakeasy.net I'm not exactly any kind of professional tester, but I love the Source engine and everything Valve makes, and I've done many playtests for other companies, plus once for Valve already. I'd be happy to help by providing feedback for any game or application.
MarZ07 11martinb@glocalnet.net I'm good at finding bugs and problem in games. I play much and I'm studying IT, i will provide well informed feedback as fast as i found something and will work much! I have no played Vavles games alot and know the most common ways to find bugs.
Alphasee Alphasee@gmail.com Long-time beta tester for any game I can get my hands on, previous experience with WoW, Hellgate London: Alpha (QQ;) and overall counterstrike fanatic. Got the silver kit back when it was still Sierra and a huge fan of Valve Software. High-End Nvidia system running win 7 64-bit. Feel free to contact me for whatever reason.
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger grundyomatic@gmail.com I will beta test all Source Singleplayer mods as much as possible within my schedule, and Multiplayer Source games if my connection is decent. Very familiar with Source engine, and I can easily spot bugs and other details in a mod. I am very thorough when it comes to gameplay. Good computer. Can speak English and German.
Bpr133 bpr133@gmail.com I will play test anything. I'm a very experienced player for most Valve games, in particular Counter-Strike Source. Feel free to give me an email.
Drgnzach Drgnzach@gmail.com I love finding little nuggets that end up breaking games, In the original half-life I found 9 areas that you could get to without noclip that destroy the game. I will test anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Hell, you give me a game that the objective is to pick up mounds of dog Feces, I will test it for hours on end. That's how much I love testing games.
Turtleey jabo123456@aol.com I will play test pretty much anything you can throw. I'm a HUGE fan of VALVe; I've been following their work since the announcement of HL2. I never got the money or a decent computer to buy any of their games until about New Years 2010. That's when I bought TF2, GMod, EP2, CS:S, etc. Speaking of that, I have a badass sleek gaming laptop that can handle ANY particle-reference error crap that the Cinematic Physics will be able to generate. The bridge collapse in EP2? I got about 50 FPS watching it with zoom enabled. So, basically, my computer can handle any of it. I'm not too big for Horror/Thriller games, but I am a huge sucker for physics, puzzle, and action. Which makes Portal one of my favorite games ever, seeing as it has 3/3 of those things. I also have a lot of Playtesting experience; mainly with Online games. LEGO Universe, Fusion Fall (my little brother nagged me enough to sign up for the beta, :p), ROBLOX, Blockland, some minor flash games, stuff like that. I'm also pretty mature, so you won't see me yelling "OMG OMG OMG, TEH COOBE IN TESTCHAMBER 9 TURNED PURPUL FOR A FEW SEKONDS OMG WTF". I also really enjoy listening to the Commentary nodes in-game. I love hearing about the wacky antics that the playtesters did. Like the one in EP2 where he stood in front of the Poison Zombie door for half an hour? I love hearing about those. So it would be an interesting expirience for me to be on the other side of that story, huh? My SteamID is Turtleey (Fanaticness) if you want to contact me. Unfortunately, I'm going to a game design camp where I'm going to learn how to mod HL2 for 2 weeks (Yet another tribute to VALVe), so for the next 14 days, I'm only available in later hours.
The Kisho kisho333@gmail.com I'm willing to do my part by playing and giving feedback on future Valve works. I'm always using the bug report in Team Fortress 2 when ever I find something that isn't working quite right or is causing major problems. (I wish all Valve games had this feature (bug report)). I currently have a small TF2 server which runs mods. When I have suggestions, ideas, or problems to report I do so often. I'm a fan of Valve works, and am will to help in anyway I can. I've also done play testing on the Shattered Horizon game and I am firmilar with play testing. Steam Profile
Dannydork dannydork10@hotmail.com My proficiency is in all Valve games, and I have visited Valve several times, including a meeting with Robin Walker. I can reliably test anything you can throw at me, and can give feedback, suggestions, bug reports, anything you need! I play community-made mods on a daily basis, such as Trouble in Terrorist Town, Zombie Fortress, and Prop Hunt. Other that that, I can also help test mainstream games coming out soon, and give you as much information as I can! Steam Profile
Domtech Dominic.Florer@gmail.com I have always loved beta testing. Games, operating systems, anything. I have done testing in the past with Microsoft (Office, win 7, Microsoft Surface). I really like to play, mod, and make games. I am teaching myself skills such as 3d modeling and level design(with Hammer Editor). I am very good at finding bugs, glitches and errors in games, and I am always trying to find ways to make games better. I am a huge fan of Valve. My favorite Valve game is Portal and I would love to test Portal 2. As soon as I finish school I plan to apply for a job at Valve or start my own game studio.
Fastmover Fastmoverr@gmail.com I love video games. Avid video gamer. I'm mainly a fan of strategy and FPS. I've made maps for Duke Nukem 3D, TFC, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source. I'm a programmer by day, doing web developing, databasing, and windows application development. I love helping out the community, especially the gaming community and am doing research on source server mod development. Would love to help out anyway I can, feel free to contact me on email or my website: ibaclan.com - stevenkohlmeyer.com
Xdomas xdomas@yahoo.com I am willing to test anything that is Valve related been a huge PC gamer ever since Half-Life 1 I play my consoles from time to time only if it is a game that I can't get on PC first. I have also took some time in Source SDK helping my friends build a part of a map or just making some kind of base or some sort of props for Gmod little basic stuff like that. I just love building something in Gmod then if something goes wrong trying to figure out the problem then fixing it. Just give me a heads up if you need a tester for a game or a mod. Steam Profile
emreInside gamesgod92@hotmail.com I've been playing PC games for 11 years , as it all started with Half-Life. I'm very interested into playing and testing games, as I like to experiment a lot during the game so I can find and sort out bugs and grahpical or game-relevant glitches. My most played VALVe game is Team Fortress 2, but I'm open for every game you need help for. I was also one of the beta-testers for Battlefield BC2 and Medal of Honor for the PC. I have a lot of experience with First Person Shooters, as I have with the Half-Life series, both story- and gameplaywise. I know every corner of Half-Life 2 and would like to help creating the next installment, if possible, with the feel and passion of a HL-gamer. I can both speak English and German. Steam Profile
J*Rod czfjrod@gmail.com I have been playing Valve games since 2003 with Counter-Strike and Condition Zero. I am exploring the workings of Source and would like to see other games and mods on Source in development to further my interest and have a good time with the variety of games that can be made. Steam Profile
GarryT thomas.siladi@hotmail.com I really like to beta-test a game, because I love to give feedback to the developers. Sometimes my English is not very good, but I can write English with no problems. I can speak Enlish, German and Croatian. When you need me, just E-Mail me. [2]
Nick nic1115v@gmail.com I should be a playtester. I can read any script and make adjustments & improve. I can mod. I will look at it in every direction and find a way to make it perfect. I am good with 3D rendering & modeling techniques with Blender, Maya, 3Ds Max and Photoshop. I can Test on PC and Xbox 360 My PC has an Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.33 GHz and an ATI 3870 graphics card. I will help make Portal 2 the best game ever.
Rhys Herron rhyslife@hotmail.co.uk I have been a huge fan of Half-Life since I was young.

Half-Life has not heavily influenced me in life (career wise), but because I am a large Sci-Fi fan, Half-Life is a game that excites, scares and grips me constantly even after the 100th time I've played it. I would love to be a beta-tester because I have my very own opinions of games that I would love to share, and testing a map or game; either Left 4 Dead or whatever, would be a dream for me but also a dream for you, because you will be getting a fan, who knows he wants, and be givin excellent feedback. So, all-in-all, the reason I should be a beta-tester is because I am a huge fan who's itching to try something new from the best gaming company in the entire world!

Mitchell LeBlanc roninmastafx@gmail.com I am a strong fan of the Half-Life and Portal series. I would feel that if I got accepted as a Play tester for Portal and Half Life, that I would do a fantastic job testing it, inside and out! While I'm useless at coding or making modifications with the Source Engine, I can definitely test any beta/alpha/rc game inside out, and give a through detailed look. I can test any day of the week for virtually 12 hours per day, so I feel I would be a great choice. If a deal in contracted with me for testing, I would not only consider an honour, but I would consider it a god's act/miracle, as is was my dream to playtest a Valve game since the launch of Half Life in 1998! Thank you steam for letting me apply, it means a lot to me! P.S. If you wish, I can email you my phone number in case we loose contact by email or something (if you wish for me to do so, that is).
Darren Karp darren.karp@aog.co.uk Fan of Portal and would like to be considered as a tester for Portal 2. Short and sweet. Just like the cake.
azza1120 aaron.thunder@gmail.com will test anything half life counter strike and portal
Portal3292 kangaroocheese@gmail.com Huge fan of Portal. I am very interested in testing for Portal 2. I have also played a little bit of halflife and would test for that.
Stinkmeaner espahic@gmail.com I have played virtually every Valve game released from HL to L4D2. I am interested in playtesting any game for Valve but particularly am interested in testing DotA 2. I have extensive experience with HoN (played a total of over 1000 games combined in beta and retail). I am also well versed in what a bug is and how to report it as well as well versed in all the other aspects of ARPGs like HoN and DotA such as game balance, hero balance, and strategy.
webbdogg the.webbdogg@hotmail.com Have Played all Source Engine games, ALOT of Source mods and various GoldSrc Mods, Do have experience coding source aswell, know how to find out what is causing bugs and report them correctly. Do play Source Games alot love Gmod :)
h1991n h1991n@hotmail.com I am playing Dota Allstars more than 3 years.I know preferred game style of Dota so i would like to be a tester for dota 2 project.
ghuy9391 ghuy9391@gmail.com Hello, the name is Huy Vuong with the nick ghuy9391; I have been playing PC games for over 7 years now, starting with StarCraft: Brood War (not Valve :S), Half Life, Counter-Strike, a lot of online games and end up playing DotA for 3 years now. I have been really fascinated when DOTA2 news is going to be released and I wish I could be a tiny part in it by becoming a DOTA2 beta tester. Best regard.
Leo11 leonard.wohlfarth@gmx.de Hello, I'm Leonard and I'm a Portal maniac ;). I'm thinking with portals very well and I'd test everything Portal-related (Mods, Maps, etc...) I also play Garry's Mod. I have Friends, so I could even try Multiplayer stuff. It's my dream to Beta test Portal 2.
Geekthinker ajfedeli@gmail.com So my name is Alberto. I love portal. I would love to beta test Portal 2. I have both a mac and PC that are strictly for beta testing. Ive tested many different programs including boxee, google voice, windows 7, firefox, and minefield (well there are others but you know how it is when you beta). I know how to write a crash/game report, and know exactly what to look for. I know a fair amount of script and know how to do some debugging. Thank you and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Dgrouse eheheh96@hotmail.com I am quite addicted to source games, I play a lot of Garry's mod/Half life 2 episodes/TF2/Portal/Left 4 dead. I would really love to test future development of valve games. I do a lot of mapping too with hammer editor, made some really nice eye candy, not so much on lua but the best i can do is make Sweps. I cant play a game without it being on the highest graphics or else... It would be epic to test portal 2. I am a hardcore gamer. XD
Lord Vader vader@deathstar2.com I've always wanted to be a game tester. No not because it looks "fun or easy", but because I see it as an interesting career. I would love to work at Valve, and in the mean time, I would love to play-test an up and coming game. I've played every source game out there save for Half-Life Source. Only have the original. I'm familiar with how games work and have become addicted to Source games. I'll play-test anything you send my way. Send me an E-mail or send me an Invite on Steam if you have any questions. Thanks. Steam Profile
Crit Rocket Juan3000333@yahoo.com I've been a big Valve fan for a long time. I own and play the Half-Life games, Portal, TF2 and the Left 4 Dead games. I would be ready at any time to test new games and/or mods to other ones. Steam Profile
ts n.black02@hotmail.com I've been a gamer for about a decade. Love all different kinds of games and would relish the opportunity to give some valuable feedback to Valve. Have practice and can use a wide variety of editing programs including Valve Hammer Editor and Photoshop. Feel free to contact me at any time about anything. [Steam profile:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993873310/]
ak00 hellokhanna@gmail.com I have experience with a variety of different games but I tend to play more first person shooters, such as Half Life, and as a result I would feel more comfortable play testing that type of game. I can be very critical of a gaming experience as I will always let it be known when I am not enjoying a part of a level or I’m confused on what I’m supposed to be doing. I am also very good at verbalizing my thoughts when playing a game and can be quite honest when it comes to discussing a play testing session. Overall I feel I would help you guys get much more unbiased data and information from my play testing experience and constructive feedback.

Steam profile

User:mshee32 matthewsheen6@gmail.com Will test any mod made by valve and i am very pro at games such as half life 2 and portal and other games made by valve so if you want me to playtesting your mod or level email me and i will report any bugs gliches etc
GLaDOSity algemar12@gmail.com My name is Alex, and I'm pretty much your biggest fan. EVER. I've been playing video games since I was 3. Fact. Anyway, Portal is BY FAR my absolute favourite game, and the REASON I breathe is because there's a chance I'll playtest Portal 2. I'm pretty good in First Person Shooters. I think I am a bit strict with the games I play, as I want them to be really good and offer me an amazing experience (something ALL your games do). I promise I will give you the best possible feedback! Contact me at your earliest convenience!
User:spam271 Joseph.Faulls@googlemail.com Experienced playtester, very articulate, been a fan since very young. I am willing to help with any product, Valve or otherwise.
Andreas andreas_gotthelf@hotmail.com I am really up to being a betatester for Valve and would be honored to help with the development of games. I'm a pretty experienced gamer. I have all the half-life series, portal, TF/TF2, and every counter-strike-game - I've always loved your games and will definitely try to give useful feedback if I get the possibility. I hope to get in your consideration for a tester and I'm convinced that I might be a good one of the kind.
haver007 technohaver@yahoo.de I will test Games for Linux and Orangebox Stuff
Rushy mic_19@hotmail.com I will test Games, Mods, add on's and maps. I have tf2, the whole half-life series (half life 1, 2, ep1 and ep2 etc), portal, portal 2, left for dead 2, counterstrike source, Garrys mod and Day of defeat source. I will test things thoroughly and give back feed back on issues.

My steam account name is: Rushy16 The url is http://steamcommunity.com/id/rushy16

sikuneh sikuneh@mail.com I will test anything. I love valve and all its work and would be willing to test anything by them. Portal was my favorite game, it was amazing and Portal 2 is now, which (not surprisingly) surpassed Portal. [Amazing work Valve].
No Liberty i1yodsyo1i@live.com I am very interested in the video game industry in general and am curious/want to test games to see what goes on in this vital developping phase. Valve games I currently own are DoD:S, Portal 2, HL2:DM, and TF2, while beating L4D2, HL2 & Expansions, and Portal for the Xbox 360. I will test anything.
o0kris0o l_krishanthan@hotmail.com I will test anything. Mostly interested in DOTA2
GLaDos15 akatsukifanomg@gmail.com I own Portal and Portal 2, however, I am saving up for the orange box and the source engine. I will test any game. However, I am only 15, so right now only up to T games I can test. However, I have played L4D and L4D2, and in a few years, I would love to test sequels to this or other Mature games. I would love to test for Valve, and I hope to work there in the future. Gotta love Valve!
Weeeee324 weeeee324@gmail.com Anything with a story or art. I am very good at noticing little details and what looks right,works, and doesn't.

My steam account name is: Weeeee324

Taylor McNearney trm5hd@mail.missouri.edu Would love to do testing for DOTA2. I have over 3,000 games played in HoN with a 1800+ rating and 1.5 kdr.
Method320 jdavis@undefinednews.info Participated in a number of beta tests such as Crysis 1 and Dark Spore. Familiar with Source SDK and Hammer tools. Playing games since I was 6, am currently 20. Played all Valve games extensively and even found some bugs/glitches in a few of them. When I play games I usually find problems/bugs/continuity errors in the games.
n4zim lachtater@gmail.com I've played Half-Life (12 times), Blue Shift (7 times), Opposing Force (6 times), Half-Life 2

(8 times), Episode One (7 times) and Episode Two (6 ​​times) and always happy to play again !]

Darkofdawn ryepocknell@live.co.uk I have played and love Portal and Portal 2 and would be happy to test for any and all mods or maps. Unfortunately I have no other valve games but I am thinking of buying the complete pack. I am English and 13 but unfortunately I don't speak any other language
santiiago92 spg920@hotmail.com I speak spanish and english so i can try alt Lenguaje in any the games, have a very good computer that handles very hardcores games and isnt a mac. Im a real valve fan play a almost every game of them i love all of them i play the last game that you guys realease portal2 very nice work. Im a real gamer i have all the time that you guys need to test i never try to get on this but it will be awesome if you guys give the oportunity i ear that valve is doing dota 2 i veteran on dota that game i play hon to so i have the skill for that game or any other, thanks for reading this i appreciate it hope you guys pick me.
Zeroxist.1 Arabvloggers@gmail.com Creator of Upcoming Counter-Strike Machinima Also CS Portal HL enthusiast I am here to increase my Experience in Game testing and i would be happy to work with Valve
Etherone avlis.rutra@gmail.com I am a fan of valve games, but more so of the valve method of making games, and subsequently the community it has built around itself because of it. I've played HoN since near beta launch, and have mostly been interested in enjoying the game, and having a working knowledge of it's meta game. My main method of verifying the credibility of my understanding has been to play, and converse about the game regularly (nearly daily for most of the game's existence) with influential players like SK.Testie, and speedohdk. I was a fan of dota, and would love to see it's successor surpass HoN if only for the sake of evolution in this genre.
spongygames clement_ng1994@hotmail.com FPS and TPS. Usually games that include guns (just because I like modern and future times, but let this not disturb the point). I am (almost all the time) excited about new games I've never seen or played. Willing to try anything. Played HL2, CS:S , TF2, Portal, L4D, L4D2, and Alien Swarm. Greatly appreciated if I became a game tester for my first time (it's my goal to be one).
bombsofaugust zgentry@gmail.com Interested in testing anything. I have experience playing many Valve games, but no testing experience. I work in the service industry and have large blocks of free time and a very high tolerance for inconvenience. I would be very excited to have an opportunity to test for the first time.
EpikXShadows shok164@hotmail.com I enjoy playing Valve games and I play the following: Zombie Panic: Source, Alien Swarm, Garry's Mod and Half life 2.
Pykort janoberer@gmx.net I was a betatester of some games like WoW, BFBC2, LoL and some browsergames(*lol*). I have no real focus of games.I play what i want like CS 1.6, WoW, LoL, good old DOTA and some CSS. I would really like to test something new and give advice or report bugs.
THE3STOOGES alessiocastaldi5@gmail.com I was a Betatester for Medal of Honor (the new one) and i would just like to test something new.
martiben mbenonisen@gmail.com I'm a Informatics student currently working towards a bachelor. I'm eager gamer who have some previous beta-testing experience, I'm good with spotting and reporting bugs and I will be able to invest about 30 Hours a week beta-testing. I have also played Dota for about 3 years now. Games I have previously beta-tested are: World of Warcraft(vanilla, The Burning Crusade and Wrath Of The Lich king), League of Legends(Riot Games) and Age of Conan (Funcom). I would really appreciate the opportunity to give something back to Valve for all that you have given me through the years.
Byron kain4158@gmail.com Since I first played Half-Life in early '99 I've been an avid fan of all of the valve games. I used to play tfc and op4 religiously, went to cal-IM in CS1.6, and now primarily play TF2 and L4D2, along with a sprinkling of RPG's. I am a recently graduated bioengineer (UW2011) and am fascinated with the idea of monitoring a player's vital statistics to make a better gaming experience, and am happy to be a guinea pig to this end. I have a flexible schedule and live in the Seattle area.
Twitch twitch8965@aim.com I spend a lot of time playing games and messing around with the physics of games. Id spend times trying to see if I could do something that would make the game glitch, or sort of test the boundaries I have as a player in the game. I love playing games that have no problems and well made, so I would love to help make sure that games work. Play through a map, level, or puzzle. Make sure everything works, or see if everything that is there is working correctly. Im primarily a Mac use, but I also use PC if needed. I'm currently a student at Massachusetts College of Art and I hope that once I graduate I can start searching for a job in game design.
Splaat splaat@live.com It all started with Commander Keen and I've kept it going since. I'm playing games on a regular basis and loves to modify them a bit. I've play the most genres that you could find, so I have knowledge about a lot of them. I would love the help out with a mod and other stuff.
Jimo jimo@jimo.co.uk I am James and I am a huge gaming enthusiast. I have worked with multiple projects with the Planetside Quality Assurance team and multiple Valve based mods such as Sven Coop and Natural Selection. Please feel free to e-mail for a full list of my past experiences. I am willing to test or give feedback on anything no matter the stage of development.
DarK_St3alth hack3r.64@gmail.com I tend to keep personal info private, that is why I have not stated my real name. As you can see, I actually have a user page here that I like to keep up to date unlike most people here (as I do develop as well). I've played a lot of FPSs so I know what's what and how things tend to work. Don't be scared to send me an email, I have tested a few games like SC2 (Which I haven't bought yet) so I can keep things how you or your team wants.
Corentin "Deity Link" Pauvrasseau deitylink@wanadoo.fr I have played pretty much every Valve games (even Ricochet thanks to the PotatoFoolsDay ARG) as well as many other general action/rpg/fps games or even indie games such as Super Meat Boy or Minecraft. I've been an active mapper/modeller in the TF2 community for over 2 years, and played the game over 1500 hours. I've also been playing DotA since 2009. I like modding and creating new concepts, this way I learned a few things that makes a game more enjoyable and also to be more objective when testing a release.
ajdebeer ajdebeer132@gmail.com I am new to the testing stuff but would like to join play alot of dota and hon lol cod mw and any fps or dota like games but are open for everything would really like to begin testing thank you in advance
lewishollings lewis_hollings@hotmail.com I love games and I will be willing to test anything asked.