Test Door (Portal 2)

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A Test Door corresponds to the double round doors found in the regular testing course. One of the sides displays Portal 2's Exit symbol.

Test Door

In the official levels following the introduction chapter, that type of door is used specifically in test chambers to show the beginning and the end of the test chamber, in order to separate unrelated puzzles (as opposed to Portal where that type of door can be found in the middle of the course as an integral puzzle element).

prop_testchamber_door is the main entity that creates the door visuals, collisions and sounds. Its corresponding instance makes use of areaportals, tweaks and further exploit prevention mechanisms.

Method 2

A simpler method* is to create a prop_dynamic entity, select it and press alt+enter to view its properties. Change the world model to portal_door_combined.mdl , this has all the door animations in it, you can use triggers to trigger these animations. The door will NOT automatically make sound, so you are going to have to trigger these sounds using an ambient_generic entity.

The sound names are:



*Bug: The animated door cannot be set to idleclose, it will automatically default back to idleopen

*Fix: Place a logic_auto , in the outputs tab, make an output with these settings:

My output named: OnMapSpawn
Target entities named: <Name you gave your door> 
Via this Input: SetAnimation
With a parameter override of: Idleclose