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Should have every mod updated that was part of either the Beta, Alpha, Dead or Released categories. Use this Template in place of the old strict Beta/Alpha/Release ones. Full options for the template code is: {{ModStatus|size=small/big|status=alpha/closed beta/open beta/released/dead|engine=Source/Goldsource|download=url}}

size: Small for the in-line small box, big for the 80% width one. If omitted, small is default. status: Status of the mod. If Open Beta or Released, you must specify a download URL. If Dead, you must at least have "download=" or you can have a link to the last released version (for like if you put up an Alpha version after deciding to drop development). engine: What engine the mod runs on. Source/Goldsource. download: URL for download if you have status set to open beta, released or dead.

This template will also automatically add your mod page into either the [[Category:HL1 Third Party Mods]] or [[Category:Category:HL2 Third Party Mods]] categories based on what engine you specify. It will also automatically add the correct mod release category (Mods In Alpha, Mods In Beta, Released Mods, Dead Mods) based on the status. --Remmiz 01:03, 4 June 2009 (UTC)