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(new colour scheme)
(ScrollBoxes are a good idea in theory but nobody seems to conform to this template's standards. Even using relative measurements like "em" is not a sure fire thing. Nested scrollboxes are nasty on nearly any device, and completely break page "printing")
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[[Category:Layout Container]]
[[Category:Layout Container]]
</noinclude>{{#if:{{{title|}}} | <p style="font-style:italic;border-bottom:1px solid #4F4D4B;">{{{title}}}&#58;</p> }}
</noinclude>{{#if:{{{title|}}} | <p style="font-style:italic;border-bottom:1px solid #3A3937;">{{{title}}}&#58;</p> }}
<div class="scrollbox" style="{{#if:{{{bottom-border|}}} | border-bottom:1px solid #4F4D4B;}}{{#if:{{{noscroll|}}} | | max-height:30em;}}overflow:auto;">
<div class="scrollbox" style="{{#if:{{{bottom-border|}}} | border-bottom:1px solid #3A3937;}}{{#if:{{{noscroll|}}} | | max-height:100%;}}overflow:auto;">{{{1}}}</div>

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Use this to rein in the KV, I and O lists on entity pages.

Tip:If you've got a short ScrollBox containing a long one, set noscroll=true on the shorter of the pair to avoid having two scrollbars right next to each other.
Tip:If the scrollbar on your ScrollBox starts to get lost, set bottom-border=true to add a faint rule after it.