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See also: Template:Lang

This template adds available translations for the page to the top through the use of flags.

To prevent issues, this template must be placed at the very beginning of a page.

Tip.png Tip: When contributing a new translation to a document that already has other translations, please carry over the existing translations to the otherlang2 template of your contributed page. This way all multilingual pages are linked.
Note.png Note: Using noborder=true is recommended when translating SFM pages, though it is optional in any other case. It removes the border surrounding the flag icons used in the default otherlang2 template. This can be useful in some pages in which the template doesn't appear correctly.


| noborder=true (OPTIONAL)
| title=localized page display title
| lang=page:lang
| lang2=page:lang2
| etc...
Warning.png Warning: Do not include the language of the current page. This will only confuse readers.


On a page called Category:Programming:es:

| title=Categoría:Programación
| de=Category:Programming:de
| en=Category:Programming
| jp=Category:Programming:jp
| pl=Category:Programming:pl
| ru=Category:Programming:ru
| zh-cn=Category:Programming:zh-cn

Note that:

  • The language "es" is not included, as it is the language of the page that template is being used on.
  • title is assigned the translated name of the page, and will appear as the display title (heading) for the page. This can replace the existing {{wrongtitle}} and {{DISPLAYTITLE}} templates currently in common use.
  • The English page has no suffix.

Available Languages

Language Syntax Result
English en=Page_name En.png
Chinese (PRC) zh-cn=Page_name:zh-cn Zh-cn.png
Chinese (Taiwan) zh-tw=Page_name:zh-tw Tw.png
Czech cs=Page_name:cs Cs.png
Dutch nl=Page_name:nl Nl.png
French fr=Page_name:fr Fr.png
Georgian ka=Page_name:ka Ka.png
German de=Page_name:de De.png
Hebrew he=Page_name:he He.png
Hungarian hu=Page_name:hu Hu.png
Italian it=Page_name:it It.png
Japanese jp=Page_name:jp Jp.png
Korean ko=Page_name:ko Ko.png
Norwegian no=Page_name:no No.png
Polish pl=Page_name:pl Pl.png
Portuguese pt=Page_name:pt Pt.png
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-br=Page_name:pt-br Pt-br.png
Russian ru=Page_name:ru Ru.png
Ukranian ua=Page_name:ua Ua.png
Spanish es=Page_name:es Es.png
Catalan/Valencian cat=Page_name:cat Ca.png
Swedish sv=Page_name:sv Sv.png
Turkish tr=Page_name:tr Tr.png
Romanian ro=Page_name:ro Ro.png