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Create a floating right navigation box.

Simple example

The <span> tags are necessary if the first element in the MenuBox text is a bullet or numbered list item.

|title= Main Page
|text= <span>
# MenuBox List Item 1
# MenuBox List Item 2
# MenuBox List Item 3
# MenuBox List Item 4
# MenuBox List Item 5
# MenuBox List Item 6
# MenuBox List Item 7

All parameters

|title = page to link at top
|link = alternative link for the title
|text = content text
|txtcolor = color of the content text
|bgcolor = main background color
|bgcolor2 = title box color
|bdcolor = outer border color
|bdcolor2 = bottom border on title box
|bgimage = image to appear in background 
|nofloat = set true to appear inline