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Template:Kv dxlevelchoice

  • Slack
<integer> How much extra length the rope has (by default it has the length between its two endpoints in the editor).
  • Type
Literal Value Description
0 Rope
1 Semi-rigid
2 Rigid
  • Subdiv
<integer> Number of subdivisions between each rope segment. Maximum value is 8. Higher values make smoother ropes, but are slower to render.
  • Barbed
<boolean> Test effect that makes the rope look sharper and more barbed.
  • Width
<integer> Width of the rope.
  • TextureScale
<float> This changes the texture resolution. The default resolution is 4 pixels per inch. Larger values stretch the texture and smaller values scrunch it up.
  • Collide
<boolean> If set, collides with world
  • Dangling
<boolean> If set, the rope starts out detached from its target endpoint.
  • Breakable
<boolean> If set, the rope can be detached from either endpoint when shot.
  • RopeMaterial
<material> The material to use when rendering the rope. Suggested material: cable/cable.vmt