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  • Slack
<integer> How much extra length the rope has (by default it has the length between its two endpoints in the editor).
  • Type
Literal Value Description
0 Rope
1 Semi-rigid
2 Rigid
  • Subdiv
<integer> Number of subdivisions between each rope segment. Maximum value is 8. Higher values make smoother ropes, but are slower to render.
  • Barbed
<boolean> Test effect that makes the rope look sharper and more barbed.
  • Width
<integer> Width of the rope.
  • TextureScale
<float> This changes the texture resolution. The default resolution is 4 pixels per inch. Larger values stretch the texture and smaller values scrunch it up.
  • Collide
<boolean> If set, collides with world. Does not collide with physics objects.
  • Dangling
<boolean> If set, the rope starts out detached from its target endpoint.
  • Breakable
<boolean> If set, the rope can be detached from either endpoint when shot. Note: If collide with world is set, the rope will not break if the endpoint touches world geometry. This includes touching vertices and edges of brushes as well as being placed inside them.
  • RopeMaterial
<material> The material to use when rendering the rope. Suggested material: cable/cable.vmt