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  • _light
<color255 + integer> The color and brightness of the light. RGB colors need to be between 0 and 255. Brightness can be higher.
  • style
<choices> A preset pattern of diverse flicker effects.
Literal Value Description
0 Normal
1 Flicker A
2 Slow, strong pulse
3 Candle A
4 Fast strobe
5 Gentle pulse
6 Flicker B
7 Candle B
8 Candle C
9 Slow strobe
10 Fluorescent flicker
11 Slow pulse, noblack
  • pattern
<string> A string of characters defining a custom pattern, a being most dark and z being most bright.
  • _constant_attn
<float> Brightens or dims the intensity of the light near its entity. A high constant will dim the light.
  • _linear_attn
<float> Brightens or dims the intensity of the light emitted. A high linear will dim the light.
  • _quadratic_attn
<float> Increase to make a light bright but not travel far.
  • _distance
<integer> Stops the light emitted from reaching beyond this distance. Useful in cutting down compiling time by not making lights extend infinitely.