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Brightness <color255 + int>
The RGB color and brightness of the light. Colors must be between 0 and 255; brightness can be anything.
BrightnessHDR <color255 + int>
Brightness override used in HDR mode. Default is -1 -1 -1 1, which means no change.
Warning.png Warning: The fourth digit must be positive. Otherwise all light will be sucked out of your map!
BrightnessScaleHDR <float>
A simple intensity multiplier used when compiling HDR lighting.
Appearance <choices>
Various Custom Appearance (see below) presets.
Custom Appearance <string>
A string of characters, like a sequence of piano keys, that define a pattern of brightness. a is dark and z is full intensity. Applies only to lights with a targetname.
Constant <float>
Linear <float>
Quadratic <float>
These three values determine how the intensity of the emitted light falls off over distance. See Constant-Linear-Quadratic Falloff.
50 percent falloff distance <string>
0 percent falloff distance <string>
Distances at which brightness should have fallen to 50% and (1/256)% respectively. Overrides Linear/Constant/Quadratic parameters if non-zero.
Hard falloff <bool>
Causes lights to fall to exactly zero beyond the 0% distance. May cause unrealistic lighting if not used carefully.
Literal Value Description Sequence To do
0 Normal
10 Flourescent flicker
2 Slow, strong pulse
11 Slow pulse, noblack
5 Gentle pulse
1 Flicker A
6 Flicker B
3 Candle A
7 Candle B
8 Candle C
4 Fast strobe
9 Slow strobe