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Model (shootmodel) <model path>
Thing to shoot out. Can be an MDL or a VMT.
Material Sound (shootsounds) <choices>
What sounds play when the gibs are interacted with (shooting, walking on, etc). See $surfaceprop.
Value Description
-1 None
0 Glass
1 Wood
2 Metal
3 Flesh
4 Concrete
Skin (skin) <integer>
Some models have multiple skins. This value selects from the index, starting with 0.
Model Scale (scale) <float>
Multiplies the size of the gib models. Physics will not be scaled up.
Gib Gravity Scale (gibgravityscale) <float>
Scale gravity so that gibs fall faster, slower, or not at all.
Mass (massoverride) <float> (only in <Half-Life 2: Episode One><Half-Life 2: Episode One><Half-Life 2: Episode Two>)
Force gibs to be a certain mass. Default mass is 200.[confirm]