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This template is used to generate Keyvalue definitions on entity pages.

Basic usage

{{KV|<name>|<variable type>|<description>}}

Note:Don't forget to use Template:= to escape any "=" characters in the text.

Named parameters

Parameter Description Example Preview
deprecated Used to mark deprecated Keyvalues {{KV|I'm deprecated|string|Really, don't use me anymore!|deprecated=1}}
I'm deprecated <string> <Obsolete>
Deprecated. Really, don't use me anymore!
nofgd This Keyvalue isn't available in the official FGD. {{KV|Add me to the FGD|boolean|Because I'm not there!|nofgd=1}}
Add me to the FGD <boolean> !FGD
Because I'm not there!
since This Keyvalue is available since this game. Uses the template {{<game> add}}. {{KV|I like Alien Swarm|integer|I'm available in Portal 2, too!|since=AS}}
I like Alien Swarm <integer> (in all games since <Alien Swarm>)
I'm available in Portal 2, too!
to Use this to define a set of Keyvalues with very similar names. {{KV|Sound 01|to=Sound 24|string|There're many of us...}}
Sound 01 to Sound 24 <string>
There're many of us...

See also

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