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  • l4d2=1 shows inputs that are for l4d2 only. Similar ones are in CSGO, but they do not work!
  • preasw=1 hides SetAnimationNoReset and FadeAndKill.DynamicProp:
SetAnimation <string>
Forces the prop to play the named animation.
SetDefaultAnimation <string>
Changes the animation played when not in a random/forced sequence.
SetPlaybackRate <float>
Sets the framerate at which animations are played.
Hides the prop through EF_NODRAW. The Disable input does the exact same thing.
Shows the prop (by removing EF_NODRAW). The Enable input does the exact same thing.
Tells the prop to no longer be solid.
Tells the prop to become solid again.
SetAnimationNoReset <string> (in all games since <Alien Swarm>)
Force the prop to play an animation unless the prop is already playing the animation. The parameter should be the name of the animation.
FadeAndKill  (in all games since [Portal 2])
Fade out then remove this prop.