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Template:I targetname

  • SetRelationship <string>
Changes this entity's relationship with another entity or class. Format: <entityname/classname> <D_HT/D_FR/D_LI/D_NU> <priority>
  • SetHealth <integer>
Set this NPC's health.
  • SetBodyGroup <integer>
HACK: Sets this NPC's body group (from 0 - n). You'd better know what you are doing!
  • physdamagescale <float>
Sets the value that scales damage energy when this character is hit by a physics object. NOTE: 0 means this feature is disabled for backwards compatibility.
  • Ignite
Ignite, burst into flames
  • Break
Break, smash into pieces
  • StartScripting
Enter scripting state. In this state, NPCs ignore a variety of stimulus that would make them break out of their scripts: They ignore danger sounds, ignore +USE, don't idle speak or respond to other NPC's idle speech, and so on.
  • StopScripting
Exit scripting state.
  • Assault <string>
Start an assault. Parameter passed in should be the name of the rally point.
  • SetSquad <string>
Set the name of this NPC's squad. It will be removed from any existing squad automatically. Leaving the parameter blank will remove the NPC from any existing squad.
  • Wake
Wakes up the NPC if it is sleeping.
  • ForgetEntity <string>
Clears out the NPC's knowledge of a named entity.
  • GagEnable
Turn on the NPC Gag flag. NPC won't speak outside of choreographed scenes.
  • GagDisable
Turn off the NPC Gag flag.
  • IgnoreDangerSounds <float>
Ignore danger sounds for the specified number of seconds.