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Template for accessing unique, pre-defined colors for games and engine branches documented on the Valve Developer Community, based on feature addition templates. This template forwards a color variable directly and is intended to be used inside of wiki formatting.


<span style="color:{{Game color|<game name>}};font-weight:bold;">(I am a specific game or engine branch)</span>.

For example: <span style="color:{{Game color|csgo}};font-weight:bold;">(Example text)</span>(Example text)

Game list

Game Abbreviation Result
Alien Swarm as
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop asrd
Black Mesa (Source) bms
Black Mesa bms
Contagion con
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive csgo
Entropy : Zero ez1
Entropy : Zero 2 ez2
Garry's Mod GMOD
Half-Life hl1
Half-Life: Source hls
Half-Life 2 hl2
Half-Life 2: Episode One ep1
Half-Life 2: Episode Two ep2
Half-Life Alyx HL:A
Insurgency insurgency
Left 4 Dead l4d
Left 4 Dead 2 l4d2
Mapbase mapbase
Portal portal
Portal 2 portal2
Portal 2: Community Edition P2CE
Portal 2010 ARG Update portal
Sin Episodes sin
Source 2006 src06
Source 2007 src07
Source 2009 src09
Source 2013 src13
Source 2013 MP src13mp
Source Filmmaker sfm
Synergy synergy
Team Fortress 2 tf2
Default for no game specified