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Note.png Note: The SetPosition input and Start Position keyvalue do not perform any bounds checking, so values less than 0 and greater than 1 can be used. Negative values will move in the opposite direction to the movement direction, and values greater than 1 will move it in multiples of the set Move Distance. Moving past the opened/closed position does not trigger the OnFullyOpen and OnFullyClosed outputs.
Bug.png Bug: There are bugs that may arise when parenting this entity to any of these: func_movelinear, momentary_door, func_lookdoor, func_water_analog. A func_door can be used as a workaround. See here for a code fix.

To do: List which games have the parenting bugs. The bugs were first noted in June 2006; it's possible they don't actually even exist anymore. It's also not clear what exactly the bugs are.

Game: <Alien Swarm> <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> <Counter-Strike: Source> <Day of Defeat: Source> <Half-Life 2> HL2:DM HL2:Ep1 HL2:Ep2 <Left 4 Dead> <Left 4 Dead 2> [Portal] [Portal 2] <Team Fortress 2>
Affects game: ? No ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?