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  •  [1] : Wait Till Seen
Prevents this NPC from seeing (or being seen) until it enters a player's viewcone.
  •  [2] : Gag (No IDLE sounds until angry)
  •  [4] : Fall to ground (unchecked means *teleport* to ground)
  •  [8] : Drop Healthkit
Causes this NPC to drop an item_healthvial upon dying.
  •  [16] : Efficient - Don't acquire enemies or avoid obstacles
  •  [128] : Wait For Script
Forces this NPC to "wait" in an idle state until it finishes playing a scripted_sequence.
  •  [256] : Long Visibility/Shoot
By default, increases a NPC's sight range to 6,000 units and allows it to attack from anywhere within that distance.
Allows this NPC to run its regular AI outside of any player's PVS.
  •  [2048] : Template NPC
Marks this NPC as a template for entities like npc_template_maker. The NPC will not spawn on its own. This is not needed for point_template.
  •  [4096] : Do Alternate collision for this NPC (player avoidance)
Note.png Note: This flag is disabled in episodic for player companions because the StartScripting input does this.
  •  [8192] : Don't drop weapons
  •  [16384] : Ignore player push (in all games since <Source><Source>)
Don't give way to player
  • 65536 : Start Inactive