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Teleporters can be created using standard Source entities.

One-way teleporter

File:Rustiznotch teleportation.jpg
An example teleportation room.

Start by creating a trigger_teleport as a brush_entity and placing it where you want the teleport entry zone to be. This will be the area in which a player must enter to be teleported (see picture on the right).

  • Set the 'Remote Destination' to an arbitrary name (destination1, for example).
  • Change to the 'Flags' tab and check the 'Clients' flag.

Next, create an info_teleport_destination as an entity where you want the teleport exit zone. This will be the area where the player is teleported to.

  • Set the 'Name' attribute to the arbitrary name that was used in the previous step (destination1).

Now in game when you go through the trigger_teleport you come out at the info_teleport_destination

Making Teleporters Team-Specific

If you have teleporters in your map that are out in the open, and you want to make them team-specific, add 1 filter_activator_tfteam per teleporter that you are making team-specific.

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