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Entity description

This entity is what shows the HUD for Payload maps.


This point entity is exclusive to Team Fortress 2.


<target_destination> Name of the last path_track on the train's path.
  • hud_min_speed_level_1
  • hud_min_speed_level_2
  • hud_min_speed_level_3
  • linked_cp_1
<target> Name of the first team_control_point. This will put the circle on the HUD representing which team controls the point.
  • linked_cp_2
<target> Name of the second team_control_point.
  • linked_cp_3
<target> Name of the third team_control_point.
  • linked_pathtrack_1
<target> Name of the path_track located at the first control point. This will tell the HUD where to put said circle onto the "track"
  • linked_pathtrack_2
<target> Name of the path_track located at the second control point.
  • linked_pathtrack_3
<target> Name of the path_track located at the third control point.
  • start_node
<target> Name of the path_track the train starts at.
  • train
<target> Name of the func_tracktrain entity.


  • SetNumTrainCappers
<integer> Basically sets how many people are standing next to the train.


  • OnTrainStartRecede