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Entity Description

Round Timer. Timer starts paused by default.


This point entity is exclusive to Team Fortress 2.


<int> Initial timer length. (in seconds)
  • max_length
<int> Maximum timer length (0 = no max). This value is used to ensure the timer never goes above this value when SetTime and AddTime are used. (in seconds)
  • start_paused
<boolean> Should the timer start paused? (will need to send a Resume input to start the timer if this is set).
  • setup_length
<int> Length of setup time before the round begins and the timer starts to countdown the normal time. (0 = no setup time) Setup time is run at the beginning of every round before the normal time begins. (in seconds)
  • reset_time
<boolean> Reset the timer time after a round restart. This is not the setup time, but the normal round time.
  • auto_countdown
<boolean> Let the timer automatically count down the end of a round.
  • show_in_hud
<boolean> Note: You can only show one timer in the HUD at a time.


Pause the timer.
  • Resume
Resume the timer.
  • SetTime
<int> Set the timer to this value (in seconds).
  • AddTime
<int> Add time to the timer (in seconds). Added time cannot excede the max timer length.
  • AddTeamTime
<string> Input takes a string (space delimited) with the team number and the time to be added (in seconds) because of the team (2 for red, 3 for blue, and 0 for no team...but you could just use AddTime for that). Added time cannot excede the max timer length. Example: 2 600 (adds 10 minutes because of team red)
  • Restart
Restart the timer.
  • ShowInHUD
<int> Show this timer in the HUD (0 no, 1 yes).
  • SetMaxTime
<int> Set the max timer length to this value (in seconds). The timer's time will never excede this value.
  • AutoCountdown
<int> Turn off/on the auto countdown feature (0 no, 1 yes).
  • SetSetupTime
<int> Set the setup time length to this value (in seconds).


Sent when 5 minutes remain.
  • On4MinRemain
Sent when 4 minutes remain.
  • On3MinRemain
Sent when 3 minutes remain.
  • On2MinRemain
Sent when 2 minutes remain.
  • On1MinRemain
Sent when 1 minutes remain.
  • On30SecRemain
Sent when 30 seconds remain.
  • On10SecRemain
Sent when 10 seconds remain.
  • On5SecRemain
Sent when 5 seconds remain.
  • On4SecRemain
Sent when 4 seconds remain.
  • On3SecRemain
Sent when 3 seconds remain.
  • On2SecRemain
Sent when 2 seconds remain.
  • On1SecRemain
Sent when 1 second remains.
  • OnRoundStart
Sent when the round starts.
  • OnFinished
Sent when the timer is finished.
  • OnSetupStart
Sent when the setup time begins.
  • OnSetupFinished
Sent when the setup time is finished.