Team control point master

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Entity Description

Control point master.


This point entity is exclusive to Team Fortress 2.


  • team_base_icon_2
<material> Material for the RED Base icon.
  • team_base_icon_3
<material> Material for the BLU Base icon.
  • caplayout
<string> A string that tells the HUD how to lay out the cap points. It should be a string with indexes of cap points seperated by commas to denote a new line. So <2,0 1> would create a pyramid, with cap point 2 on the top and cap points 0 & 1 on the bottom.
  • cpm_restrict_team_cap_win
<choices> Prevent this team from winning by capping all the points. This field is ignored if you're using control_point_rounds in your map (set this field inside the rounds).
Literal Value Description
0 Neither
  • switch_teams
<boolean> Switch the teams when one team has won the map and the game is going to be reset.


This entity doesn't have any flags.


Enable this entity.
  • Disable
Disable this entity.
  • SetWinner
<int> Set the winner of the round to this team (0 for a stalemate, 2 for RED, 3 for BLU).
  • SetCapLayout
<string> Set the cap layout string.


Sent when RED wins the game.
  • OnWonByTeam2
Sent when BLUE wins the game.

See Also

team_control_point team_control_point_round