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TeamSpen's Hammer Addons are a set of tweaks and enhancements for Hammer, developed by TeamSpen210. They include a modified FGD for every game, based on a unified system that allows changes to easily be applied to multiple games. A postcompiler is also included, adding support for several custom internal entities along with other useful features.

While development is mainly focused on Portal 2, the addons include FGDs for every Valve title, as well as some non-Valve games. The postcompiler will also work with any Source game, provided the game does not make extensive changes to the map format.


  • Improved FGDs, with rearranged base classes better matching the engine's layout, entities and keyvalues that are normally missing, additional helpers, and various other tweaks
  • Nearly every point entity is now represented as an icon sprite, instead of the default colored cube.
  • Portal 2 entities such as prop_portal and prop_indicator_panel have new custom models, accurately representing their in-game appearance
  • The Targetname base class is now BaseEntityPoint/BaseEntityBrush
  • Automatic packing of custom content detected in the map, or specified in comp_pack entities.
  • Several other comp_ entities that allow doing normally impossible things, like positioning entities outside the map or renaming an entity in a specific copy of an instance.
  • Static Prop Combine support for all games, generally more reliable than Valve's implementation
  • In games supporting VScript, an Init Code field is added to all entities, which can be used to directly write code that's executed inside the entity's script scope on spawn.
  • Additionally, backtick ( ` ) characters used in Init Code and the RunScriptCode input will be converted to quotes in-game, allowing strings to be passed.
  • For Portal 2, a set of comp_vactube_ entities are added to automate the creation of vactube systems.

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Portal 2: Community Edition Portal 2: Community Edition includes a fork of the addons by default.