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Hmm, this seems to be a good way of getting some VALVe attention. Do you guys ever listen to the community about changes that could improve Hammer? Cause there are some serious things that can improve the editor ALOT. I have three things right on. /hipshot

Texture browser.

  • How about making categories that one can browse through, still keeping the fast search function of course.


  • Colors? Hey, this is 2005, why is it that I'm still bound to the black palette? I know I can invert the scheme in the options menu, still, no good.


  • Why is it that you are bound to use either the scroll-buttons, or the arrows on the KB? Both these are slow and bad ways to scroll, how come I can't just click-hold down the right MB and scroll, like in most other editors and many (strategy) games?

With this wiki, you (VALVe), have a great opportunity for collecting ideas and improvements suggested by the very (large) developing community that you helped creating since late '98. The professional developers, that every day comes and works at a office, might get a bit 'walled-in' (no offence) weather their editor is good or not. Their agenda spans over like 3-4 years, and they are so used to the work and the 8h workday phase that they might not notice and feel like changes in the GUI could speed and help thier work. Example, iDs Doom3Edit, that is built-in and comes with Doom 3, the editor sucks so incredibly much compared to GTKradiant when it comes down to everything, even speed, the only thing it does good is the realtime light and sound the editor features since its totaly native with the Doom 3 Engine. Everything else, from texture (and 'ing'), navigation, selections, render speed (large maps), shortcuts, menus and functions is far better in GTKr (1.5). If VALVe should release the source for the VHE to the community, I think we could see the same story for hammer, since more outside mappers and developers starts improving the editor 'beyond the year 2001'. Or, take suggestions and implant them, It can't be that hard to change improvements in the GUI, and you sure would make alot of us happy. /hipshot