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Man this article needs to be updated and cleaned up. You had the stand alone version of vice listed as not working, which it very much does work seeing as I use it atleast every week. So I fixed that as well as a fix to the problem that all of you probably were having. But in execution you give the command line arguments to use the standalone version, not regular vice. And that wildcard support you added to end of it, that only works in regular vice and my little hacked version Red Comets Version that includes wildcard(*) support, which I do not know why the guy did not just pick up my source and atleast make his with wildcards. But anyway, some serious work needs to be done here. --Red Comet 09:20, 8 May 2006 (PDT)

Suggested Changes

Default key - The key is default nothing, meaning "" in order to add a key they have to add code to their mod. If they want to go and decrypt hl2dm scripts, then that the default key. You migth want to list the other source games keys as well.

Execution - Needs to be fixed up so that it lists how to properly encrypt and decrypt files using both versions. And including instructions for a bat file wouldn't hurt either.

Changing the key - Maybe a bit more descriptive, just a bit

Decrypting scripts deleted

I might get around to doing some of this, but heres the list, partially for me, and partially for any other brave soul who wants to give it a shot.

CS:S Key

Is it possible to get the key for Counter-Strike Source or would this be restricted? Thelonesoldier 01:46, 27 Dec 2006 (PST)

Read the comments on 10:30, 27 Dec 2006 (PST)