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Hi, nice tut! But how does the link for an entity work? What must i do?

See the end of the singleplayer article --Daedalus 07:39, 11 Jun 2007 (PDT)

Status as of 27 December 2013

I'm using the new version of the SDK, downloaded from github, and notice that the directory structures have changed somewhat, and secondarily I'm getting some diagnostics. I'll add the directory structures first, and an update with what I understand from the diagnostics later.

Directory structure in 2013

vgui_int.cpp lives in source-sdk-2013/mp/src/game/client/vgui_int.cpp (using C++ #include notation). The parent project's IMyPanel.h and MyPanel.cpp live there too.

mypanel.res lives in source-sdk-2013/mp/game/mod_hl2mp/resource/UI/mypanel.res

For Visual Studio 2010, we have the solution "games" at source-sdk-2013/mp/src/games.sln, whcih contains 6 projects, of which the interesting ones are "Client (HL2MP)" and "Server (HL2MP)". As shipped, all 6 build cleanly.

Building in 2013

VC 2013 is noitr yet supported, one builds the 2013 with VC 2010 after "cloning" a set of files from

At the moment, steps are TBD, as I'm getting diagnostics (;-))